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Lighthouse Effect

Shining Our Light

As you raise your vibrations you are like a lighthouse in a fog. As you

come to realize this, you realize that with each level you reach, your

vibration elevates. The brighter your light becomes and the stronger

those of “darkness” can see you and be attracted to your light. Negative

energies and people will try to cling to you.

However, now that you are more aware of your light, with consistent

practice and due diligence for yourself, you will be able to recognize

them as well. It takes time and practice. We are all constantly working

on the goal to rid ourselves of the negative energies and “ego” based thought processes. We strive to release those negative energies and move higher. As you pass the test of letting those of negative/lower vibrations fall away (whether it be people, places, things, situations, etc.), the easier life becomes! The more opportunities of positive, love and light come your way. And the more you take those opportunities and say “yes” to the Universe, the more life will powerfully open up to you. It’s a positive ripple effect.

You will start to notice friends of lower vibrations fall away. If you let them cling to you, they will bring you down and you will have to fight hard to get back “up”. It’s not impossible, but it will make your path harder if you don’t just naturally let those people fall out of your life. These people drag your vibrations to lower levels if you let them with their negative talk and negative sense of being. They can’t help it themselves, as they are not “aware” or “awake”. Some will naturally just let *you* go, but it is also a test for *you* to let them go when the opportunity presents itself. You know that feeling you get from certain people. You dread talking to them or when you do talk with them they act as a Psychic/Energy Vampire and literally suck the life out of you. It’s a subtle but strong negative pull. This causes a negative internal ripple effect on you. And when you are at a higher vibration you will feel this even stronger than when you were lower. The fight gets harder and the pull stronger. You must fight back and strive for positive love and light to come your way.

Negative situations may occur as well and you must be more aware of your surroundings and situations. Take a moment. Truly see it for what it is and not the surface issue(s). Depending on the situation you can ignore it and let it “fall away”. Other situations require you to openly reject the situation in order for you to “rise above”. If you don’t take action against negative energy you risk it affecting you in a horrendous way.

Your light will guide you to where you need to go. You will feel your path naturally. You will flow into the right situations. When you are on the right path, life flows easily. You will know your life’s passion and the Universe will easily take you to it. There will be challenges, but they will be easily seen and conquered. Stay in your light, take positive action, protect yourself from negative energies, be constantly aware and in the NOW and you will thrive.


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