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777 Waves of Love Activation and 7 Year of the Violet Ray & Angelic Realm

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Happy 2023, a year of transcendence! It's a 7 year in numerology. 7 is a powerful mystical number. A number of spirituality leading to higher wisdom. The Violet Ray is ushering in strongly. This year we are receiving lightcodes assisting us in connecting more deeply to our higher self and the angelic realms.💖

2023 will offer love magic and trancendence through many activations from Gaia, ascended masters and the cosmos! The Light beings are coming closer now. The 13,000 cycle in darkness has turned to 13,000 of light. The lightness in vibration continues and makes it easier for more to receive and rise. The veil is thinning.

With the 7 mystical magical energies, intend to connect! Nature heals, so get out every day. Ground, sit and meditate on the earth. Divine Feminine Women bleed on the earth if this feels right for you. Divine Masuline Men stand strong as foundation, sending your tree roots to Gaia. All Reactions can be amped up right now and overwhelming. Release the need to be right, to react, go inward reflect and connect to heart truth. Synchronicity begins more as you awaken. Tune in to synchronicity and animal guided messages too!

Because we are in the agel of Aquarius, an air sign, we are more tapped into our mental energies. Watch overthinking and worrying as this can lead to mild depression and/or anxiety. Get out and ground that shit. Send it to the Violet Flame!

My word of the year came to me as 'Flow' - Flow like Water. Let’s tap into the soothing waters and cleanse our souls! Register for my new Mystic Soul Cleanse program beginning March 2023! Three powerful classes and priceless upgrades to your energies. My Upcoming Events Page has more offerings coming soon! I will be adding info on my Sedona Spring Equinox Retreat March 17-18, 2023 soon!



777 Waves of Love Activation: As I step through the bright white portal, I am cleansed and purified. I come to a sacred grove with blossoming flowers, tall trees gentle swaying green leaves. A realm of peace and tranquility...flow. The scent of flowers fills me up like spring renewal energy. I take a moment to listen. The birds happily sing their songs while other animal guides play with the faiies. If I look closely, I can see the lightcodes within even the blades of grass. Pure magic is experienced here. I hear the running water nearby. So I meander through the garden grove to the magical waterfall.

You are invited now to journey with me deeper into this realm and this activation. I approach this welcoming waterfall. I feel the invitation and disrobe so I can step in bare and vulnerable, yet free. Just one drop of this water cleanses and heals my body, mind and connecting me deeply with my soul. As I walk in the waters towards the waterfall I begin to feel a bliss within me. Soon I am under the waterfall. The water extract all that no longer serves me, all the ick and lower vibational energies not of my Divine Source creator. It flows down through the water deep into Gaia for transmutation into pure light. As the old eneriges release, new uplifting higher vibrational energies flow in...upgrading me....upgrading you.

Soon we are called deeper beyond the waterfall into the cave that rests behind it. Inside the crystals lining the cave light up as if from the inside. There is a stone table and places for you to sit. A Grandmother Elder comes to greet you. She has been waiting to share her messages and eenrgy with you. She leans in for a hug in greeting. Her energy soothes you just by being around her. She invites you, 'Take a seat, child."

As you both sit, share what you are releeasing and intending for this year. Then it is Grandmother Elders turn to share her messages with you. She lets you know, "All is well and as it should be. You truly are enough as you are. And most importantly, you are needed. Live out loud with your autnentic energy as it IS in every Now moment. Evolve and grow in right divine timing. Take your time and enjoy the roses along the way always." Hear more from your beautiful elder.

Then you stand. She is eady to offer you the 777 Waves of Love Activation. She places her hand over your heart. Opening you up to receie. She calls in new energies. You see a beautiful wave of sparking pink-white diamond lights flowing in curves in the air. It is this field of energy that is our constant. Waving her finger with intention, Grandmother Elder sends that energy powerfully into your heart center. It expands within your heart and around your heard center in all directions...activating...awakening. This expand expand around your entire body, mind and soul.

Your Higher Self appears before you now. You are connected always. Your energy is being prepper to more deeply merge now with your Higher Self and higher vibrational multidimenional beings of light that you are. You each step into each other. You merge with your Higher Self and your I AM presence. Like a star beaming reaching and shooting higher, connecting to the bliss of this 777 year Waves of Love.

We are love. Connect to love, truth, magic. May you feel this activation and open sacred heart even more! If you would like to feel more of this powerful magic join my Mystic Soul Cleanse course beginning March 2023 where we take this activation and many more to a deeper higher level! I can't wait to begin!💖

In Munay,



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