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Join me for a Powerful Immersion into your Soul

in  Mystic Soul Cleanse 2023


This program allows you to really hear the sacred wisdom of your soul through many exercises, meditations, soul activations & journeys and much more. We will penetrate the walls of resistance and move forward into the light. Your soul always knows the truth. During this 7 year we will connect for 7 mystical months. We will flow like water, connecting to the fluidity, flow and allowing of our Divine Feminine half with the strength, courage and grounded foundation of our healthy Divine Masculine half together as One. As above, so below. As within, so without. 

We will tune in to the natural rhythms of Gaia and our Soul. Just as the Universe is made up of Stardust, so, too, are we. This stardust resides in our waters, our crystals and our bodies.We will tune in to hear the Waves of Love currents, adjust ourfrequencies higher and rise.

As your guide I create a safe space within which you can listen to the inner messages from your soul. Through these 7 magical months you will discover your authentic self, and begin to realize the meaning of your life. As you clear in your Now moment, you transform your past and you future!!

“Maggie is a remarkable and compassionate Soul Coach. She creates 
a safe and nurturing environment for discovering your soul’s truth!”

~ Denise Linn


We meet virtually 3 times a month.

Class 1: Soul Cleanse Elements

Class 2: Rainbow Bridge Purification - Chakras

Class 3: Soul Cleanse Activation


Purify Your Rainbow Bridge. Transcend into Your Souls Higher Realms.


$77 a month for the ENTIRE Mystic Soul Cleanse Program

Save $95 and Pay only $444 for the ENTIRE year NOW!

Mystic Soul Cleanse has been channeled through me for this Now moment! Water, fluidity and flow
is our powerful connection.
This year, more than ever before, we tune in to the lightcode frequencies of crystalline waters within us and around us. As we connect to our Galactic Heart center, we simultaneously ground and connect to Gaia's New Earth Crystalline Grid. We are balanced. Through purifying our Rainbow Bridge (our 7 chakras) we become a powerful pillar of light.🙏The magic is always within you.🙏 Like Dorothy on Wizard of Oz we follow golden path stepping into our magic shoes. The shoes are symbolic for the magical wand that is you. You and I are ascending. Gaia is ascending. Together we transcend into a world of peace, love, light and bliss.

As much as we want to heal the water of our precious Earth, we must also heal the waters within us. The Earth reflects to us what we need to nurture within ourselves. We will tune in to the natural rhythms of Gaia and our Soul. Let's tap into the soothing waters, more ancient than our Sun, Solaris. Just as the Universe is made up of Stardust, so, too, are we. This stardust resides in our waters, our crystals and our bodies. Waves of Love is our constant energy field of the Universe. We will tune in to hear the Waves of Love currents, adjust our frequencies higher and rise.

In this program:

  • Learn how to alchemize limitations

  • Major shifts easily and with a lot of fun and joy

  • Feel reborn and awakened

  • Re-program your feelings and thinking processes, therein empowering you to step up and be proactive without fear of judgment

  • Love, acceptance, truth, celebration, wisdom, tradition, cutting edge, expansion, confidence, and more LOVE!

  • Experience Maggie's channeled Soul Activations and Soul Journey’s! Feel bliss and relaxation. As your guide, I lovingly guide you on an interactive, meditative journey to create your own safe place in nature. Here, in this intuitive realm of inner truth, long sought after answers arise easily and effortlessly. In this sacred place you will delve deeper into your physical body and listen to its yearnings. As you follow through with the messages of your soul watch as your body transforms into its healthy beautiful self.

  • Enjoy a variety of exercises to assist your Soul’s Truth in blooming before your very eyes

Program Provides:

  • We will meeting virtually every month for 7 months during this 7 year: Class 1 is every 7 weeks for each Soul Cleanse Elements. We will meet every month for Classes 2 and 3. All classes will be approximately 1-2 hours in length.

  • Transformation Exercises and Projects

  • Soul Cleanse Activations

  • Rainbow Bridge Purifications

  • Astrology Wisdom

  • Gemstone Magic

  • Access to Maggie as your guide

  • Weekly facebook posts that include your weekly message and super quick journeys & info

  • Access to our private Mystic Soul Cleanse Facebook Group. There is power in numbers. A synergy of energy occurs to create powerful transformation. A private facebook group will be set up so you can stay in contact with each other during your 7 month transformation.


Class One

Soul  Cleanse Elements

7-month Journey through the Elements of the Soul

I will take our group through the Soul Cleanse Elements during this 7 month program. We will dive deep into the ancient wisdom of the Lakota Medicine Wheel traversing the realms of the elements. You will learn alchemy through Feng Shui and Clutter Clearing. Affirmatoins and Journal prompts will assist you in diving deep. Maggie will be layering the correspondence with the magic of Gemstone and Astrology wisdom. Many of Maggie's students have seen the power of this program and come back to retake this particular portion of this powerful course to extract more layers of low vibing energies no longer serving them. 


Element 1
Weeks 1-7 are devoted to the element of Air and is associ
ated with mental clearing.

Element 2
Weeks 8-14 are devoted to the element of Water and is associated with emotional clearing.

Element 3
Days 15-21 are devoted to the element of Fire and are associated with clearing the shadow to connect with your spiritual self.


Element  4
Days 22-28 are devoted to the element of Earth and is associated with clearing physical aspects of your life.


Vision Quest

You will create your own unique vision quest and work through the final days of this sacred journey into your soul.


Class Two

Rainbow Bridge Purification - 7 Archetypes

2023 is the 7 year of transcendence. The year of the Mystic. 7 represents the 7 spheres in the Seed of Life wrapped within our DNA, 7 apus (grandfather mountains of Peru), 7 sisters/7 stars of the Pleiades, and our 7 Energy Centers (Chakras) that we are cleansing in this powerful program of water, dolphin and cosmic beings of light activations. We will dive into each of the 7 chakras, one for each month, beginning with the Root Chakra. 7 is the number of spirituality and the Violet Ray; the angelic realm. We will dive deep into each energy vortex. Each energy center within us is a vortex that holds a lens for energy to filter through.


You will learn the 7 archetypes for each chakra and Gemstone for each Chakra that support clearing out the psychic sludge built up over time, acquire a rainbow body and re-reveal the Luminous Crystalline Lightbody you are. We will travel through the shamanic Munay-Ki archetypes in channeled Fire meditations for each chakra center:

  • Root Chakra | Serpent | Direction of South | Element of Fire

  • Sacral Chakra | Panther/Jaguar | Direction of West | Element of Water

  • Solar Plexus Chakra | Hummingbird | Direction of North | Element of Earth

  • Heart Chakra | Eagle/Condor/Hawk | Direction of East | Element of Air

  • Throat Chakra | ArchAngel Huascar, ArchAngel Sandalphon | Lower World

  • Third Eye Chakra | ArchAngel Quetzalcoatl, ArchAngel Chamuel | Middle World

  • Crown Chakra | ArchAngel Pachacuti, ArchAngel Metatron | Upper World


When your chakras and system are cleared you can more easily manifest your dreams! You are cleansed, purified and in a higher vibration to hear and follow your souls call. Connect more deeply with your Higher Self. As you clear your rainbow bridge, you connect to other cleared collective rainbow bridges. There is a ripple effect of awakening for others to ascend. 


Time and time again we have been shown how short our physical life is. Chase your dreams, your joy, your peace and your love! Chase all that raises your vibration. This is the way to the deepest connection you will feel. This is what we are meant to reach for. Enthusiasm for life is natural. 


As with every healing session I offer provides, in this powerful program I hold space for you. You will gain as much from the program as you allow. I am the channel for the energy flowing in. As you step up, intend to dedicate yourself to your soul's evolvement, do the work, you will receive priceless wisdom and a transcendence enabling you to tune into the realms of magical and your soul's mission; your Higher Self. We will merge more of our multidimensional selves as we open our sacred heart and rise. 


Class Three

Soul Cleanse Activations

Maggie channels unique frequencies aligned with cleansing, purifying and evolving your Soul to its highest version of itself. This might be felt as the most powerful of all three classes, building on the previous classesThese powerful activations will plant powerful seeds that will germinate, open, blossom and unpack in your right divine moment. Most, if not all, of these activations will be out in nature amongst the powerful vortexes here in Sedona. There is an undercurrent of energy that will be working its way throughout your system transforming you from the inside out for days, weeks and years to come.

We are made up of mostly water. Water within us and around us is malleable through our intentions, focus, emotions and thoughts - our frequency in any moment. Through Maggie's channelings of water activations with powerful Water Devas, Dolphins, Ascended Masters, Gods and Goddesses, Energy Rays of Blue, Magenta and Purple, Gold, Rainbows and more, you will come into the flow of the energy field within and around you, connecting to the Divine Source of all that is.

Each month will hold unique energies of Soul Cleanse Activations called in for your Soul.


Mystic Soul Cleanse 2023   Class List

Soul Cleanse Elements Class 1 - Introduction and Element of Air

🌟Rainbow Bridge Purification Class 2 - Root Chakra: Serpent Archetype, Direction of South

🌟Soul Cleanse Activation - Spring Equinox Water Deva Activation


🌟Soul Cleanse Elements Class 1 - Element of Water

🌟Rainbow Bridge Purification Class 2 - Sacral Chakra: Panther Archetype, Direction of West
🌟Soul Cleanse Activation - Cos
mic Self Activation: Hybrid Cosmic Starseed Ocean Diamond Liquid Light


🌟Soul Cleanse Elements Class 1 (May 31) - Element of Fire

🌟Rainbow Bridge Purification Class 3 - Solar Chakra: Hummingbird Archetype, Direction of North

🌟Soul Cleanse Activation - 5-5 Beltane Portal Activation 


🌟Rainbow Bridge Purification Class 1 - Heart Chakra: Eagle/Hawk Archetype, Direction of East

🌟Soul Cleanse Activation Class 2 - Summer Solstice Activation


🌟Soul Cleanse Elements Class 1 - Element of Earth

🌟Rainbow Bridge Purification Class 2 - Throat Chakra: ArchAngel Huasca, the Keeper of the Lower World (our unconscious) Archetype

🌟Soul Cleanse Activation Class 3 - 777 Portal Waves of Love Angel Activation


🌟Rainbow Bridge Purification Class 2 - Third Eye Chakra: ArchAngel Quetzalcoatl, the Keeper of the Middle World (our waking world) Archetype

🌟Soul Cleanse Activation Class 3 - 888 Lion's Gate Activation

🌟Intro to Soul Cleanse Elements Class 1 - Element of Earth

🌟Rainbow Bridge Purification Class 2 - Crown Chakra; ArchAngel Pachacuti, the Keeper & Protector of the Upper World (our super conscious) Archetype, Upper World

🌟Soul Cleanse Activation - Mabon Autumn Equinox World of Shadows Activation & Soul Cleanse Elements Final Class - Vision Quest


Did you know Water on Gaia is older than the sun?! The sun at 4.6 billion years old, predates all the other bodies in teh solar system. But it turns out that much of the water we sim in and drink here on Earth is even older. A new model of chemistry of the early solar system finds that up to half the water now on Earth was inherited from an abundant supply of interstellar ice as our sun formed. That means our solar system's moisture wasn't the result of local conditions in the proto-planetary disk, but rather a regular feature of planetary formation - hinting at what the awakened know is proof that life indeed exists elsewhere in the Universe.


Annnd we hold more water in our bodies than anything else, just as Gaia does. WE are awakening to our true starseed selves once again. Connected to Gaia as a star in this Universe and our other stars of origin for our souls lineage. Water is in everything. Water is flow, fluidity and magic. Join me in connect more deeply to this ancient knowledge as we evolve our souls.🌞💦

Honoring Gaia, dreaming the world into being. Your soul always knows the truth. Getting back to connection, peace and joy as you clear away the clutter from Within and throughout. Alchemy. Love is alchemy. Light is love. Love is light.


  • Journal Prompts

  • Meditations

  • Activations

  • Sound healing frequencies

  • Shamanic extractions

  • Activate dormant codes in your DNA

  • Activate your Crystalline Lightbody

  • Gemstone Magic

  • Astrology Wisdom

  • Cleansing your soul and raising your frequency

  • Secret Facebook group

  • Zoom Live & Recorded Sessions

Sign up now and save! $444 year 

Buy in full by 2-22-23 annnd receive
a remote 
channeled reading healing session free!

Or pay $77 month

Purchase three months or more NOW and receive a

33% discount on a 1-hr remote session with Maggie!

$77 a month for the ENTIRE Mystic Soul Cleanse Program

Save $95 and Pay only $444 for the ENTIRE year NOW!



2022 Refund Policy

If you are a no show for your session, the session will be considered a donation. Thank you.

There are no refunds on event tickets. It will be considered a donation towards the event costs. Thank you for understanding and supporting the Event and our work in Service.

Prices subject to change.

Margaret Anderson aka Maggie Anderson of Maggie's Bliss does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a replacement form of treatment for physical, mental or medical problems by your doctor either directly or indirectly. Maggie Anderson's intention is to offer a variety of information and tools to help the reader in their quest for spiritual growth, emotional and physical well-being.

No portion of this site can be reprinted without express permission.

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