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The Season of Abundance is here! Summer Solstice

Happy Litha Summer Solstice!

The season of abundance is here! Did you know that when you self-deny yourself, think you are not worthy, be in negative ego fear energies you are sabotaging yourself?! And you are God-Goddess? You ARE God experiencing Itself. This means when you look in the mirror if you send yourself icky thoughts, you are sending those thoughts to God. What you feel ripples out!

We must must must love ourselves. Love yourself as you would love your family and friends. Open your heart. Open to compassion and forgiving others and yourself! In this magical way you rise. You transcend the illusions around you and stop creating more lessons to learn. Choose yourself first and heal the world as you heal self. The healing always begins within first.

The power of abundance is at your reach. I wish for abundance and freedom for everyone. There is more than enough to go around for all. As you wish your yourself AND others, a powerful soul-fulfillment energy of love washes over you.

Remember to meditate daily! Connect to your true highest self; your I AM presence and feel the love and bliss of the universe. The more you connect the easier it is to stay in high vibrations.

Remember joy is also your birthright! Fairies and elementals love to see our laughter! They know it raises our vibration.

This Summer Solstice portal is a powerful one to connect to your intentions and creations for the next six months! What are you creating? Happy Litha Summer Solstice!

Blessings, Maggie


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