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Please know before booking an online or In-person session. As a Multi-dimensional Energy Healer, Channeler, Psychic, you will receive what your higher self calls for in your session. Maggie's higher self connects with yours. It is highly guided by your team, angels, the highest source councils, and only god-sovereign benevolent beings of love light to bring forth healing and activations for your soul in this very moment to move you forward in your ascension process. Please see the testimonials page. Take a minute to read the refund policy below. All prices include taxes. 

You can learn more and schedule your appointment via: EmailFacebook Messenger. Once you have prepaid for your session, please email or direct message me to officially set up appointment for session and to confirm payment was received. 

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One Hour Energy Healing sessions & Soul Activation

In-person & Online (Vortex Session info below)

If you feel you are struggling in your day-to-day ascension experience and need clarity, peace and alignment, this session is for you. Are you ready to transform your life and upgrade your vibration? Need Twin Flame clarity and activation? Maggie brings through powerful celestial energies of the Angels as well as the Ascended Masters and cosmic enerigies (ranging from Divine Feminine Goddess, Middle Earth Tribe Elder, Goddess Isis, Kali, Lakshmi, Ganesha, Lilith, Hekate as well as the Lyrans, Pleiadeans, Avians, Sirians, Tall White Beings of Light, Angels of the Universe, Emissaries of Light, etc.). With Maggie’s connection to your higher self and your guide team, she finds the root cause of what is stopping your forward progress and will help you remove and heal the root causes.

Maggie is an Angelic Blue Ray and works with the Powerful Celestial Blue Ray energy to heal, purify and activate your Soul. Maggie also calls in the Purple and Violet rays and the Magenta ray of the Divine Feminine energies to bring back the balance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energies for Divine Union at the sacred Heart. Twin Flame Acivations can occur that assist you in connecting more deeply to the true essence that you are and awakening your latent gifts. Sound healing and toning light language may arise for your unique healing session. It is up to Divine Source Creator for your Highest and Best, Good. You may also be activated for Kundalini rising and/or Light Language during the process. Maggie utilizes channeling abilities to bring forth what you are currently resisting healing. She will also look into your soul for what energy is needed to upgrade your vibration, do clearing work, connect you with your I AM presence, and also will conduct sound healing, angelic celestial DNA key code activations your soul requires to move forward and open you up to what you need in this Now moment.


All sessions are different and depend on what you specifically need. These sessions are for ALL Souls, all paths, teachers, way-showers, healers, twin flames, sacred partners, lightworkers, starseeds, etc. at all levels of their awakening.

In this one-hour session, Maggie will connect multidimensionally with your team and higher self to find the roots of your core wounds to be healed. She will engage you in releasing from your mental, physical, emotional, and subconscious programming to help you move forward in your process. Activations, attunements and Munay-ki rites will occur. Twin Flame Activations may also be called in for your Soul. Please note that you may not have enough time to cover questions after all of the work and light language activations are performed.

You'll receive Divine Guidance for what spirit is channeling through for you. Each Session is Unique. You will receive exactly what is Divine for you in each Session. As you receive for your highest and best, good, you will get in touch with your Soul. Maggie is the channel for you to open up to who you’ve always been. To open up to your full Power. To Awaken. What’s important to remember is that each person draws to them that which is what is needed in that moment in time for their ascension process during this great awakening.

A powerful and  transformative experience, your healing session includes:

  • Shamanic & Cosmic Healing

  • Angelic Celestial Healing and Activations

  • Purification Ascension Unlocking

  • Healing of All 4 Bodies

  • Chakra & Energetic Block Clearing

  • Chakra Tuning, Alignment & Balance

  • Toning Light Language DNA Activations

  • Divine Source & Intuitive Guidance

  • Connection to your I AM Presence

  • Opening you to your Multidimensionality

  • Connect you with your Threefold Heart Flame

  • Attunements

  • Soul Coaching & Channeled Guidance

  • Helping you find your Soul's Path and more…

What to expect: Afterwards, you will feel a tremendous shift. Many clients feel like they are buzzing until they go to bed at night & some days after. Do not be surprised if you have processing, integrating, and other inner work to do afterward.

Note: Sessions are scheduled one hour at a time.

Energy Exchange:  $144

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In-Person Multidimensional Sedona Vortex Healing Session

In Sedona's Vortex (Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Airport Mesa or Kachina & Knoll or Amitabha Stupa & Peace Park), this session includes all of the information listed above under the one hour healing session description, walk the sacred lands and time in the Vortex, and if the energy calls a galactic/shamanic womb cleanse for women & men. Emotional, Mental, Physical, and Subconscious releasing will occur. Please eat light and hydrate the day before. Please note this session will bring forth layers of healing that are most important at the time of your appointment.

Energy Exchange: $222 (1.5-2 hours)

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Shamanic 13 Munay-Ki Rite & Cosmic Womb Cleansing & Purification Activation

This 30-minute session is a unique offering from Maggie's regular sessions and is for the divine feminine with the Divine Mothers, Womb Cleansing & Womb Rite: 13th Munay-Ki Rite. This powerful healing is to clear the sacred womb, for this life and all the lives of any form of abuse. The focus is on your sacred womb connected to your sacred heart, root, and sacral chakras. Very powerful!  Most women feel emotional and experience vibrations in the womb and genitalia for up to 36 hours as they heal.

Energy Exchange: $122 (Click below to pay & schedule)

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Intuitive Channeled Reading & Spirit-Led Soul Coaching

Channeled guidance and compassion for your your deepest questions, concerns, and visions. Allow for deep healing to occur through the oracle & channeling with Maggie. The Angels, Starbeings, Emissaries of Light, Ascended Masters, Elementals and your Light Team are awaiting you, fully ready to assist you into expansion and transformation and creating the life you desire, as well as offer you a deeper understanding of your current path. As you come into alignment with your true soul's mission you open your sacred heart to your I AM presence. Here you easily align wiht abundance and prosperity! 

Energy Exchange: $111 (1-Hour)

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Schedule a Private Retreat Event for Group In-Person Multidimensional Vortex Healing Sessions in Sedona

In Sedona's Vortex (Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Airport Mesa, Kachina & Knoll or Amitabha Stupa & Peace Park), this retreat will be customized for your groups intentions. This can be one-day, two-day or three-day retreat. The sessions includes all of the information listed above under the one hour healing session description above, sacred journey to the Vortex, time in the Vortex, and if the energy calls a galactic/shamanic womb cleanse for women & men. Emotional, Mental, Physical, and Subconscious releasing will occur. Please eat light and hydrate the day before. Drink extra water before, during and after. Please note this session will bring forth layers of healing that are most important at the time of your retreat.

You are responsible for your own lodging & transportation.


Sacred Sound Journey Events

Book Maggie for your event or come enjoy a scheduled sound journey wth sacred quartz singing bowls, gong and drum as Maggie leads you on a unique channeled journey within.

“I’ve been to many singing bowl events and this was the best I’ve attended!” ~ Kate


Classes, Attunements & Activations

When you're ready the teacher appears. Maggie offers many online & in-person classes and attunements, incuding YTT, Munay-Ki, IET, Reiki and so much more. Maggie is the creator of Mystis Soul and Sacred Soul Star Heaing. Are you ready to become more aligned with your soul? Let's begin our journey together!





2021 Refund Policy

Sessions may be rescheduled up to 72 hours before the session at the convenience of Maggie's availability. In case of absenteeism on your part, the session will be canceled and considered a donation. Please be aware; there may be times when spirit guides Maggie to earthwork/gate work, and your session will be rescheduled to an earlier time if possible on the calendar. Thank you for trusting, understanding, and supporting Maggie’s work.

*There are no refunds on event tickets. It will be considered a donation towards the event costs. Thank you for understanding and supporting the Event and our work in Service.

Prices subject to change.