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Bee's Will

Did You Know…

Bee’s can fly. But what Bee’s don’t know is…they can’t fly.

Or can they? According to scientific research (you may have heard) that, factually, Bee’s should NOT be able to fly. Apparently, their wings are too small for their bodies and make it “impossible” for them to fly. However, since they do NOT “know” they “can’t” fly, they DO. They fly because they have NO limits. (Scientists have now learned there is a curvature in the wings that allows them to actually be aerodynamically fly. However, this is still a beautiful metaphor for our wil!)

Ever been told you can’t do something and try as you might, you realize you can’t. A determined person might prove that person wrong and DO IT. But then you see another person doing the same thing because they were never told they couldn’t do it.

All our lives we are told we can’t do it. But we CAN! Psychics are not unrealistic! What we expand our awareness on is an extra sense, the Sixth Sense (or ESP or psychic abilities, etc.!) that scientists are only now expanding research on.

Apparently, Mediumship abilities come from a certain part of the brain and other abilities another part of the brain and on and on. In either case, I do not know the exact science of the matter, I just KNOW and Believe it exists and it works. It IS real and we CAN do it.

Do NOT Limit yourself. Do NOT NOT NOT listen to others who tell you it’s impossible or who try to limit you even if they don’t know it. It IS possible and you CAN do it. Time, practice and patience is a must. But remember to EXPECT it to happen, because it WILL. Sooner than you think!

One last comment: Thought truly IS thing. If you think it, it will happen. So also, what you fear you will draw near. Do NOT fear. Do NOT limit yourself, because it’s only your that are stopping yourself from great things in your life. Just think positive, see the happy ending and it WILL happen.

You can fly.


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