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Past Lives/Other Lives & Reincarnation


For me past lives and the thought of reincarnation all started out

wrong for me. The idea never sat right with me. I had been told by

some that you would die and automatically move into another

body/life, that you didn’t keep your personality and that there

was no “Heaven”. That’s what I was told, so I automatically

just *didn’t* believe in reincarnation for a short time.

What I used to believed was only going to Heaven once you left your

physical body. But now, my views are much more thought out and

truly feel right to me. I believe that many of us do have numerous

lives (if we choose to do so). And that there is a Heaven or higher

dimension. I believe we come here to learn through

negativity/challenges to Perfect our souls, as well as to experience

the Divine as the divine itself. We are the Divine/God/Goddess/Creator.

I believe we do go to “Heaven” in between lives to review our current life and decide for ourselves how we did and if we learned what we wanted to learn by incarnating and then decide if we want to incarnate again. I believe that NO ONE will judge us but ourselves. We are just here to learn, just like being in school. But I also believe that eventually each Soul won’t need this “school” anymore and we will live and evolve on the “Other Side”.

We are on the road to this path right now! The EVENT is YOU! It's happening within each of us! We are multdimensional beings and as we raise our vibration we merge all of our other selves within us and become our one truest I AM presence that we are. I AM.

That is a short version of what I think on this subject. And just so I have my basis covered, I reserve the right to change my beliefs as I evolve! I know that all possibilities are true and you just never know till we “get there”.

During past life regressions we usually tap in our “own” past lives. I quote “own” because we are truly all connected and all one. Someone else’s experience effects ours in the wonderful ripples of life and energy. When we regress we may tap into someone else’s life entirely, but what shows up is the message we needed to see and experience in that very moment in time to work through our current issues. All is perfect.

I’m also am trying to wrap my brain around the thoughts of Parallel lives. Our past lives are actually…parallel lives. A multiverse of Universe’s exist all together. All of our lives being lived out at the same time in different realities!! It’s still processing for me and I may never know for sure until I cross over or raise my vibration high enough to comprehend! What’s your take!? Fill out my Contact form and let me know! I feel that in addition to all lives being lived out at the same time, we are also living in Multi-verse’s. Realities that we choose in EVERY moment of every day and that moves us from Multi-verse to Multi-verse. The many options we lead as we directly our lives consciously or unconsciously. The best movie that closely relates is “Next” with Nicolas Cage. Excellent for trying to comprehend the almost incomprehensible.

Tip in reaching Past/Other Lives for Learning by Michael

First go to your basic psychic level. This is the state of mind when you count down from 3 to 1. This is the alpha state we reach in meditation. So meditate for at least 3-5 minutes prior to starting the exercise. A good visual is : the stair-case exercise. The deeper the steps you take, the deeper the relaxation level you reach. Then do visualize below:

Visualize standing on a white sandy beach facing a deep blue ocean.

Look to your right,see the end of the beach clouded with fog. know that this leads into the future and you can not yet see it. Look to your left and and the beach clouded with fog. Know that this leads to your last and that you can not see yet beyond the fog.

Start walking to your left into the fog. Once inside feel the fog around you. Know that you are on your way to the past. Tell yourself mentally that you are going to count down from 10 to 1. As you count, the fog around you will lift and when you reach 1 you will be in a past life.

Start counting down and see the fog around you lift. When you reach 1 if you do not see anything at first just keep looking. The only way I have found that you don`t see anything is if you are not good at visualizing.

—– Notes —– When you visualize your past life you will see it just like in a movie. You will see,feel,know,ect. everything that you are going in your past life. You WILL NOT physically feel anything however. It`s just like in a movie where you know how the actor is feeling. Also,you will know what time it is (such as date,day,month,year,all that stuff.) When you are done with everything just think of the ocean again and open your eyes. I do this but you don`t have to. If you see things that you may find hard to handle just think of the beach again and walk into the fog all over. But tell yourself to visualize something happy…like a past life wedding or whatever.

Blessed Be! Michael *aPerfectCircle*


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