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Live Your Authentic LIfe

Like I said above, what better way to give thanks this Thanksgiving than to live your authentic self and true essence. That which you are is a gift to this world. The gift given to you is the ability to share yourself with everyone you meet.

Living authentically is sometimes very easy and other times a challenge. There is a fine line between telling it how it is and be utterly cruel. There is a kind way to speak your truth when the call to do so occurs. There are times when you should listen to your gut and share your heart felt feelings and there are times when it is best to remain silent. Still. And allow what will be to be. Allow others their experience as you sit blissfully silent in your own unique experience.

Being authentic is becoming aware of your truest self to the core. A natural progression can get you to your true self. My heart tells me what I need to do. I share with you that we must stop listening to what others think about us. Stop only receiving validation from the outside and look within. Every time I look within, I truly feel more validation from Self…mmm… even beyond validation to truth and bliss and surrender. And things I don’t like are there, but I am doing my best to be truthful to that mirror. I know I ignore and resist at times. And as I get these reminders over and over I resist less and less and become more aware, more mindful. Even now I wonder of what you, who are reading this, might think of my inner process and writings. Will it be felt as my truth? It feels like truth at this moment. More surrendering, breathing and being reminds me that it’s all divine. No matter what. And so, I breathe.

It’s time to live in your truth, integrity and bliss. Be your authentic self. Not what anyone else wants you to be. It’s all about your bliss barometer! What makes you feel good is your path to your authentic blissful self. Just because social conditionings have said certain actions or ways of living aren’t “normal” doesn’t mean it’s not a part of YOUR path. You could be one of the few that brings out a better way of living simply by following your bliss barometer. Be open to new possibilities that truly awaken your path to live life to your fullest! Shine your inner light now!

I desire living a life that is spiritual, meaningful, authentic and blissful. One that brings me to the depths of the divine soul itself; a deep spiritual connection. So even in writing my book (that is now in its editing stages) I have been constantly tested to be authentic and truthful in my writing. These articles and the book I am writing are my learning ground. I have caught myself many times writing what I thought people would like to hear rather than writing from MY HEART and MY AUTHENTIC SELF. So I have deleted a lot of text throughout the writing process of my book, simply because I realized it wasn’t me. Being authentic means no more artificial smiles or self-centered purposes. Pay attention to inner qualities. That is being authentic.

Now being authentic will not make everyone happy. Those people are feeling uncomfortable in their own skin watching your authentic self. This is their issue. They will get angry and mean or spiteful. Again, stay within your true divine self. It’s time. You do not need another’s approval in order to follow your dreams and live in your truth.

Likewise, be aware of what is pushing your buttons. As others live their true divine self this holiday season there may be many times where you want to blow a gasget and scream or cry. This is the mirror they are showing you. It’s within you to learn the lessons of another’s Divine expression. Our relatives may get on our last nerve, but sit back in the witness state instead. Ask yourself why. Really ponder and witness. Surrender to the emotion rather than run wild with it or resist it. Allow it to be there so you can find the truth that comes from it.

Living your truth is also allowing you to go deeper within your soul, one beautiful step at a time. Denise Linn says it best here, “I’m examining ways, within myself, to speak straight from the heart as much as possible in every situation (but in a way that is kind). I have found that when I communicate my truth with joy, clarity and focus (and the willingness to allow folks the opportunity to respond in whatever way feels right to them without judging them for their reaction) my relationships flourish.”

Feel the truth of your soul that lies within. Express it as you are called. Share your Divine expression as that is your gift of giving to the world. Give thanks for who *you* are because you *are* a gift. Blessings.

Enjoy, live, laugh and love always!

Blessings to you on your path, ~Maggie, Spiritual Cheerleader


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