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Divine Cosmic Message: Gaia & the Animal Kingdom

Gaia and the Animal Kingdom

As I sit cross-legged the reality before me falls away and I am facing a vast blue ocean. I am on a secluded sacred island. I stand and begin walking on the warm sand feeling held. The energy around me caressing me skin like a loving hug. I walk further inland towards a cozy cottage. Behind the cottage is a labyrinth made of shells and stone. As I make my way to the center of the circle I use my right index finger as a wand and cast a circle of light all around the labyrinth. The light that is so bright creates a sacred container.

A Light being approach. This being is all white light and very tall. They first honor and thank me for choosing to be on earth now as a part of my souls mission. Here in the center of the labyrinth the layers begin to fall away again and I am taken to the realm of the Animal Kingdom, where fairies, unicorns and Pegasus reside as well as many animals the 3D world does not see with human eyes.

We connect as we honor Gaia. The animals are always connected. They show us the way. They give us support and love and assist us is raising our frequency. It’s all connected. We are activated. They send us beautiful energy. We are all emerging now.

You may choose to connect and receive the lightcodes being transmitted through this transmission. After the transmission go outside, touch the Earth and receive the rest of the energy.

The light being and the energies of the Animal Kingdom combined raise me up higher and higher to a realm above. To a place where I more easily hear my soul’s calling and why I am here.

As I am surround by their energies and love, they attune me to higher frequencies to hear see feel and know more. As this attunement unfolds in right divine timing it offers us the ability to send that energy to Gaia and to others ready to step into stewardship as a higher deeper level of Pure magic. :)

As I am complete, the fairies touch my nose offering a silly goodbye and waking me up back where I began. May you enjoy new connections and upgrades in your crystalline lightbody and DNA at a cellular level during these powerful ascension times.💜

Image by: Maril1

In Munay,



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