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Fullness of Expression: Sphere of Protection


Fullness of Expression: Sphere of Protection

As I call in the horizontal force, the four directions and elements I am filled up with their energy more than ever before. Each guardian and element surrounds me in a sphere of it’s unique energy, merging with the next–Earth, Air, Fire & Water together creating a powerful Sphere of light-filled sacred energy and protection. In this sphere I am lifted up, floating. I safely incubate. There’s nothing to do, nowhere to be, just being here right now. I feel fully held in love. We are heading in to the time of rest in the Northern Hemisphere and this is naturally our time to take advantage of rest and rejuvenation while we percolate new projects and expressions. I am made aware of what is next for us. Although we are in our early birthing stage for springtime’s blossoming projects, it is also asked of us to finally and authentically EXPRESS FULLY! Did you ever feel like you are holding yourself back? Like you are dimming your light for another…for social standards…for parents…for loved ones…even subconsciously not knowing why but doing it anyway? This year has strongly forced us to face our own shadow deeply…to process intensely what might have taken years otherwise…to finally see that our life is meant to be felt and expressed in the most brilliant and unique ways from each of us! The energies right now are asking us: If not now, then when? If not you, then who? It’s telling us to live as authentically as we know ourselves to be in this and every NOW moment. In yoga, we first need our grounding, our foundation that creates strength in our core, which then assists us in fully expressing each pose with proper alignment. This follows in life. We need to feel fully here on Earth, touching nature and creating in this magical 3D reality we have been temporarily gifted. This gives way to our core strength, our power, which then assists us in connection stretching our arms out high to heavens and feeling, knowing and expressing our true souls purpose. What brings you the most love, joy peace and gratitude? Know the answer to this question is in part or fully your soul’s purpose. I’m meant to make a move in my life very soon. I’ve been feeling the call for a few years now and it’s time. Now that it’s happening there is some fear. But it’s a leap of faith that is asked of all of us as we embark on new journeys. To have trust and know we are supported no matter what happens. Follow that guiding light. Your intuition speaks from your soul level and it speaks only truth! Are you meant to make a move? Shift your life now? Is it happening anyway? Are you resisting? Do your best to take a mirror to yourself and remind yourself that you are safe. You are fully supported by the Universe, your guides and angels. You are inside this magical sphere of protection as well. No step is too small. One tiny step creates powerful ripples in your life and those around you. You are here to make your own unique statement no matter the size. YOU ARE IMPORTANT. Take a moment to journal those questions I asked above. See what comes to you. Your soul knows the truth. Dig deep. It’s time. This is why we are here. Shine your light.

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