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Divine Cosmic Message: Fairies Healing Orbs Activation

Fairies Healing Orbs Activation

I find myself walking on a woodsy path towards the sun. I feel the enchanted magic of this forest out in nature. It beams to me to 'Just enjoy'. I peacefully exhale, as if I was holding my breath till now. There is so much love here. I embrace as I am embraced by this Love. My sacred heart opens more. I feel my third eye and crown activating...a gentle warmth like a hug around my third eye and crown.

I feel the joy and upliftment of the Fairies all around me. As I stand fully in the glow of the sun, Orbs from the fairies surround me. More and more translucent light orbs flow in and begin merging with me. So many beautiful orbs fly into me. Healing and upgrading my dna at a cellular level.

I feel the joy in my cells...reminding me of the healers comment on 'Eat. Pray. Love": “Smile into my liver”. Smile into every particle of your being, as it is so healing and uplifting! You are invited to feel and experience the Fairies healing orbs activation Now!🧚‍♀️💜

May you always know the infinite peace that dwells within. Remember there is magic all around us. Step outside and feel the Oneness.

Image by: Johira95

In Munay,


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