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Star Rites


Connect to your Soul's Lineage and Activate your Cosmic Lightbody!

All 4 Star Rites! Soul Star Rite, Pleiadian Golden Woven path Rite, Lyran Triple Infinity Abundance Rite, & Koto Kuna Karpay Rite! Receive the Activations recorded outside of time and space or come in person! All Star Rites are available in person and remotely.


RITE 1 – Soul Star Rite

The Soul Star Rite connects you to your Higher Divine Self that resides in the 8th Chakra over your head, with your Higher Heart Chakra (sometimes also called Thymus Chakra, it is between the traditional Heart chakra and Throat Chakra. Seen as Turquoise blue and feeling the presence of Dolphins and Whales as spirit guides for this Rite. The Q’ero also call this energy Mamacocha, which means Mother of the Water- origin of life. You may have this Chakra activated already, or this Rite will activate for you).

Your Higher Self is connected to Source, is one with all, and holds the higher dimensional vibrations of our soul, and this rite connects to your 5th Dimensional energies and above (6-12th), and brings this energy down to the 3D world where we currently reside. As we do this, you manifest and bring your Soul Purpose in this lifetime. This is important to complete our mission, and to bring the higher dimensional energies into humanity.

This is part of our Ascension and this Soul Star Rite connects us to our Original Soul Source and Family, the Star Beings of our original soul Source. Many people connect and communicate with their Star Family much easier after receiving this Rite. The lineage you connect with is your original soul lineage. This helps you to be more focused on manifesting your soul mission and purpose.

This Rite was given to Natalie Alaya in 2009 after returning to Ireland from Peru. Drumming with other shamans, a group of Q’ero Shamans came through in the journey, gave the Rite, and told about the Rite. More information has been coming in recently about this Rite too.


The Rite is transferred into three Chakras, blowing into all three:

  • Solar Plexus: Pachamama,

  • Higher Heart: Mamacocha,

  • Crown: Wiracocha (Q’ero word for your Soul Star, Higher self).


This Rite may be passed on separately, or with the other Rites. $49


RITE 2 – Pleiadian Golden Woven Path Rite


This initiation allows you to help those crossing over go directly to the 5th Dimension, by-passing the 3rd/4th Dimension paradigm/reincarnation cycle. Those that are crossing over to the 5th Dimension are helping the Earth and all of humanity ascend, as they hold the energy of the 5th, and help raise our vibration, and brings the reality of the 5th Dimensional energies more into the physical.


Bridget Rau was initiated into this practice by Pleiadians, a White haired woman, and a blond haired/blue eyed girl. They told her that every time someone was initiated into this rite, another golden thread was added to a long banner that stretched for miles.

The Golden Woven Path is a representation of the lineage of beings in the past, and continuing into the future, who were initiated into this Rite. We were told that this is an ancient rite, 300,000 years old, and given to humanity by the Pleiadians. This rite has been building its energy for 300,000 years for this time in humanity’s history for manifestation of the 5th Dimension on Earth, and humanity’s Ascension.

This Rite is to help those that cross over go DIRECTLY to the 5th Dimension. This can be any being- animal, plant, etc. They are “anchoring” the 5th Dimensional energy and this helps us to raise our vibration and manifest 5D on Earth. This initiation/Rite follows on from the Soul Star Rite *10th Munay Ki Rite.

Once you receive this Initiation, you are connected to a lineage, both human and Pleiadian, that helps people cross over to the 5th Dimension. You are doing this mostly in the Astral realm, but you may consciously do this too, for any being that you know that has crossed over. $49


Rite 3 – Lyran Triple Infinity Abundance Rite


This rite is an energetic transmission of energies and intentions channeled from our galactic family members. Through the Lyran expression of consciousness we are given the opportunity to connect with and receive powerful manifestation ability.

Bringing in the energies and frequency of gold, imagined in a shower of golden dust, these high vibrations are brought through and around the initiate. These frequencies enter the body, at an energetic level and begin to raise the vibration within the cells, and d.n.a.

The Lyran Guides will assist in your transmission and install the infinity symbol into your solar-plexus, heart, third eye, and crown chakra, while also installing these infinity symbols deep within the brain, and connecting them to the visual cortex, and heart.

This will assist you in finding the power to create and manifest, bringing in the ability to love all of your manifestations unconditionally, as well as loving your role as the creator, amplifying the power of vision, and assisting with your ability to manifest through visual intention and dreaming.

This rite can assist you with attracting in any desired outcome, as long as it is in alignment with your highest good. If you are focused on positive creations, the Lyran Guides will gladly assist you through intentional creation. $49


Rite 4 – Koto Kuna Karpay Rite with the Pleiadeans

The Pleiadian Stars Initiation or the koto Kuna karpay is very important to the Inca Q'eros of the Peruvian Andes. It is crucial because the Pleiades star cluster, also known throughout the world as the secen sisters, is considered to be the home of the Incan ancestors. The star people of the Pleiades are still in contact with the Incas and regularly convey sacred knowledge and energy to its descendants. In fact it is believed that most people on the Earth originally came from these stars, as well as a few other important constellations, such as Orion, Sirius, the Southern Cross and others. Therefore it is important for the Incas to maintain contact from these stars. Every star conveys its own frequency of light and each frequency offers a separate blessing. Each person is thought to be personally connected to one or more of the Pleiadian stars as his or her place of origin.

The Quechua word koto means little star and refers to the stars of the Pleiades. These stars collectively are seen as a huaca or place of power like a sacred site. Alignments were made with temples at Machu Picchu, in ancient Incan times with the Pleiades in order to create lines (sacbes) or roads of energy, like leylines between the temples and the light of the Pleiades. Additionally, Inca Shamans, specifically altomesayoqs, those struck by lightning 3 times, make contact with the upper world and stars and receive new and important knowledge and energy on the tops of sacred mountains (apus). The Pleiadian light is transferred to the apus, in the same way as to temples, through the sacbes, or leylines from the star.


We will be creating these leylines of energy with each corresponding chakra of the body. So that it may be illuminated by the 7 stars in a particular way. The seven stars will connect to the 7 energy centers (nawis) to help recreate the auric field and raise its frequency level. This is important to help clear out old energies and bring in new ones that will assist in living from our heart and soul. With the help of the Pleiadian family we are given support in each aspect of life and body part to work towards a new brighter future. Not only for self but for all those you come in contact with, as well as Mother Earth. Literally your body will be like a temple that receives the light of the Pleiades. You become a beacon of light that will shine with renewed purpose.

Your homework is to connect individually with the stars of the Pleiades in deep meditation and create a relationship with your Pleiadian family. Listen for their guidance and support daily, and take the opportunity to live in a more sacred place within yourself. $49

You can schedule your class via: EmailFacebook Messenger.

To purchase, either one or all four Star Rites cick below:

($49 for one Star Rite or all four Star Rites are $196. If purchasing all 4 at once, pay only $188!)

PURCHASE 1 or all 4 Star Rites $49-$196



2022 Refund Policy



If you are a no show for your session, the session will be considered a donation. Thank you.

There are no refunds on event tickets. It will be considered a donation towards the event costs. Thank you for understanding and supporting the Event and our work in Service.

Prices subject to change.

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