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You Are Special


Your Are Special

As I lean in to my meditation, I am with my spinning Merkaba. Our Merkaba’s are a part of us and are magical spiritual vehicles of light. I am immediatey taken, almost as fast as the speed of light, out to space. I travel further out than I have gone in a while. I am going to a magial place I’ve been before.

The Tall White Beings of Light have called me to the Tree of Life. These powerful beautiful beings communicate through telepathy with sound frequency. They felt the ripple and knew it was imperative to share this message with me and all of you. It’d a reminder. They needed to remind me how special I am. And how special YOU are! All speial we all are. Though we are each uniquely unimportant and at the same time uniquely important and special. Your soul decided to bring through so much. Remember, it’s easy to sit back in observe mode and wait and see. But there comes a time in our journeys where we need to take action and share our wisdom and gifts of service in a way that is perfecty divine for us and the collective. Although they didn’t ask. I was compelled to energetically “re-enlist” myself to my soul’s mission. I accept once again! Such beautiful energy! All I am meant to do and share…I accept and I am ready for those people who are meant to learn with me, through me and who I will continue to evolve and grow with. You are invited to commit once again to your true soul’s mission. Do you accept? Just feel it with your intention and the energy is felt throughout the entire Universe. The Universe will conspire to make it happen in right divine timing always. The healing sound frequency is felt with from cosmic guides. They are present with us. They say: I am here You are here We are here They lean in for Forehead-to-Forehead transmission. I see it all. And yet I am here with my Tall White Being of Light guide. I experience for a brief moment the vast universe. They say in their special way: We ARE important. We are beautiful. We are wise and connected! My Tall White Being of Light guide reaches for my diaphragm. They show me just like in the movie, Sister Act, where Whoopi Goldberg presses her hands on the meek quiet girl’s diaphragm. As if in real time with the visual they gently but powerfully shake my diaphragm to assist activate me and assist me in finding my voice/soul’s calling. Just as the girl in the movie finds her deep powerful voice singing loudly! May you find your voice and soul’s calling! And may you take action when you are called!


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