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Afterlife: Michael

This message is of hope and faith in the Afterlife. In times of grieving it’s hard to remember to keep the faith. We grieve…and move on. We carry on. “You can’t do faith halfway” (quote from A Cowgirls Story). The Afterlife is real. Quantum physics has proven to us that energy cannot be destroyed or created. Our soul lives on when our physical body is shed. From beyond the grave the deceased Husband of an old friend of mine came to me today with messages of faith, confirmation and love. This happened to me and is my very own validation into manifesting, energy on the Other Side and the Universe as a whole: Michael died on November 13th 1990. I was devastated. He was that unique person at school that everyone loved. He made the room smile just with his presence. Michael died just 8 days after his 16th birthday. Starting in the year 2000 I started to finally recognize signs from Michael combined with signs for 13’s and didn’t know what the connection was!? I was perplexed except for his Date of Death being on the 13th. Thanksgiving in 2002, a friend gave me a reading (she is very good in her mediumship). She really felt that Michael wanted me to visit his grave when I went to visit my parents in upstate New York on Thanksgiving. I definitely planned on visiting his grave anyway, but for some reason, didn’t get to do it. No time. But I visited again in January 2003 (two months later). I went to Michael’s gravesite at that time. I wanted to buy Michael a mini-guitar to put by his grave, but couldn’t find any small enough, so I ended up buying him a purple guitar pick, one for him and an identical one for me. I pulled up to the front of the cemetery, and as you must know it snows often in upstate New York during the winter. Well, Michael’s area in the cemetery was sectioned off and NOT PLOWED! But I was determined, as I missed visiting him in November (when it hadn’t snowed that much yet, hence the hint from Michael to go then rather than in January). So I climbed over the barrier and trenched through the three feet of snow to his grave. Then came the REAL challenge. Michael has a flat grave on the ground!? Though I knew his stone was between two little trees. There were THREE MORE like that around his grave. So I did what ANY SANE person would do in this situation! I started kicking and digging snow out of the way. I finally got to the THIRD one and there he was. So I dug two areas before I found his. It was important to me to see his grave with his name and the etched in guitar on his stone. Also because I had brought him a purple guitar pick (he loved his guitar) to put by his grave. I dug a little in the frozen ground, placing the guitar pick in as much as I could. Knowing it would eventually be gone, but I kind of felt like I knew he’d grab it for himself. I had a vision while I was there kneeling, almost sitting in the pile of snow behind me, of Michael coming and giving me flowers. ME! And I’m the one visiting HIS grave. teehee! So then I trudged through the snow back to my car. Almost three years after I left that guitar pick in the frozen ground for Michael, I decided to visit my parents in upstate NY again and brought my son with me. This time it was spring-time. As a part of my visit I took both my son and I to visit Michael’s grave. It was nice to visit his grave without trudging through the snow this time. I pulled my car right up next to where his grave is. As my son was preparing to get out I was already walking to his grave and looking down to see his name and date of death. To my complete shock, I not only saw the familiar head stone but also the purple guitar pick I left him almost three years prior!!!!!! I must add here that I did visit his grave after that initial trip and before this one. Nothing was there at those times!! The guitar pick was resting right on the head stone, as if waiting for me. It’s like he held on to it for a while and then gave it to me at a time he felt I needed extra faith. I took the guitar pick with me to prove to others that I now had two instead of one guitar pick. However, I realized I didn’t need to prove anything to anyone. I experienced this myself and I believe. I brought the guitar pick back to Michael’s grave and said thank you! I still have my guitar pick and carry that pick around in my purse! Amazing! Spirit can manifest material possessions as well as signs for us. Michael did just that for me! The magic continues. That *same* year (before meeting my Husband) I was dating someone right around my birthday. A few days before my birthday I received a vision from Michael, where he kneeled down and gave me a ring. I thought how much of a joker he was and appreciated the gesture. I didn’t think much of it till a few days later. On my birthday, my boyfriend gave me a present. He presented me with an Amethyst ring (not a proposal present by the way!). He said he was drawn to this specific ring. As shown here this ring is in that teardrop shape, the same as my purple guitar pick. I’ve never taken that ring off since. Combine the guitar pick, the vision just days before my birthday and the amethyst ring I received on my birthday and I have my beautiful magical proof of the Afterlife. Thank you Michael! To this day I still see signs from Michael letting me know he is still around and always there for me.


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