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Dreams have meaning in all of our lives. Whether it’s a symbolic

meaning or literal. Mostly it’s a symbolic release of your

daily/weekly/monthly/yearly life. Not all dreams are just a symbolic

release, the majority of them have actual messages hidden within

for you to interpret. You can learn from these symbolic references

in your dreams. Let’s say you have a dream, and it keeps repeating

itself. Whatever the dream is trying to tell you, you are not listening

to and are continuing to do the same thing or continuing to not do

something. You’re dream is trying to tell you to do something about

it, or not do what you’re doing.

Depending on the circumstances. Once you figure out what it means

and do something about it, it will stop. If not, it can repeat itself for years.

Maybe not every day during those years. But it will keep coming back. Also, keep in mind that certain people will have the same dream (with some shifts and differences) even if you’ve figured out what it meant the first time. It may show up for you for *different* but *like* circumstances, that you will have to deal with in an almost *like* way as you have done before. Every dream has a different meaning for your own individual circumstances. You are your best interpreter in the end. Though others can help you with things you may not be *seeing* and then you can take heed to their advice and decide what it FULLY means to you.

Also, keep in mind that Dreams will even come to us relating to our lives as they are right now. They will give us symbology through things we have recently thought about or watched on TV to help us relate and remember the dream, but we need to look at the actual symbology of the dream.

An example is that I was watching a couple movies about airplanes at high altitudes for some reason. Then last night I dreamt that I was on an airplane that was reaching a high altitude, so high that “they” couldn’t touch me. They represented negativity and by getting higher I was washed of all negativity (and bad things in my life) and then I proceeded to jump from the airplane and go down to earth. So I am inclined to believe that this is telling me to reach my highest vibrational level, and at that “rate” of vibrating the negative forces will not reach me as easily, I will be protected and can be down on earth around negativity and still be protected at that higher vibrational rate. This was an inkling that came to me right after I woke up from the dream. It makes perfect sense too! Also it could be telling me that I *have* reached a good vibrational level with my practices and am, yet again, protected from certain negativities! So get that rate up. And I hope this was a good example of how dreams will try to help you with your current situation by giving you something “they” think you’ll relate to easily.

Make dreams work for you : Before going to sleep at night, think of a question. Something you would like an answer about. Ask God (or your higher power) and your guides to send you a dream answering this question. Ask them to make it 100% clear for you to understand and to help you completely remember upon waking! If you don’t remember the dream(s) when you wake up, keep trying every night with the same question till you remember. Also, in order to remember it will help if you are getting a full nights rest and not broken up or shortened…at least 6-8 hours of sleep is sufficient.

Lucid dreaming : This is where you are consciously awake but still in the dream-like state. You are lucid. Something I’ve noticed with Lucid dreaming is that although you can manipulate your dreams when lucid and do something you probably wouldn’t have while in the dream state, I recommend against this. The dream happens for a reason, from your guides or angels or God wanting to get a message across to you. If you change the course of events, then you will not get the full message intended for you. The advantage of being lucid is that you will definitely remember the dream. Or you can try to talk with your guides during the dream. Experiment. But always keep yourself protecting with white light and remember to say your invocation prior to falling asleep. This protects you throughout the night.

Keep a nice dream journal next to your bed, or run to the computer. When you wake up, don’t go back to sleep. Lay there and ask yourself what you dreamed just now. Once you remember, start writing like mad!

Sweet Dreams! :)


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