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Patterns & Forgiveness

Excerpt from Divine Embrace by Maggie Anderson

When a person comes to you for a healing repetitively for the same

thing, there are things we must make our client aware of. There are

patterns in our lives, and ways of living that must be healed, changed

or transmuted into a higher way of being. If these patterns or way of

being are not changed after a healing session the same issue that

manifested physically will manifest physically again and again. This

issue will keep getting worse until the issues in our lives are looked

at and dealt with. If we ignore these issues, eventually our body will

take on the energy of the issues physically. Our bodies do not lie.

Akira Dawn, encapsulates this idea with the following, “Thinking the

same stuff over and over becomes background music we barely notice

while we go about our daily lives. This is how it appears that the past keeps repeating itself – because we keep unconsciously repeating it ourselves, in our minds. This is also how health and dis-ease are created in the body – by running our energy in the same patterns over and over. When you have a thought, you have an emotion, and emotion is the sensation of energy in motion. Energy in motion in your body. Your body, in other words, responds to your thoughts, too! And over time, it is shaped by them. The wonderful thing about all of this is…habits don’t have any power of their own. They’re just unconscious tendencies, made stronger through repetition over a period of time. We have the ability to change them, once we become aware of what’s going on. We are the ones with all the power.”

Sometimes a client may come to you for healing, when all they really need is to be heard. In this time of being heard the person can heal and awaken. As Denise Linn reminds us and I firmly believe: “Your Soul Knows the Truth”. So listen to your Clients and take them to where they need to go. During a healing session the highest transformational portion of the healing may be that they are being heard and profound, positive, lasting, healing effects occur. When a person can make peace with a person or situation, they will no longer be doomed to repeat the pattern over and over again until they transcend it. Instead this person is given the opportunity to make peace with it, learn from it and move on to a higher level of experience. While in your healing space this person has such an opportunity.

Unforgiveness is detrimental to our health. So as healers, we must stress the importance of forgiveness, allowing and releasing to your clients (and ourselves). In order to heal those of us needing to forgive must look at what is the stressful situation or person. Whether we need to talk to them or not, this is an internal process. So do what you need to do in this physical reality by setting your boundaries and having a conversation with those you need to forgive if you feel it is warranted and necessary for your growth. But also and most importantly work on the forgiveness from within at the soul level.

A forgiveness exercise we can do: We can do forgiveness exercises ourselves or with our client. In meditation we will talk with the person we need to forgive. Or we can lead our client into this journey meditation as well and watch as healing magically occurs. Take a moment to ground and center yourself and/or your client. Breathe deep breaths. Close your eyes and begin the journey. Imagine the person you (or your client) needs to forgive is standing in front of you. Know that both parties are now in a safe sacred space together. You or the client will spill your guts to the person’s Higher Self (the person we are wanting to forgive). Let it all out. Then let their Higher Self talk to us too. Then, in this higher dimension, we both talk; allowing a time for letting it all to come out. Then release it. Embrace the Higher Self of the other person, if you’ve come this far in the meditation. As you finish the meditation be sure to surround you or your client and the Higher Self of the other person with Divine white light. Ask ArchAngel Michael to sever ALL negative cords and attachment from you and this person now, transmuting into pure Divine white light.

Whether we (or our client) forgive this person or not, we can forgive the situation. Forgiveness is more for us than the other person. It is healing; however, no matter the situation, to forgive the person within us is powerful and healing. As we do this we have let go of cords and future experiences that will repeat this pattern in our lives till we really get it. So we forgive and allow the time to heal and release this from the depths of our soul. This can happen in an instant or over a period of years. Each person and situation is unique. Be gentle with yourself. Know that you are doing a beautiful job living this life you are living. Love yourself. Your client may need to do this more than once as well and it is strongly recommended for clients to do this on their own as well and to truly take their time.

During a radio show my Husband and I hosted (called All We Are Radio at Akira Dawn from Spirit Space ( reminded me of forgiveness by way of changing your past. We are *not* tied to our past. We CAN change it to be as we desired or “needed” it to be in order to forgive but more than that to forget and transmute this process into powerful healing. This is done simply through going back to that memory or memories and changing them to be as you desired.

For example, let’s say you had an unpleasant memory with a parent when you were a child. They were emotionally unavailable to you in every way. They provided for you the physical means to live but there was no love felt from them. You can go back to that time in your life, back when you had moments of need for such love and emotional caring. If need be, express what you needed from them back then in your imagination to them now. Talk to them. Then simply see the parent doing exactly what you desired them to do back then. See them rushing to your aid and giving you a giant hug of compassion filled with love for you. Feel the energy. Let the emotions wash out of you. Cry in their arms of love and know that this truly is happening on a new level. Release.

As this occurs a divine healing is happening within you and negative cords are being transmuting from you to the parent and a new path is engrained in you to move forth in your life NOW. You have paved a new life for yourself that starts with forgiveness and unconditional love.

~ Excerpt from Divine Embrace by Maggie Anderson


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