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Please know before booking an online or In-person session. As a Multi-dimensional Energy Healer, Channeler, Psychic, you will receive what your higher self calls for in your session. Maggie's higher self connects with yours. It is highly guided by your team, angels, the highest source councils, and only god-sovereign benevolent beings of love light to bring forth healing and activations for your soul in this very moment to move you forward in your ascension process. Please see the testimonials page. Take a minute to read the refund policy below. All prices include taxes. 

You can learn more and schedule your appointment via: EmailFacebook Messenger. Once you have prepaid for your session, please email or direct message me to officially set up appointment for session and to confirm payment was received. 




Sedona Retreat Event 3-NIGHTS, 4 DAYS


ENERGY EXCHANGE:  $111 early bird discount until August 12, 2021

Come to the powerful Sedona Vortexes with us. Heal, Tranform & Upgrade your DNA

As you receive the high vibrations of Sedona, you will be led into ceremony with White Eagle, take deep dives into your process with Al Diaz and taken to higher vibrations into your higher self/your I AM precense with Maggie as she leads you on a journey with Soul Activations, Munay-Ki Rites, Drum, Quartz Singing Bowls Sound Healing and much more. We will take you to powerful vortexes like Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, Kachina & Knoll as well as the Airport Mesa (weather permitting). Spirit will lead the way for your entire healing transformation! This retreat is to help ALL of you who are called to be here with us in Sedona. Transformations will ripple in your life for years to come from this unique experience. Click below or go to sedonagiftretreat.com for more details about this POWERFUL retreat. Register today! Space is limited!


Autumn Equinox Sedona Vortex Session
September 22

ENERGY EXCHANGE:  2-hr. minimum $222


In Sedona's Vortex (Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock or Kachina), your session will be customized for your individual intention or your groups intentions. The sessions can also include Maggie's energy healings, Cosmic Activations, Munay-Ki Rites, Star Rites, Reiki or IET Attunements. All happening while in the Vortex, and if the energy calls a galactic/shamanic womb cleanse for women & men. Emotional, Mental, Physical, and Subconscious releasing will occur. Please eat light and hydrate the day before. Drink extra water before, during and after. Please note these sessions will bring forth layers of healing that are most important at the time of your receiving. All sessions are either: In-person or Remote on Zoom, Phone or Email. Please email or message Maggie your preference once you've booked your session. For a remote Vortex session, Maggie will be at the vortex during the session.

You are responsible for your own lodging & transportation.





2021 Refund Policy

Sessions may be rescheduled up to 72 hours before the session at the convenience of Maggie's availability. In case of absenteeism on your part, the session will be canceled and considered a donation. Please be aware; there may be times when spirit guides Maggie to earthwork/gate work, and your session will be rescheduled to an earlier time if possible on the calendar. Thank you for trusting, understanding, and supporting Maggie’s work.

*There are no refunds on event tickets. It will be considered a donation towards the event costs. Thank you for understanding and supporting the Event and our work in Service.

Prices subject to change.

Margaret Anderson aka Maggie Anderson of Maggie's Bliss does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a replacement form of treatment for physical, mental or medical problems by your doctor either directly or indirectly. Maggie Anderson's intention is to offer a variety of information and tools to help the reader in their quest for spiritual growth, emotional and physical well-being.


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