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Welcome to Maggie's Bliss


Join me for a Powerful Immersion into your Soul

in  Mystic Soul Cleanse 2023


This program allows you to really hear the sacred wisdom of your soul through many exercises, meditations, soul activations & journeys and much more. We will penetrate the walls of resistance and move forward into the light. Your soul always knows the truth. We will flow like water, connecting to the fluidity, flow and allowing of our Divine Feminine half with the strength, courage and grounded foundation of our healthy Divine Masculine half together as One. As above, so below. As within, so without. 

“Maggie is a remarkable and compassionate Soul Coach. She creates 
a safe and nurturing environment for discovering your soul’s truth!”
~ Denise Linn

My Soul's mission is helping you connect, heal and align with your highest soul self. Diving deep to rise up like the phoenix from the ashes.


I am an Author, Master Shamanic Cosmic Healer, Priestess, Soul Activator, Channel offering you Magical Online Classes, Sacred Sound Journey Events, Munay-Ki, IET, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Multidimensional Quantum Healing, Sound Healing & Channeling Sessions and so much more.

Classes are offered all the time and listed here and on the Maggie’s Bliss Facebook page or you may contact me for dates. I also take date requests for Certification classes.

I am offering my Mystic Soul Priestessing course, Sacred Soul Star Healing course, 4 Elements of the Soul Program and my Magical 200-hr. Yoga Teacher Training Online program! These magical programs and more guided by Spirit for all who are called to receive! These programs are for all levels of development.


My passion is to empower and assist in transmuting lower frequencies into higher vibration; to give you the tools to rise and inspire you to pursue your passions, while assisting you through your deep soul work with healing soul activations during these ascension times. We are so much more than our thoughts, emotions and body. Through my online classes, in-person classes and certifications there is something here just for you. Decide you can do it! You are so much more powerful than you think.


Please take some time exploring my site and testimonials. You are not alone on this journey. I see you. May you see the Sacred, Hear the Invisible and Know the Divine always.





Join me for a Powerful Immersion into your Soul   in
 Mystic Soul Cleanse 2023

How I found My True Inner Peace

by Maggie Anderson

How I Found My True Inner Peace shares what has brought Maggie to the divinely untouched part of herself. This book one, of a two-part book series, can act as a guidepost along your way to true inner peace, Kundalini awakening, and self-realization. Peace is our constant. Our soul is always at peace. And we can bring that to our waking consciousness, either in little steps or a leap. It is up to you. And it is Maggie's intention that this book will assist you in getting there.

Maggie will show you how to empower yourself with conscious awareness of your surroundings and what you create in every moment. She shows you how she found true inner peace and how you can get there too.

There is a place in you that remains untouched. No matter how much has happened to you, this sacred place within you can be fully awakened and blossom into your outer reality. You can access this anytime for healing, bliss, and love.

Divine Embrace

by Maggie Anderson

In Maggie's second book we go on a journey deeper into our energies! It is Uplifting, Enlightening and Truly Powerful. Change is our only constant. If we can take comfort in anything it’s that we are always evolving, changing and improving. Kundalini is our Divine Spark, our true essence awakening within us and our connection to the Universe. Divine Embrace (Book Two in a Two-Part Book Series) takes an in-depth look at living an awakened life, Kundalini, the symptoms involved and the guidance to move you through the process of ascension. In this book, you will learn:

  • About our energy bodies and the deeper mechanics of Kundalini

  • Proven methods in which you can create a smoother, more balanced awakening process

  • The key to well-being and wisdom and perhaps enlightenment 

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