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Merry Christmas & Happy All the Things⛄️🎄

May you all hold peace in your heart, joy in your gatherings and love for everyone!🎄💕

We are in a time where many are celebrating family, christmas and a higher consciousness. I wish kindness, compassion and joy to you all during the holidays you celebrate and always.

The message brought to me today by the angels is one of kindness. Show kindness anyway. Kindness is compassion. This same energy of Goddess Kwan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion. We know now that there is much inner suffering by many. We never know fully what someone is going through. Whether they have dealt with challenges in the past, or presently or in the coming kindness anyway.

Compassion is an energy that spreads like wildfire. When we experience it, see it or offer compassion to others our hearts open wide and an activation of this energy ripples out to the world.

The Cancer Full Moon is 12/26/23. We are in the energy of this nurturing, element of water, full moon already. This beautiful energy may drive you to care for and hug all you love even deeper. Tears of grief, love and even joy arise easily. Sending joyful hugs to you all.

p.s. See below for my free Yule Winter Solstic video and take a journey with me.

p.s.s. Also below is a magical Divine Cosmic message: The way of Magic in the Universe and Golden Intentions.

p.s.s.s. I cannot wait to share with you my new BACK TO MY WITCHY, SHAMANIC, GODDESS ROOTS course for 2024! We begin March 1st with my Shakti Energy classes. We will call in magical energy streams for heightened manifestations! These classes will be monthly March-September where you can enjoy one month or all 7 months. Will share more soon...!

Merry Christmas & Holiday Blessings,




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Journey with me as we turn of the wheel of the year where we honor the darkest night of the year and celebrate the coming light!



The way of Magic in the Universe and Golden Intentions: As I reach out to the Universe, I am called to share the magic we hold within the Universe.

We call forth with our intention more of the magic. We are the alchemists in our lives. We work with the energy. We ARE energy. Alchemy is calling in energy. Energy is not good or bad. It just is. You can transmute energy from something negative and make it pure energy or into something new with that as your fuel. 💖 We are the magic within. Crystals and essential oils will help us focus, magnifiy and hone our skills and intentions. But WE...we reach for it. Sometimes it reaches for us with our unconscious desires...those golden cords of unspoken wishes reaching out. But when we do it with intention and focus we truly bring it to us with fierce intensity.

Always complete our intention with a feeling...a knowing...a request that it always be for the highest and best good always. When I make a request to the Universe, it is already embedded in my energetic make-up that it will only be for the highest and best good of all. But I will still say it most of the time. Sometimes I am sending that request out energetically with the feeling of that request always being for the good of all is there always. This is that ***golden intention***! Have true golden intentions.

We are intending for ourselves, but we are all interconnected, so what you wish for is affecting the Galactic Universe's intricate web. The energy is sent out to the energetic field of the Universe and causes ripples! Even the smallest thing causes a ripple in your life and others. Energy moves in circles so it WILL make its way back to you. You will usually receive your intended focus or reach or intention, but in addition you will also receive more energy back in the form of what you intended times three (at least). Having this 'golden' intention will help you let the Universe know you have PURE intentions and only want the good of all. Harm none! Then it won't happen unless it is for the good of all and often the Universe will bring something better or in a form you didn't expect. It's always nice to say "for the highest and best good of all..." and add: " ways that remind me magic & miracles are real. This or even more. This and even better. Amen. A'ho and So It Is! So shall it be. It is done."

Even if you wish for something sooo much...surrender to the highest and best good. Surrender the outcome to the Universe. Know that you are always fully supports and the Universe is reaching for you as you reach for it. What you wish wishing for you.

May you have golden intentions and a beautiful magically powerful day!

Blessed be,


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