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Cathedral Rock Vortex Magic

Cathedral Rock Vortex called me today because it’s Divine Feminine Mary Magdalene day!💕 This vortex fills me up with Divine Feminine energy. I hiked back up at 5am. There are a few short videos. I explored a little further after the two vortexes and saw this pillar. It intrigues me. Had to film a little bit on a ledge (scary for me but I did it!).

I was finally able to create the vision I received while in the vortex at Cathedral Rock. I’m sharing with you from my own experience. You may receive unique feelings and visions as well.💜

To me the Vortex of gray stones is the ’Epicenter of Power’ (as that is the phrase They gave me) and is liken to our Sun, electrical and powerful. The pink spinning vortex energy is the vision I received while inside.💖

The second beautiful visual is the other vortex diagonally’ish across the epicenter. To me this feels very much so as powerful with Divine Feminine energy, liken to our Moon reflecting the sun’s energy in a soothing, comforting and connecting way. I feel an unconditional love energy that reminds us we are very much so loved and ARE that Love. Today I experienced both again and am in love!🏜️💕

I hope you feel the magic as much as I have!💜

In Munay,



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