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Divine Cosmic Message: Praying Mantis/ Grasshopper Medicine

Praying Mantis/Grasshopper Medicine

💖Divine Cosmic message💖

Grasshopper/Praying Mantis Medicine: Yesterday morning’s Bell Rock vortex walk led me off the beaten path to another hidden-in-plain-sight magical location.🏜️ The infinity symbol is clear as well as the Eye of Horus, the Yin and Yang, and The Divine feminine and Divine masculine all being revealed. My hands and energy flowing back and forth on this red rock before I noticed the Grasshopper (I thought it was a praying mantis!) revealing itself to me.

Because I thought I saw a Praying Mantis it is divine and I am compelled by spirit to share it’s message too. First Grasshoppers bring good luck, fortune and a leap of faith message. Praying Mantis medicine is one of patience and guidance coming to us now from the cosmos (galactic and celestial beings alike). The angels sing their frequencies transcending all to pure love and light. Gather the messages and lightcodes from these images. Tune in to your unique messages. Listen to the whispers on the wind.

The magic has always been within you. Pick and choose your moment to reveal yourself. Take this time camaflouge yourself as you rest, rejuvenate and integrate 2022’s lessons. Then choose the right moment to reveal your true authentic lightbeing self this 2023 mystical spiritual number 7 year.💜

In Munay,



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