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New Version of You

I absolutely love the old theme song (“New Version of You”) for the, now cancelled, show called Felicity. “New version of you” is a song challenging you to find a new version of yourself and be who you truly are within. Felicity was a college student who, moved by something a boy named Ben wrote in her yearbook, changed her college choice and followed Ben across country from California to a college in NY after graduating high school. In return for her behavior she ended up first finding out more about herself rather than a boy she felt compelled to get to know better.

Sometimes signs & synchronicities will come to you through

television and many other avenues. The messages come to you

when you need to hear it most. Peak up and listen. Today while

finishing up getting ready for work, I turned on the TV for a minute

and a rerun of Coach was on. Coach was telling Luther that he was too negative. He had inadvertently, through his own fear of flying, caused their entire football team to miss a game because he refused to fly, forcing the entire team to ride the train. This train ended up getting stuck behind a cow, then further a snow storm stopped them in their tracks. Coach told Luther he needed to change. Luther said, “Okay. Done. I’m changed.” Coach told him that it’s not that easy. He further passionately stated that Luther needed to change his entire lifestyle, his way of living, his way of thinking, his entire way of being, to rid himself of all the negativity he was sinking further into. Luther had been causing a chain reaction of negativity affecting all those around him. A helicopter ended up coming right at that precious life-changing moment and Luther said he would start right now and be the first to be rescued into the helicopter. We see Luther succeed in crushing his fears and rising above his current negative situation literally & symbolically, by making a change for the positive in this gesture. He could have easily stayed in the train till ground crews came in two days…but he rose above. We see this as a visual when he is raised up to the Helicopter. That’s a strong message!

The more positive we are, the higher our vibration becomes. The higher our vibration is, the less negative situations, people, and thoughts affect our being. The less negativity is attracted to us and the less we put out to the Universe that negativity is something we want to attract. There will probably be negativity around; however, you will know NOT to focus on it as you progress.

You will know that even those negative people can’t affect YOU unless you allow them to. You can shoot those negative people a beam of white light, knowing we are all connected. Disconnect from their actions, don’t judge and just know that they are dealing with issues within the level they are in at that very moment in time; just as you are. Don’t let their negative actions affect your future actions in that negative way. Energy comes in waves. You can choose to let their negativity pass you by or you can choose to keep that wave of negativity going. You can see the effect you have on yourself and others when you choose to keep the negativity going. It affects pretty much your whole day (or worse) and spirals out of control affecting all those around you. Vice versa, you can see how good it feels to just let it pass you by. Even surround them with white light, give them a little positive gesture if you can or at least a positive thought. By letting it go and staying in the positive energies, you will then see a chain reaction of positive events take place instead. How wonderful it is to keep yourself in that mode!

Now, I am not discounting certain situations where righteous action is needed. Those situations where the Universe has put someone in your path that you need to stand your ground with. In some cases you are to teach them something, as they teach you; even if it’s only on the subliminal energy transference levels. In those situations, you do still need to be aware of going into the “negative” zone. Say your peace in all the positivity that you can muster. With time it gets easier. However, stick to your goals in having the highest and best, good for all as the outcome. See only positive solutions occurring and you attract that positive solution to you.

I choose waves of positive energy rather than the opposite. Start a new wave today. See something wonderful and smile, smile to another or pay someone a compliment, help others where you can, feel the positive energy wave flow out to others and by seeing others sore, you rise up.

Negativity can stop you in your tracks, if you let it. It’s a pile of quick sand that if you don’t rise above, you could sink to the bottom. Someone recently told me that the only way to get out of quicksand was to lift your feet up out of the quick sand in order to float. I challenge you to see that new version of you , lift your feet up and rise above those negative thoughts, actions, situations and people!


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