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Law of Attraction and Ascension

“The basis of most physical human confusion, is this. Everything is about the

Law of Attraction. Which means, everything is about ‘inclusion.’ There is no such

thing as ‘exclusion’… You can’t look at something and say no, no, I want that NOT…

and have it go away, because your attention to it, causes you to vibrate WITH IT

and by law of attraction, it then comes to you.” ~ Abraham-Hicks

The title above speaks volumes. The Law of Attraction: What we see in our world and in ourselves is a reflection of what we ourselves are putting out to the Universe. We are 100% responsible for everything we see, hear, feel and create in our lives. Sit up, take notice and take action. If you quietly go back into “slumber land” you will miss out on so much and the result is catastrophic, because whether you are aware or unaware of the fact that we create our reality ourselves, you will STILL create that reality.

Your beliefs and memories start you out in your subconscious. From there you have your thoughts. Your thoughts take form into Emotions. Emotions charges. Emotions equal energy. Energy emits out to the Universe and like the magic you just spun you’ve received back a situation, circumstance or experience from your very own thoughts/beliefs/emotions/vibrational energy. We truly are the Genie’s in our own life. I’ve had too many experiences to tell me that this is Universal Law.

Combine the Law of Attraction with the Law of Allowing and the flow of receiving what you desire is imminent. Of course the goal here (I assume for many) is to feel good, at peace and free. So we want to feel those emotions NOW, not later or when this happens or that happens, but RIGHT NOW. Feeling it now attracts MORE of that to you!

After high school I did have boughts of what felt like depression. One time of which happened because I was taking the drug Phen/fen to lose weight. I felt like having my son, Connor, balanced out my system. And me finally balancing out my physical life (was overweight), my personal life (left icky men behind to pursue what was best for ME), my work life (went to school for what I truly LOVE doing and have a job doing what I love), and spiritual life (which is also my passion, so this was a two-for-one with me, because now I am more spiritual and have that positive outlook on life because I know I have and *we all have* Angels and guides and GOD taking care of us EVERY MINUTE and he wants us to be happy EVERY MINUTE of our lives, I am happier because of that).

Focus on thoughts, more positive is usually the goal. Be sure you take the action that comes from your intuition, since it is guiding you on your path to your deepest desire and destiny of service.

“Our undistracted thoughts create a powerful magnet that draws similar energy into our vibrational field.” ~ Daily Om

I love, a ton of free audio’s that will really help a LOT! Ho’oponopono is helping a lot of people clean on what they have internally because they know right down to the physical and emotional ailments, that they somehow attracted them. Yes, certain things are genetic and yes it’s in our family code and ancestry, but we can CLEAN on that too! (Click here to see my article on Ho’oponopono.) We can bring positive thoughts and emotions into our ancestry and genetics too! We can clear it up easy!

It does take dedication, positive outlooks and one thing that helped me and I strongly suggest you doing is having a gratitude Journal. Right down ALL the good in your life. And I mean ALL the good. If you need to first get out all the bad, write it down, then BURN that journal/paper (this is very good for releasing all the bad once and for all and you’re telling God you’re not going to accept that ickiness in your life anymore), then EVERY DAY write down at least 3 things you are grateful for. (At least!) I know when I got started, I couldn’t stop at 3.

Be conscious of EVERY moment you are alive. I feel that with all of the areas of your life in balance – Relationships, Work, play, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical – (know you attract all you desire in your life) and making a conscious effort for it to be positive, it will happen perfectly, as it should. So knowing you attract all you think on and FEEL on, remember this and do NOT dwell or focus on the bad. Remember to not bury your negative emotions, but rather recognize them for their positive assistance in contrast. Then healthily release them (by either breathing, meditating in any number of releasing methods–one is in my Oct. 2007 newsletter). By accepting the negative aspects of yourself, recognizing them, taking the lessons needed and then releasing them, you are accepting that polar opposite you. You are becoming balanced within your entire being. You are telling your higher self you are ready for the next level of Ascension. Now, on to the positive side of things. Living in memories of the bad will only keep you in that energy and bring more experiences of that same vibration/feeling. So even when it’s hard (and believe me I KNOW) think positive. Think of a funny moment that makes you laugh. Smile at yourself in the mirror even when you don’t want to. Think of a baby you love, anything HAPPY or Loving and you start to vibrate at that level/feeling and you will receive more HAPPY experiences of that moment. It will pick up in momentum the more you do this and the more you raise your vibration to the higher more loving, happier feelings & experiences.

You must let go of whatever it is you are trying to manifest. In order to receive it, you must give it off to the Universe to take care of it. In order to really detach from this see it as if you have already received it! Because you HAVE! Let it go. KNOW you already HAVE IT! Believe. Let it go! Have FAITH! Then it is yours!

All of this starts to lift you out of that funk. By lifting your vibration you will also then NO MORE attract the icky stuff in your life. No more accidents, no more negative people, no more feeling bad, no more physical issues. Do note that the icky people will just naturally flow out of your life too. You no longer need the icky people and more positive wonderful people that match your vibration will come to you naturally! Now, that doesn’t take out Divine lessons you set in stone for your life, so remember that when things happen. Things will happen, and it’s how YOU decide to react to it, that gets you attracting what comes next. Choose positive happy loving energy, even when you don’t want to. I say the perfect book for you to read right now is: “Change your Thoughts, Change your life” by Wayne Dyer. I’m also a member of, those are audiobooks!! So you don’t have to go out and buy it or if you just want to listen and close your eyes. Options!

An excellent practice to do is to remember what positive aspects of yourself make you and other people happy. Are you funny, outgoing and loving. Do you take on an extra task so that someone else doesn’t have to do too much sometimes. Do you share a special talent that you love and make others happier because of it? Remember, what you need to do is be true to YOU in every moment. So if you’re feeling a certain way you must let those emotions out in the healthiest way, so that they RELEASE and then they don’t clutter your mind and body and you can move faster into happier states of being. It’s the healthy way.

Ascension – Affecting You and Those Around You

Some general ascension symptoms when raising your vibration we will have these times when we can’t attach the emotions (sadness, anger, etc.) we feel to anything. So we know it’s something possibly suppressed and we need to just ask our Angels for help, guidance and to make known to you anything you need to know about this, then to ask for them to assist you in properly working through the anger, etc. and transmuting it to pure light. They will assist and all you have to do is feel it and let it go. Then you are not again ignoring it and repressing it for it to come up at a later time again! A slow progression for some and a fast for others. No way is wrong.

My book, Divine Embrace, give you excellent definitions to the ascension symptoms and information about the ascension process and how it may work for you. Karen Bishop of Gama Books (formerly What’s Up On Planet Earth?) also gives fantastic definitions to the ascension process and symptoms in her Ascension Primer book and how it came about for her, which is another Kundalini Awakening experience.

This can (possibly) affect ANYONE around you and in your life because you are raising vibration (through working on yourself, receiving energy attunements, etc.). Like I sort of explained on my What is Reiki? page. For example, with Reiki attunements it can happen subtle depending on how fast you progress. For me it was subtle at first and taking off. It took me two years to get through the first attunement and then felt like I was ready to continue thereafter. So you will notice that whomever does not resonate with the “new” you and your raised vibrations they will either have to MATCH your vibration by aligning with you energetically or they will leave or you will leave. You’ll notice certain people of lower vibrations will naturally fall away from your life. You and they do not match anymore in vibration and when they leave, you are open and receiving new people that better align with the new vibration/person you are. This happens OFTEN throughout our entire lives, with friends, relationships, co-workers, jobs, etc. Ascension is a FUN process as you start to become aware of it and see the awesome changes that occur. As long as you are awake enough to see the lessons, go through them and release them it goes faster in that sense.

Now family. Some family will stay no matter if they match your vibration or not. Like children. They will either be lower, same or higher and hopefully as they are young we do not, as parents, take their power away from them and then they will progress even faster and maybe surpass our vibrations and do even better than us! Parents always want more for their kiddies! So for you to bring this new vibrational self into the home it will subtly take hold on those around you. You will start to see subtle or not-so-subtle shifts in your family. Some will wake up to what you are doing to help yourself be in a better place and progress in their very own path!! (more and more people are doing that anyway) and some will take off from your life entirely (only to return months or years later ready to work on themselves and just by being around you aligning in that energy vibration). It’s a unique situation for everyone. But I’m told that when we come into this life we are cleaning and clearing 7 generations that have come before us. Our ancestry. This is kind of like what Ho’oponopono speaks about. (I have an article about it here if this intrigues you).

So with you working on yourself, naturally others around you will start to emanate and raise their vibrations just by being around you. Like a guitar in a room. You play the G-string on any guitar and all other guitars in that room will play that same note. (From the awesome book: A G-String Theory by Ilana Marks.) Whatever is the STRONGEST or DOMINANT vibration in a room at any given time is usually the one that the majority of people will align with at that time frame. So make yours strong!

Now, steps for you to take:

1. Balance all areas of your life in the time you can, no pressure! The time is only NOW. So NOW is all you have. Right NOW you have eyes to read website, right NOW people that love you, right NOW…..! So back to balance! That’s: physical, relationship, work, spiritual and the emotional starts to fall into place.

2. Change your thoughts and emotions. DON’T react negatively to something. Take a breath and see how you truly want to react rather than immediately yelling or getting so upset internally that it causes damage and negative results. Then choose a happy reaction that best suits your inner being/your soul.

3. Buy “Change your thoughts, Change your life” by Wayne Dyer (or sign up on and get that and more for a small fee). Reading or listening to something inspiration on a daily basis keeps your vibration lifted! And then attracted that mirror image of vibrational match to you!

4. Go to my favorite sight and listen to over an hour of free recordings about LOA: (there’s a video or two for free on YouTube as well of Esther talking about this awesome subject!)

5. Write 3 things you are grateful for EVERY DAY, morning or night – you choose or BOTH!

6. Be happy! Smile at yourself!

7. Watch The Secret if you haven’t!

8. Meditate and ask your higher self, Angels, God, Spirit Guides, etc. what messages they have for you. (daily) The first thing I know they will do is send you (what they always send you anyway) unconditional love, as you know you are loved and deserve love always! They are there for you like you are there for a child. So open your heart and accept it, you deserve it. Meditate daily 15 minutes a day or more! Do it in a grocery line when you’re bored or whenever too!

9. Do the Gratitude Dance!

Something else to note as well. I’ve noticed and keep hearing that we are all ascending now. Many people are waking up to realize they have been living in a dream and going along with what others have said was what “to do”. Now you and others realize that we aren’t living the live WE truly desire within and can NOW make changes to do just that. We deserve to live our passions and be happy, so the time is now.

Helpful Law of Attraction Links:

1. The Law of Attraction Explained! 10 minute Movie <–Awesome, simple and easy!

2. Esther Hicks channeling Abraham <– A variety of many videos

5. Where the Hell is Matt? <– watch him go! Love the song too!

7. Drum your heart out <– For your enjoyment, watch this wonderful movie!

Love and Sparkles of Light, Maggie


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