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Find your heart connection through gratitude


Received in 2017 and perfect for right Now!

Find your heart connection through gratitude, movement and allowing. Today four guides come in to heal your energetic heart center: ArchAngel Michael, your Twin Flame, Kwan Yin and my 5D guide, Blue.

We begin in gratitude. As I stare at the sun during its safe hours this morning I am filled up and say thank you many times. My heart overflows in love with each thank you I say with true authenticity. "My cupeth runneth over." I feel Archangel Michael. I feel truth. I thank you for sun. Thank you for the light. Thank you for all. Gratitude and appreciation is a high vibration that allows us to move out of lower frequencies and attract more of what assists us in feeling more gratitude in our lives.

Movement and breathwork: moving out body is so important. Keeping the energy moving allows for deeper release of old stagnant energy. When I come into a kriya taught by my Kundalini yoga teacher magic happens and a crown and heart opening occurs. Today I sit in easy seated pose (crisscross applesauce). I move my arms straight up above my head and take my hands in temple mudra (fingers interlaced, index fingers pressed together pointing up). As you continue to ascend and your Kundalini rises you may find, as I did and do, mudras and Kriyas will just naturally happen in your body. Your body is asking for it for a reason and a release. With this arm position and hand mudra we go into breath of fire (fast equal inhales and exhales from only the nose...focusing more on exhales as the inhale happens naturally) and at the same time a mula bandha (root lock...kind of like a kegel lifting the pelvic floor up...focus on the skin surface between genitals and anus/hara line...squeeze the rectum, sex organs and allow energy rise up)...just hold the root lock rather than pulsing here. Do this for three minutes. Resting when needing to and come back into it. As I do this I get lost in the energy and see and feel a spiraling blue white light flowing up and out through and above my crown chakra to my soul star chakra.

I come to the heart. We practice a heart kriya: placing hands on shoulders (four fingers in front and thumbs in back with elbows lifted up to just below should height). Immediately I feel more heart opening. Then we move. Breath of fire begins: Inhale as you twist upper body left, exhale as you twist upper body right. Do this for three minutes. Soon four magical guides appear as if my aura and body face north and they represent the four directions and elements. Archangel Michael appears to my right (East/Air and masculine side), my Twin flame behind me (South/Fire), Kwan Yin to my left (West/Water and feminine side), and finally my guide, Blue, in front of me (North/Earth). They each are holding my heart center. The energy is powerful and magical. I see green energy for love and healing here. A Heart center connection. Amazing love.

Our final step is to allow for them to heal us. And I do. It's your choice how deep the healing and heart opening will be for you. Allow them into your heart and soul. Allow for a deeper heart connection and a deeper connection to the galactic heart center.

Only a couple of weeks ago I talked about the galactic heart center connection opening up and allowing us to feel it and embody it more within our entire being. The Lion's gateway and the eclipse energy invited us to rise up to this new reality and deeper heart center connection. We are still assimilating this energy and work is still being done for us but also we must continue the inner work as well. It's time to allow and accept it into our souls. Are you ready?

May you feel, accept and know the love of the Universe.💜

In Munay,



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