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Pleiadeans & the Pleiadean Lineup

The Pleiadeans connect with us in the present moment to assist us with the wisdom of our past and show us who they are, as US, in the future. They come to help us in present time to align with the higher frequencies now and move forward with our ascension and the ascension of the Earth. As we connect our heartbeat to Earth’s heartbeat we rise together. As we connect above to the Great Central Sun’s Light, we align heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul…we rise. The Pleiadian Alignment occurs when the Earth and the Sun are in perfect alignment with the Pleiades. This alignment occurs twice a year: on May 15 – May 23 and again on November 15-23. This is a time of activation, walk-in and/or walk-in activity and awakening (especially for those deeply connected to the Pleiades and their mission.) Lavandar of is the first person to discover the alignment and the Starseed markings. The May Alignment is when the Pleiades is conjunct with the Sun. ​ May 17-May 23 Pleiadian Alignment

The November Alignment occurs when the Pleiades is opposite the Sun. November 17-23 Pleiadian Alignment

How to Utilize the Pleiadian Energies During the Pleiadian Alignment During the Pleiadian Alignment, the Pleiadian energies are felt very strongly on Earth as they are compounded with the energies of the Sun. During this time, we are literally inundated with Pleiadian energy. Pleiadian starseeds may enjoy spiritual downloads, upgrades and other forms of communication with the Pleiades at this time. You can also enjoy my Pleiadian Lineup Activation during these powerful days in May and November.

The Pleiadian Alignment in May is analogous to the New Moon. Set your intentions during this time for powerful Pleiadean energetic assistance in manifesting your desires. During the direct or conjunct Pleiadian alignment that occurs in May, starseeds that wish to receive these Pleiadian energies are recommended to meditate outside with the Sun beating down on their Crown or Third Eye Chakras. Starseeds may also charge water, crystals and other items in the sunlight to charge these objects with Pleiadian energy. Look for the following Pleiadian starseed alignments in your birth chart:

  • 24–29 Degrees Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn

  • 0-3 Degrees Gemini, Aquarius and Leo

These alignments indicate previous Pleiadian incarnations but also well integrated Pleiadian karma. Pleiadian starseeds with well integrated karma will especially benefit during this time if they are wishing to connect with the Pleiades. The Pleiadian Alignment from November 15-23 is analogous to the Full Moon. Try using this alignment to manifest your Pleiadean intentions that were set in May. If you are utilizing the Pleiadean Alignment in November, a night time meditation is suggested so that you are under the starlight of the Pleiades. At this time in November, the Pleiades is visible pretty much all night in the northern hemisphere! To find the Pleiades at night in the northern hemisphere look to the southeastern horizon shortly after dusk. The Pleiades will rise on the southeastern horizon and move westward across the sky all night then, setting before dawn. Depending on your latitude, the Pleiades may rise to the highest point in the sky.

Source: WikiHow You can find the Pleiades by first locating Orion’s belt and then Aldebaran, draw an imaginary line from the two and continue it beyond Aldebaran until you come to a cluster of stars – that’s the Pleiades. Pleiadian starseeds with poorly integrated Pleiadian karma will have the following starseed alignments in their birth chart:

  • 24-29 Degrees Scorpio, Aquarius and Leo

  • 0-3 Degrees Sagitarrius

Pleiadian starseeds with these alignments will especially benefit during the November Pleiadian Alignment. Any difficult Pleiadian karma will be a lot easier to integrate at this time. Pleiadian Starseeds: Common Traits Pleiadian starseeds are people that have had a previous incarnation in the Pleiades before incarnating on Earth. Although Pleiadian starseeds are not all the same, they do have some common qualities. The following are the traits of starseeds from the Pleiades and the traits of Pleiadians themselves. Pleiadian Physical Appearance The Pleiadians are from the planets associated with the stars in the Pleiadian star complex located near the constellation Taurus. Pleiadians may exist in several dimensions including 3D through to 9D. Pleiadians tend to be very slim, tall and look very Nordic with light hair and light skin. They have defined cheekbones and jawlines. While Pleiadians may typically have light skin, many people (myself included) have had contact with dark skinned Pleiadians that seems to be the result of living on a planet with high UV. When beings are actually incarnated into the Pleiadian star system they may look Nordic but once we incarnate onto Earth – we incarnate into Earth bodies which are much more varied in appearance. Hence, Pleiadean starseeds here on Earth do not have to look completely like a typical ‘Pleiadean’. However, starseeds will have some physical traits typical of Pleiadeans, like strong jawlines, blonde hair, hooded eyelids, high cheekbones and long, willowy limbs. Pleiadeans are also androgenous although the sexes are differentiable. Pleiadian Starseeds on Earth The Pleiades lacks duality in that everything is viewed as a spectrum instead of two (or more) separate states. This lack of dichotomy results in a more balanced perspective where reality is viewed through the lens of unity. This is why Pleiadians have chosen to help humans in their spiritual evolution as a species at this current time. Pleiadians will help humanity to view reality through a lens of unity – i.e. they will view dichotomies as spectrums. We can already see this happening in our current society as we begin to view gender as a spectrum. Pleiadians have mastered the art of living with a balanced heart chakra; a heart chakra that has both feminine and masculine energy flowing equally through it. Most humans today are operating from their lower three chakras and have yet to operate from a completely open, balanced heart chakra. The Pleiadian Mission Pleiadeans have agreed to assist with human spiritual evolution through operating as spirit guides and as starseeds. Pleiadean spirit guides are here to connect with humans and aid them into living with an open heart chakra. They operate primarily through spiritual connections with humans. Pleiadian starseeds operate primarily through physical connections with humans. Pleiadian starseeds agreed to incarnate into the bodies of humans, so that when they remember who they are and remember their gifts they are able to connect with humans and share their knowledge. Pleiadian Starseeds tend to have the following traits:

  • feel like the ‘black sheep’ in their family

  • drawn to the night sky, astronomy and aliens

  • they don’t understand social hierarchy

  • tend to have lower blood pressure, lower body temperature

  • drawn to the paranormal and metaphysics

  • highly sensitive, intuitive and empathic

  • creative, active imaginations

  • feel like they have a mission on Earth, to help humanity wake up and contribute to the collective consciousness ascension

  • interested in humanitarian efforts

  • challenge social norms

  • may have food sensitivities

  • nurturing and may have healing abilities

  • mystical and nature-loving

  • love to share love – sometimes too much – trying to please everyone

  • they are usually an energy vampire’s favorite dish

  • they can be very emotional – often resenting how easily they can tear up

  • people subconsciously enjoy their presence because they give their energy easily to others

  • they may be born into families that are suffering intergenerational trauma/abuse/addiction in order to integrate the family karma and break the cycle

  • they are likely to make great parents

Pleiadians tend to embody the frequency of energy that is associated with the heart chakra. Pleiadians are concerned with unconditional love, nurturing and unity. They are currently helping humanity learn to embody the heart energy. Pleiadians have a strong relationship with sex and sensuality. Sacred sex is the physical manifestation of love and when sacred sex is used to express unconditional love – it becomes a very powerful tool for energy work. Pleiadian Starseeds and Pleiadian Energy Integration Pleiadian starseeds are born with varying degrees of integrated Pleiadian energy. Pleiadian starseeds with a lot of well integrated Pleiadian energy will be born with innate Pleiadian abilities that do not diminish as they approach adulthood. They will not need to work at learning how to unconditionally love or how to unconditionally BE loved. They will be able to always keep their energies strong and replenished regardless of the situation. These people are RARE! Most Pleiadian starseeds are born with at least some degree of poorly integrated Pleiadian energy that needs to be integrated consciously as we mature. Pleiadian starseeds are often awakened in order to begin this integration process through spiritual development. Traits of Pleiadian Starseeds with Well Integrated Pleiadian Energy When a Pleiadian starseed has worked on their spiritual growth to the point where their Pleiadian energies are well integrated, they will find that they are able follow their inner compass to find their life’s purpose. They will be able to love someone unconditionally, meaning that they will no longer withdraw their love because that person upsets them. When someone upsets a Pleiadian starseed with well integrated energies, they will feel that negative emotion but still be able to express that emotion in a loving, balanced way. They will no longer feel jealousy because they have learned how to truly and unconditionally love themselves. They will know they are enough even if they are rejected. Pleiadian starseeds with well integrated Pleiadian energy will make excellent parents, as they will be able to continuously give their own energy to their child until they have taught that child to replenish his or her own energy. Traits of Pleiadian Starseeds with Poorly Integrated Pleiadian Energy Pleiadians with poorly integrated Pleiadian energy will feel depleted or energy deficient most of the time. They will withdraw their love from someone when that person upsets them and they will think that’s normal. They will also be easily upset when someone else judges them harshly. They will have poor emotional boundaries and not know how to stop giving their energy away. They may also suffer from anxiety as they tend to operate from fear when not operating from love. They will get jealous because they haven’t learned how to love themselves unconditionally. An easy way to test if your Pleiadean sexual energies are fully, well integrated or if they need a little bit more work is to examine your orgasm. When you are approaching orgasm are you breathing deeply, in and out or are you tensed and holding your breath? If you are inhaling deeply (and pulling the sexual energy inward) and exhaling (releasing the energy) as you approach orgasm – you are likely to have well integrated Pleiadean energy. If you are tensed up and holding your breath as you approach orgasm, try breathing deeply and rhythmically as you approach orgasm. If you are unable to do it, you may need to release trauma to integrate the Pleiadean energies. References: and PLEIADIAN DIVINE COSMIC MESSAGE Channeled by Maggie Anderson of Pleiadian Star Lightcodes. While working on my heart chakra (during my Kwan Yin Magnified Healing process) a female Pleiadian Angel of all white appears before me. We have our Earth Angels here that appear differently and magically loving I their own right. And the Pleiadian have angels as well! She is there with me in the room I am in. She is a being of pure white light and only her beautiful eyes are defined. Energy of white light is all around her. There is a deep unconditional love connection. I look deeper and see just behind the Pleiadian Angel is another sacred geometric star shape more expansive than yesterday’s. A new lightcode! White starlight arms flow out on all sides and directions and dimensions and all have sacred geometry within them too. This one holds deep unconditional love from the Pleiadians and many activation lightcodes. Synchronistically, on the same day of my connection, I came upon this visual by Lightstar that is so very close to what I saw and has the same exact meanings! It is a Pleiadian Angel. Another marker on my path of confirmation in connection. I feel my third eye penetrated and this continues a good while after this meditation. I am guided to take this sacred star into my heart center and fill myself up with sacred lightcodes of healing, third eye awakening and heart center opening. You are invited to do the same now as well. May you feel the third eye and heart opening connection from this pure loving angel! Connect to the lightcodes of the sacred star she provides us. Love and Sparkles of Light, Maggie PLEIADIAN DIVINE COSMIC MESSAGE Channeled by Maggie Anderson of Pleiadian Lineup and undercurrents of energy. We are in the vastness of this beautiful astrological event that brings deeper connections to the loving Pleiadians. If you are a starseed you may feel this event most deeply. But even those that are not, we are still all connected and all one collective living in the love of this vast Universe. Be present. Be still. Breathe in and ask to feel the Divine Love of Source. Ask to feel the Divine love of Great Spirit Ask to see yourself through the eyes of God/Goddess/Great Spirit/Universe. You may begin to feel the gratitude and love for every cell of your being. Align deeper with that energy. And you may also connect with starbeings, angels and other lightbeings of this vast multiverse! The Universe is love at its very core. The more you choose to align with that, the deeper and easier the connections are made and the more you attract energies and experiences of this same feeling. This is not new information for many of us, but it is necessary to be re-reminded and be diligently steadfast with your thoughts, words, deeds and actions. What you feel at your very core is a signal of coded frequency that goes out to the Universe to attract those like feelings, thoughts, words and actions. They are felt. Send that which you truly would like to align with out to the Universe by writing it down, speaking it out loud, thinking it and most importantly feeling it. You emotions and energy and how you feel is how you send your frequencies out there. The minute you feel off track with your intention and what you desire on that upward track to ascension, upliftment, awakening and harmony, then you need to get yourself back on track. Align yourself with your goals, intentions, harmony and peace once again. We’re human and life happens, but then you get back on track again….and then you get off track and you get back on track…you get the idea. Every time you do it, eventually you’ll start to notice you can get yourself back on track faster and with more ease. Life will start to send you those miracles, messages and synchronicities that tell you you’re on the right path and how to keep going on the right path and what’s the next step for you. Then you’ll have life challenges that occur because that’s life. Then you will face them and how you fact them, your response, is a part of the energetic work here. Part of that work is seeing when and how you are responding to something. For example, if you respond with humor to uplift a situation that’s great, but if your humor is actually a way of repressing and a way of not feeling what’s coming up, then that’s not okay. Humor is great because that brings the joy vibration and opens you up to love. But if that humor is actually stuffing something down, you’re create dis-ease in your body and in your awareness and in your reality. You need to uplift and allow yourself to feel the emotions as you feel them. Yes, you might walk around like Fred Flintstone and grumble and growl because we’re human. We do that. And it’s a way of releasing instead of repressing. Then after you get it out of your system, you walk away from that person or situation so that you’re not taking it out on them. You come at the situation, you release it in a healthy way so that you’re expressing what you’re feeling in a way that addresses the issue to bring harmony to the situation rather than repressing and spewing negativity without no real resolution. Something the resolution IS the sharing as long as its in a healthy way. That’s what you have to be aware of. Yes, share. But if you are wallowing or in anger and you, “I’m sharing. This is me being angry.”…That’s okay but if you continue to be angry, there’s no resolution from that. You have to be willing to look deeper. You don’t want it to turn into psychic vamping/draining someone’s energy because you’re venting. There is balance there. The other person on the receiving end does have to take responsibility for their own energy as well and not allow someone to overstep their energetic boundaries. There is an energetic current that is always felt in a conversation and even when there is no conversation. It’s an underlying current that’s always there. It’s always a response energetically. It happens and you feel it. You send a response energetically. Often subconsciously till you become even more heightened aware and in tune with your energy and the energy around you. You become aware of the energy and how you are responding to it at that energetic level. You become aware of how you can response energetically to something with harmony and peace. How do you response energetically. Find those subtle nuances, the energetic current before you communicate verbally so you can handle it on an energetically level. Often we don’t need to handle issues at a 3D level. We can handle them in the higher vibrations. We can work with the energies and essences of those people or situations that are happening. We don’t need to always express it in the 3D world but rather in the higher vibrational world. We can have those conversations and then we can listen to what the feedback is and bring it to a higher level and listen to our guides, angels, archangels, starbeings and higher beings of light. However it comes through to you, we listen. We really truly listen. After we’ve vented everything in the spiritual realm then we listen and hear the messages. The soft messages…the subtle energetic messages back. Or just the cleansing and clearing effect of what you’ve done by sharing and getting it off your chest. Suddenly, there is an energetic shift that occurs because you did it in the 4th dimension, 5th dimension and higher dimensional realities where you can handle things energetically. You handle things vibrationally in those spiritual realms and dimensions and then it ripples itself back to the 3D realm. You start to see the shift in those circumstances coming to harmony. You begin to see those shifts in those people coming to harmony without you having to have a physical conversation with them. Sometimes a 3D conversation or action will be needed for boundary purposes or communication purposes and for whatever you need to do in this 3D reality. There could be the need to have that conversation sometimes first and sometimes after you’ve done your energetic deep dive work within. You’re going to become more and more aware of your energetic current and the energies around you as well as your response to that. It’s constantly happening so much more than we can possibly know or comprehend. Now is the time when we’re in heightened awareness of bring through those currents to our awareness so much so that we can handle things in a moment and it’s a quantum leap of energy where the issue is healed/transformed/transmuted. Your divine awareness, that connection, tells you when you need to handle it in a 3D way with conversation and action steps you may need to take. Do your best with your work. It all ties back with your energy. Things will happen as a ripple effect. How you feel inside, come back to your energy and constantly be that pillar of light as often as you can and bring yourself into harmony and balance with your surroundings. Find your center. In your center is where you see the Sacred, hear the Invisible and know the Divine always. Love and Sparkles of Light, Maggie PLEIADIAN DIVINE COSMIC MESSAGE Channeled by Maggie Anderson of Sirians, Pleiadians, Artcurians, Lyrans, Avians, Andromedans, Higher Councils and Emissaries of light all come in for this journey. As I usually do when beginning my channeling I call in all the Guardians, Gatekeepers and ArchAngels of the four cardinal directions to sacredly hold the energetic space clockwise beginning in the East, then South, West and North. This time as I called them in so many more showed themselves to me. As I mentioned most prominently the Sirians, Pleiadians, Artcurians, Lyrans, Avians, Andromedans, Higher Councils and Emissaries of light all come in to their appropriate directions. The direction of East is where the cosmic beings of light come most strongly to me now. The direction of East is new beginnings! They are all here. They are here in all directions! ‘We are here’ as they always say. They call to me now. To us all now. One beautiful Pleiadian with long blonde hair lays out a diamond white sparkling light path. The invitation obvious. I begin to walk across this path that is like a bridge. As I walk my body becomes the sparkling light color of the path and it rises up through my feet and higher it goes, up through my legs, thighs, hips and entire core area, through my heart center and down my arms, up through my throat this bright sparkling diamond energy flows through my throat and head and my entire body…I am infused with this diamond white light. I am sparkling. I am this diamond white light…encompassing my body in love and light. I am connected to the web of light and oneness. They are paving the pathway out for us. We must step in and forward. We have a choice. We have free will. The path to true divine light is occurring now. Higher layers of 5D and higher is made available to us now. We are receiving the energy, lightcodes and invitation in higher Divine dimensional ways of being. As you step across this sparkling Diamond pathway you release old paradigms, beliefs and projections. You release old lower vibrational cords, vows and promises. You release it all! Things are brewing beneath the surface. Energy is flowing in at a much higher deeper rate! I am shown this visual of a pillar of light flowing like a magnanimous waterfall to us all now! Open your heart and your arms and receive. It’s the most amazing energy that you, too, can experience as you choose to awaken. You will see the choice to release old programs, beliefs, people, patterns and energies that are not serving your highest good anymore. What do you choose? And we move in to the new lighter path of higher being. I am stardust. You are stardust. The Earth is holding more of the light with sustainability now more than ever. We are holding more of that same light more now! Love and Sparkles of Light, Maggie CYT, RMT, IET-MI, Munay-Ki Mentor, CSC PLEIADIAN DIVINE COSMIC MESSAGE Channeled by Maggie Anderson of Pleiadian cosmic consciousness activation/attunement. A masculine Pleiadian guide approaches. He fills me up with so much Divine love, a love without end. So much love. Pleiadian Guide: I am having to reserve the amount of love I emit at this time. Me: why? Pleiadian Guide: Because I am aware that you’re human self is driving right now. Me: Good point. With tears in my eyes and so much energy I open my palms to receive and send. It’s so overwhelmingly beautiful. The Pleiadians come to connect us to unconditional love. They are of the heart and high heart connections. (I am no longer physically driving, btw.) Where are we going, I ask. He tells me, “To a sacred place where we dwell.” As we enter this sacred dwelling it is filled with light. Much light. He tells me my eyes can’t see all the unique colors yet. He tells me we have joined our spiritual forces together for a common goal in assisting humanity and Earth in rising to 5D and higher. The many dragonfly’s today remind me to share that we are starbeings! We will transcend duality! It is only a matter of time. It is choice but it is happening. There is much work being done behind the scenes in my energy body and resonance. More surprises and gifts await. This is also true for those reading at this time. As you read you are being activated and attuned. We are coming to many more of you. Just the mere connection to us is an attunement to these higher energies. You are ascending. The eye contact is lovingly intoxicating. The connection we make palm to palm is energizing. As we hug, we also (as is happening more and more with my guides) touch forehead to forehead for a divine transference of energy and opening of crown chakra and third eye. We are complete at this time. We will continue the attuning process over time. He gives me a gift. A green light. Like a firefly floating nearby. I saw this same green light as I was falling asleep last night. This green light is magical. He taps my third eye. Never lose the wonder of it all. Magic exists. It is real. Keep reaching for it. As you choose to see you will experience miraculous magic. Before I leave I as him, “What shall I call you?” He says much like my name is close to the word “Magic”, his name is close to Miracles. I may call him, Miracose. I feel he simply just picked this name and didn’t really need a name. But it is an interesting and fun interaction. This is an activation to the stars, the star beings and a re-remembrance of what we truly are as we rise up. Each of the 13 Emissaries of Light I connect with are of different origins of the cosmos. Each connection is an activation to these higher frequencies. I am attuning with all guides and starbeings of light and sharing that with others. Blessed be, Maggie


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