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Sedona Crystal City Realm Activation

As I sit on Bell Rock my mind releases. I settle in to become one with the nature of all of Sedona. Soon I see inside Bell rock. Like seeing the “bones” of Bell Rock and it’s made up of real crystal form in energy. I see a crystal structure the shape of bell rock, purple pink glowing energy. (The image I created above comes close to what I saw.)

I am invited in by the crystal being of the Crystal City of Sedona once again. My first time was when I was meditating on Cathedral Rock. (Another light being called the Crystal being who untied me in Sena. That name is familiar to me and her name might just be Sena.)

Come Journey with in the Sedona Crystal City Realm beneath Bell Rock. It’s truly in another realm but this is our portal in.

I walk into this realm; the invitation my key to access. As I take in the magic, other crystal beings are their lovingly creating. I see one in a corner to my right working on colorful gemstones. Sena leads me to the center where there is a large glowing white crystal. Larger than me in height and width. I touch the crystal with both hands activating and connecting. You are invited to also do the same.

I place my forehead on the crystal in sacred reverence. She tells me, “you are here to serve. To shine the light. To bring color to people’s lives again. To inspire creativity. To light that spark!”

Sena will have a message for you as you open your heart in sacred reverence to what will come for you.

We hug. I am over comer with loving emotions. She says I am home. I have been seeded from them. I AM them. I’ve lived amongst them; with them in harmony. And now coming here incarnated as a human to this dimension to light up the world.

They communicate telepathically as one. They are still aware of their crystal form and yet love as a hive as One heart.

As I leave, I am telepathically invited back and know I will return many times. This is only the beginning. The time is Now.

May you know your true Oneness connection always.💜💎💖


In Munay,



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