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See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

Process Challenges but think positive and Don’t Dwell!

I was watching a Charmed episode the other night. It’s one I have seen a few times, but the show still fascinates me. This particular episode was the one with the three monkey’s who had temporarily had some of the Charmed Ones abilities. After ridding the monkey’s of those abilities, Pheobe, (charmed with the ability of premonitions–telling the future) asked the three monkey’s to show Piper and Pru what they thought of evil. One by one each monkey’s hands rose up. One monkey’s hands covered his eyes, the second monkey’s hands covered his ears and the third monkey’s hands covered his mouth.

I’ve heard this saying a hundred times but it just clicked with me on an even higher level. No doubt many others have come to this same epiphany I am about to share with you. The saying “See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil” has been seen with the picture of three monkey’s doing just as they did in the above Charmed episode. This saying has been said to be of people who don’t want to be involved.

“It [the picture of the monkey’s] dates back to at least the 7th century and is part of the teaching of the Vadjra cult that if we do not hear, see or talk evil, we ourselves shall be spared all evil.” ~ Additional information from “How Did It Begin: A fascinating study of the superstitions, customs, and strange habits that influence our daily lives” by R. Brash (Pocket Book, New York, 1969)

In it’s obvious terms, the meaning is of looking the other way and evil will not be in the vicinity of you. This goes beyond turning the other cheek or ignoring something evil that is so blatantly in front of you. The deeper level is that anything negative is evil. So we can transpose these words. I have a strong belief that the more negative you are the more negativity comes your way. Much of my own experiences alone tell me this is true. Vice versa is also true. The more positive you are, the more positive will come your way.

The more you focus on something, the stronger you put out vibrations/energy on whatever it is you are focusing on. So if you are focusing on something negative that happened to you at the start of a day and you keep remembering, picturing and feeling those negative feelings from that one moment or experience in the start of the day, the more you are putting out those vibes/energies to receive MORE of that experience. You are TELLING the Universe to bring you MORE of what you are focusing on!!! And there is no surprise when more negative things occur from this frame of focus.

So let’s say you start your day out awesome, the sun is shining and all goes smoothly on your way in to work. You are focused on remembering that sunrise you were able to enjoy as you rode in to work. To top it all off your favorite song came on the radio–at the beginning no less! More good news comes to you about an issue you had had yesterday, however, it’s been resolved easily–probably without you even having to lift a finger. Your loan goes through, you and your children are at peace and harmony with each other all day, you are in the best, most happiest and peaceful mood you have ever been in. How wonderful are these days!

It seems like you just kept focusing and remembering those happy moments, and it spiraled into more wonderful happy moments filled with miracles throughout your day! These days happen and they can happen everyday. If you believe it! There may be “challenges” along the way. That’s why we’re here. But we must focus on positive outcomes, positive solutions and only positive happenings. Unless, of course, you prefer being miserable.

Sometime these awesome days go by without another thought. We take these wonderful peaceful days for granted as just regular days. Instead we can take these happy positive moments and turn them into more happy positive moments JUST by focusing on them. Feel the gratitude of those days and focus on being happy in the moment and knowing more is coming as you become open to all positive possibilities.

It is said that those who are negative about a challenge have a harder time getting through the challenge and usually end up with more challenges, all while feeling icky during these experiences. You get into a downward spiral that is much harder to get out of. However, the flip side is that if you are feeling positive and uplifted during a challenging experience you are said to make it through this challenge with more ease, effortlessly. Annd you get to feel happy and uplifted during and after that. Not to mention you attract more happy, positive, uplifting experiences thereafter! A win win!

As for me, I prefer my happy, loving, peaceful, harmonious sense of well-being I have most of the time! I strive for all of the time! I don’t watch the news, I avoid negative radio talk and (as much as I can) negative TV shows and movies. A challenge for me has been to rid myself of negative music. The tune may even be pleasant, however, the words or phrases denote something negative happening or about to happen and I don’t want to attract that type of situation to myself, so even though I love the tune, I must turn the station. This is the same for negative people and situations in my life. I steer clear of all negative issues that I can and work through any others with positive focus and positive energy.

I can tell you this, this positive outlook I have now wasn’t always there and because of that, my life wasn’t always as happy as it could have been. Now that I focus on my happy moments, release what needs to be released when there is a need, I receive what I focus on. I choose positive situations in my life. That is my focus.

“See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” takes on new meaning for me as I evolve and I do hope that this brings more clarity and positive happenings for you too!

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