Master Shamanic Cosmic Healer, Soul Activator, Channel

Maggie Anderson is a located in the Sedona area and is a Soul Activator, Shamaness, Angelic Blue ray, Mystic, Shamanic Cosmic Reiki & IET Master Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Channeler, Author, Munay-Ki Rites Activator & Sacred Sound Healer and Guide to raise the vibe and activate your soul's crystalline lightbody in aligning with your I AM presence and your truest souls mission for the awakening of Gaia and all of humanity.

Maggie is an Angelic Blue Ray and works with the Powerful Celestial Blue Ray energy to heal, purify and activate your Soul. Maggie also calls in the Purple Violet ray as well as the Magenta ray of the Divine Feminine energies to bring back the balance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energies for Divine Union at the sacred Heart.

Maggie’s metaphysical experience spans 20 years. During this time she has become an expert in channeling, energy healing, sound healing, yoga, astrology, gemology and spiritual teaching. She is a spiritual guide, mentor and teacher who integrates magical ancient and channeled wisdom with spiritual training in order to lead, support and facilitate healing for those around her.

Maggie is always strengthening and evolving her connection to the Divine. Integrating many cultures wisdom, giving tangible form to the goddess, the angels, the luminous ones and medicine women & men. Channeling Divine energy, she creates sacred space for her students to rise up like the phoenix to their highest potential. She offers individual and group healing sessions and metaphysical classes, healings, sacred sound journeys, channelings, soul activations, twin flame activatoin, rites and attunements online, in-person and in the Sedona Vortexes.

Maggie has been channeling divine beings of light, angels and cosmic beings as well as her own multidimensional selves for years. She has been sharing her powerful "Divine Cosmic Messages" for many years with magical testimonials by all who read and experience the energy and lightcodes packed within each message. Each connection she makes upgrades her energy. Each interval of the celestial, galactic and star family arrival, Maggie builds her light quotient enabling her to offer so much more in frequency and lightcodes to Gaia and all of humanity. Her soul's mission is to ride the waves of ascension, merge with her multidimensional selves activating her I AM presence with Gaia while assisting humanity in doing the same!

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