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I Choose Me

Loving Yourself First Would you like to find your Soul Mate? Your one true love? Twin Flame? Whatever name you go by, it still boils down to first being your true self. Love yourself FIRST! Sounds simple, yet we humans tend to get it all mixed up and complicated. I was right there with a lot of people who had this same feeling. That maybe I will feel complete if I had my soul mate by my side. Someone to share everything with and someone that loves me and shares everything with me as well. Don’t get me wrong, this is actually a great thing to desire. However, in combination with this desire we must be sure we are going along our merry little way following our very own passions and joys. Find your soul mate? Sure! Do something YOU love and as you go along your way you will naturally attract that person to you. I used to have my desires in the wrong order. I thought number one: Find Soul Mate, number two: Be Happy. In my evolvement I’ve learned that it’s 100% the other way around!! BE HAPPY FIRST! Then you will attract all you desire and more. What had to happen for me was I had to start turning down the first person who showed interest. I had to find and follow my joy’s and passions first and foremost. (And still do!) I started doing things I enjoyed more and more and really enjoy spending time with MYSELF. I love my alone time!! I would read, go out to restaurants that I enjoyed, take out, whatever! Outside of loving spending time with my son I enjoyed reading and going to the beach at night by myself, meditating, reiki, teaching metaphysical classes. I found out that I really love ME! I love what I love, I love who I became and I still love who I am becoming. I forgave myself for many things I continuously guilted over for many years. I found out that in loving myself, I loved the world! I enjoy JOY! “Master the art of keeping your focus on yourself, it will be easier to manifest fulfillment. The more you focus on yourself, the more you’ll glow with spiritual light, and then you’ll attract a soul mate like a moth to a flame. Good luck on your search for true love!” ~ Susyn, Remember you do not have to first give to others and then to yourself. That’s backwards. You must first be in balance with giving to yourself. There must be balance in giving and receiving. If you are giving too much of yourself to others, you do not have time to give to yourself. Suddenly your life will not only be NOT what you want, but you will notice depression kicking in, health problems, negative experiences continuously creeping in. But you can change that and you can do it right now. You can make that decision to follow YOUR true soul’s path. Your destiny is to be happy now for yourself and show others how it’s done. They will learn by your example. We all deserve to be happy now, not later. We only have right now. We’re not meant to suffer until we meet that special someone. Or to suffer until we get that perfect job. We’re meant to live the life we have now and enjoy it, while creating the best out of what more we desire to enjoy. To follow our excitement and passion!! Only then do we let go enough for things to just easily flow into our lives, like that special someone. Do what YOU love and enjoy now. If that is, first, by starting small. Do that. Sign yourself up for that sewing class, yoga class or night out with your friends that you’ve been holding off on. Just GO FOR IT. Change your routine and do something you love. Give yourself a new affirmation today: “I am willing to change.” Say it daily or many times a day! Change is ever constant, so enjoy it! If you are already with your Soul Mate. That’s awesome! Remember to always be true to you no matter what. Whether you are with your soul mate or not. Always follow your true path. Sometimes it will take you and you soul mate apart and sometimes you grow together. Sometimes the relationship ends sooner than you think, but it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t meant to be for that time you had with them. There will be gem’s you will always take with you from the relationship. You two grew together, even if it took you apart from each other. But always following your true self is prudent. If you are meant to be together for the long haul then you should have no issues being and feeling true to yourself always. If you can’t do this, communicate with each other truthfully. See if there is common ground. If there is not, you two can be happy and content with yourselves knowing it is time to depart and start a new journey elsewhere. But know even if that happens, you will always be happy as long as you follow your inner joy. Listen to your heart. Honor your desires. Your inner being pulls you to the thing that drives you most. Whatever feels exciting truly IS the path for you. Your soul will give you a “yes” or a “no” feeling towards what you love most. And a lovely woman just told me a few days ago: “If it’s not a HELL YES, then it’s a Hell no!” If you don’t feel it to the core of your being, then don’t do it. But if every fiber of your being is screaming with excitement, joy and love I’d say it’s safe to say you can run in that wonderful direction! “…When you have the courage to share your vulnerabilities with others, you create a more intimate connection. Being vulnerable allows others to see the real you that lies beneath any masks you may wear. By letting someone see your weaknesses, as well as your strengths, you allow them to see who you really are. Rather than making you defenseless, your vulnerability demonstrates a courage and openness that can help your relationships flourish.” ~ Daily OM Now on to the fun stuff:

  • Let people see the REAL you! For if you are not truthful with yourself and others then you are hiding something and it will eventually reveal itself. Be true and open.

  • Life is a mirror. All that is around you is a reflection of what you are thinking, being and vibrating at. We receive a matching frequency of what we are in vibrational alignment with. So send out those vibes of LOVE for yourself and others. See the wonderful beauty in YOU and reflect that goodness to everything you come in contact with.

  • Manifest the partner you desire! Make a list of all the things you’d love to enjoy in your perfect mate. Then sit back and visualize this love. You can visualize away! See yourself happy, content, filled with love and compassion for your partner and that person for you! Visualize feeling the highest love. Visualize good times, vacations, family, etc. Enjoy it! Truly FEEL these emotions. In our emotions is the magic to bring miracles. Feel positive love and bring it to you.

  • Yes, you should still live in the moment and follow your inner joys NOW! Living in the now and putting desires out for the future are definitely okay as long as you aren’t dwelling or falling into self-pity if it doesn’t happen in the time you’d prefer.

  • Make these manifesting moments your happy moments a few minutes a day.

  • Then let go and let God as they say! Just let it go and know the Universe is working out the magickal kinks and delivering your package at just the right time.

Your very asking tells you it’s in the works. So manifest away! We attract that which we align with. So align with feeling LOVE in every moment. Align with true positive uplifting energy and it comes to you easily. You desire the perfect love, so feel it NOW for yourself and those around you. Put out there for that matching vibration to come back as you FEEL it and it will be so in the right time for the highest and best, good! Suddenly, one day while enjoying life my soul mate came to me. All while I wasn’t even looking. I knew the moment I met him we’d be married. All because he and I had followed our truest paths, grew into ourselves first and were then and now in vibrational alignment with each other to have an awesome life we manifest together! Start with yourself! Do what I did. Know you deserve complete happiness, love and joy! I chose me and I still choose me! ~ Maggie, Spiritual Cheerleader


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