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Pisces Full Blue Moon

Happy Pisces Super Full Blue Moon!🌝♓️ The moon is the closest to Earth it will be in 2023 making it a super powerful Full Moon! We are experiencing our second full moon this month making it a rare Blue Moon! Everything is magnified. Although we are in Virgo sun, which encourages us to be more analytical and in our mind thoughts, the Pisces Full Moon energy softens that right up. Giving it a better balance.

This full moon encourages us to take time alone to feel our feelings, surrender to what is but to also lean into NEW possibilities. Dream your new world into being because there are many paths to the same light! Go inward as you enjoy the ocean, a river, a lake and even a bubble bath or shower. This will help you align so well with the magic that is occurring right now. Especially with 7 planets retrograde, going inward is an important step! Always honor your intuition. Intuitive insights may arise within you; an inspiration to follow your heart! Your heart always knows the truth.💜

From my heart to yours,




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