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Pay monthly for just ONE class you are called to receive, cancel anytime! 2022’s Mystic Soul Priestessing classes. All classed are recorded! will help you expand what it means to be a priestess and healer. As you intend to join, the healing magic already begins! You will shift your energy, reveal your spiritual gifts and connect with the formless world around you. Your Soul is rebirthed with more of your higher self. Join the ascension process with intention and watch your life catapult into new realms of consciousness.🦋

Individual Classes Mystic Soul Priestessing Monthly

Price Options
One-time purchase
Subscribe for all 12 Months
$33.00every month for 12 months
  • This purchase gives you access to ONE of Mystic Soul Priestessing classes or a monthly Subscription for ONE Class for 12 months of Mystic Soul Priestessing classes. Choose your class from the drop-down menu above (Munay-Ki Rites, 13 Spheres of Priestessing or Sacred Priestessing Tools). Then choose which option is a best fit for you (a one-time purchase or Subscription to pay monthly for all 12-months of the class you choose).

    Please note: If you are purchasing only one month at a time, pleease inform me of the month you'd like by replying to this email or email to share with me which month you are gaining access to. You do no need to do this if you've chosen the subscription option for all 12 months option.

    Once you've paid for Mystic Soul Priestessing you may choose to join our Private Priestessing Tribe Facebook group. Go to and choose 'Groups' tab. Then click on the Mystic Soul Priestessing group and click "JOIN" option. I will allow access within 24-48 hours.

    I can't wait to begin our journey together!


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