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13 Signs You Have the Soul of a Witch, Shaman, Starseed, Priestess, Goddess and Mystic

13 Signs You have the Soul of a Witch, Shaman, Starseed, Priestess, Goddess and Mystic

Each of these words are triggers to some and a place to call home for others. Words hold the meaning you give to them. Often fueled by past experiences with a select few in this life and even past life connections. All of these words hold positive or negative connotations decided only by you and what you choose to believe. These words have similarities that tell us we are connected to something more.

Like for instance, Shaman and Witch to me are synonymous. Shaman were often be called Witch Doctor, Healer, Medicine Woman, Alchemist, etc. They would live outside of the community. Witches seemed to have evolved from ancient shamanism and also just a natural part of awakening to the gifts of the Earth and seeing all life as Sacred. Each path holds its uniqueness but stemming from similar intentions and connections.

History even shows that the first shaman witch was female. I've tuned in myself and have confirmed this in journey for myself. As the men would seek councel from their shaman women for where to hunt and when. As they would need to hunt, gather and prepare food, the women were the intuitve, psychic healers honoring the rising of the sun and the rising of the moon. They honored the 13 moon cycles in a year as divine feminine women. It was the way. Now all men and women alike are tuning into higher frequencies and awakening to their true Soul's call. A balance of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine for Divine Union.

There are good humans and not so good humans but all are light at their core. There are good witches and not so good witches. There are good shaman and not so good shaman. You get the idea. I personally love all of these words and have special connections to them ALL. Each of these paths have a light and shadow to them. Which path do you choose?

We are each all of these words and none of them all at the same time. We transcend it all! We are all ascending with Gaia and it’s a beautiful experience! I am an eclectic culmination of all of these paths as they have led me to who I am now and yet I am more than that and so are you. One of our first decisions we either make unconsciously or later with conscious intention is “Do we align with the light or the dark/shadow?” I choose light. Once that decision is made, we can decide on a divinely neutral path that HONORS all paths and every person’s process and where they are in each Now moment. We can become aware that the bigger picture gives us free will and gives us the time to deal with our issues (even if that takes lifetimes). Breathe and feel the expansion in the Universe from a place of neutrality. It’s very freeing.

Ascend without judgment of others process or words they like to call who they are in their Now moment. All paths ascend to the same. We honor everyone’s process and path as their own as we honor our path that feels true to us. When we judge we take ourselves into duality (of light and shadow/yin and yang) rather than unity. Whatever words you are defined by, we will transcend it all. But we can honor the path that got us here! Honor the challenges and honor the joy.

Signs you are a Witch, Shaman, Starseed, Priestess, Goddess, Mystic:

  1. You are an Empath. You are very sensitive to the people around you and your environment. This take Clairsentience/Clear-Feeling to the next level. You feel emotions and physical ailments as if they are your own. This empathic path takes work and patience for sure.

  2. You are very connected to Nature/Gaia. You go to find healing and relief on the Earth. Even if you are unaware of it, you will always feel an intense, sometimes unexplained bond with or desire to serve Gaia. Utilizing the elements of nature in this cosmic Universe as Alchemists to transmute lower frequencies into higher more evolved aligned frequencies.

  3. You have or are in the throws of a Kundalini Awakening. Many Kundalini awakening symptoms are mentioned in Shaman, Witch, Starseed and Mystic traits. This awakening may include your dark night of the soul. The death of the ego assists you in transcending old limitations to rise through this ascension process. Your Kundalini awakening could be explained as that lightning bolt death (aka blue zing up the spine as Kundalini rises) that many shaman are said to be initiated onto their path.

  4. Intense health condition or chronic illness (physical or mental). You have or are going through an intense healing crisis. This healing crisis is usually not cured by doctors but rather to lead you down the path of holistic healing with Essential Oils, Crystals, Sacred Ceremony & Ritual and Sound Healing tools and more. It leads you on your path. The world today is full of so much noise, we rarely go within. Remember, listen to the whispers or you will hear the screams. A crisis will require us to take time off and go within, try everything we can possibly think of to help us heal and get better, opening us up to the world of alternative medicine, modalities, traditions. If we fail to answer the call you may experience what has been called ‘Shamanic Sickness’. Remember, listen to the whispers of your inner and higher guidance. However, if we refuse to follow the path our soul decided upon as our blueprint in this life, a trigger or challenge will occur within us until we choose our Soul’s mission. Some examples that may manifest are fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, chronic pain or autoimmune disorders, etc.

  5. Near-Death (NDE) or Out-of-Body Experience (OBE and OOBE). This is an intense spiritual experience that is manifested either because our soul decided this will be our awakening or because we refused to listen to the call of the soul. One of the main gifts of a Witch, Shaman, Starseed Priestess, Goddess and Mystic is to be able to explore the world outside our own. We are known for being able to step outside of time and space and traverse other realms and dimensions. It is here we are able to create healing and transmutation with more ease. We may stumble into the Spirit World during a surgery, an accident or even accidental astral travel. Your gifts will be intensified from this NDE or OBE! Shekina, from Sedona, has had a few transformational NDE’s. She came back form her experience with new vocal chord upgrades. She is able to sing tones in perfect pitch that are infused with high frequency lightcodes.

  6. You have a special connection with the Animal Kingdom. You communicate with the most ease with animals and even have telepathy with them or receive visions of messages they are sending you. Everyone knows how much I love cats! But whether it’s your pets or animals in general, you feel deeply connected to them. Animals bring us messages in our daily life. You may even be connected to one or more of your Power or Spirit animals. You may receive messages through totems like butterflies, dragonflies, elephants, bears or any animal. Power animals, especially if wild, don’t have to show up in real life for you to receive its message. They may show up in your dreams, meditations or cards you pull and synchronicity until you acknowledge the message they bring. Shadow animals may show up to you in harsh ways to send a powerful message to you. For example, a snake bit, scorpion or bee sting, intense bear, shark, spider experience, etc.

  7. Crystals and other Sacred Tools call to your soul. We know that the crystals all around us and embedded in Earth are alive! The crystal kingdom communicates with us. They bring higher frequencies and assist us with what is within us. They magnify our intentions and assist us with focus. Sacred tools heal our body physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritual. These tools assists us in sacred ritual for a tight container that allows us to reach to higher frequencies and vibrations. We know that we don’t always need to tools but they often assist with the mythic realm in calling in the four elements and directions with intention and work with our intention to find all life as sacred. All the world is a mirror and we know that what we experience outwardly is what we need to learn, grow and evolve from. Our sacred tools assist us along this path. Sacred tools come from the Earth as a gift and connection to Gaia. You may feel called to the sacred heartbeat of the Drum, or healing through sound frequency with Quartz or Tibetan Singing bowls, tuning forks and more.

  8. Psychic abilities are enhanced. You seek the truth! Not the truth of what you desire seeing but the truth at the core of the Universe. As you seek, you shall find. Our abilities to see the unseen, to hear spirit, telepathy, to simply know things, to feel peoples feelings, to heal, to channel spirit, ascended masters, angels, Gods, Goddesses, the Divine and more, growing stronger and stronger as we awaken to our Soul’s mission. We are ascending and our five senses are opening more and more to a higher frequency experience. Everyone has them and are awakening more and more every day!

  9. You don’t fit in with society. The “muggle” land is not your place. Your place is more often in higher realms and unseen dimensions. You are the bridge for those connection. You find your own company is enough much of the time. Living on the outskirts of town or village is very common. Regarded as quirky or eccentric. Being full of innate wisdom, Witches, Shaman, Starseeds and Mystics don’t always feel the need to seek answers or support from the external world. You may not necessarily be aware of “why”, but you may have always preferred your own company over anyone else’s. You are able to hear your higher wisdom, your highest soul self more easily as you working fully on this Divine path. You do life people but even the routine conversations may feel exhausting and overwhelm you at times. A very common introvert trait where we need more rest, relaxation and time out in nature to charge back up again.

  10. You are highly creative. Paintings, Poetry, drama, interior design and art are primary ways you may choose to express your creative side. It is a beautiful way to express and heal and also very often healing energies and lightcodes are infused in these creative works. Creativity comes in many forms. These are only just a few magical outlets.

  11. You traverse other realms and dimensions. Very common to utilize these dimensions for healing, soul retrieval and more. You will walk with your friends or clients in these realms to assist them, because you have walked the walk for your own self-healing and shadow work.

  12. Divination. We have an uncanny ability to read the signs and symbols from the divine. You may get premonitions, as if you have an internal crystal ball. You may see or feel outcomes (flash-forwards) sometimes so far ahead that