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Shadow Work Middle Earth Vortex Activation


Shadow Work Middle Earth Vortex Activation Shadow Work Middle Earth Vortex: I begin my journey walking with my black panther guide down the twisting and winding caverns towards Middle Earth. I am holding a torch. The torch lights my path. They tell me I am the igniter. The holder of space. The creator of magic. I use the torch to ignite and call in the gatekeepers of the horizontal force (the four elements & directions) and vertical force (lower, middle and upper worlds). I stand before a large bonfire and enjoy it’s warmth. I walk into the center of the fire fully in my power. I see fire in the form of a butterfly. Transformation is ahead. My vortex spins around my body from head to toe spinning like a tornado and begins to activate transmutation. First in the form of the brown Earth turning all limitations, limiting beliefs and truly all my own self-created obstacles into fertilizer. Then it becomes a spinning vortex of water purifying, cleansing and releasing all pent up emotions. Soon the fire comes strong and beautiful! Transmutation as it burns clean all that no longer services me. I bask here a while as this is the element I need the most in this Now moment. Then pure spinning air moves faster and faster blowing away all that no longer serves me, leaving a clean aura. Finally pure divine white light spins faster and faster, speeding up to almost the speed of light transmuting all to Divine light. We can use this vortex when facing our shadow and needing cleansing from challenges arising. We can use it to fuel our energy. I meet my tribe elder and we greet in our sacred way with forehead to forehead transmission. His electric blue third eye meeting mine. He is my guide and partner in this work. As you journey what guide comes to greet you? We must do this inner shadow work. We all do. Even if the ‘wa-waaaah’ booms in your head. Take a deep breath and take a moment to dive in. We begin as stardust…light, we continue as light bearing witness, and we end as light. Though there is no end; only expansion. As you read and take this journey, what element(s) calls to you today? Indulge as long as needed in that element to balance your energies. Bring up the stuff that comes to you to be transmuted and align with the element that felt the strongest to you during the Shadow work element vortex. As I step out of the fire, I begin a short journey deeper into Middle Earth. I continue to light the way with my torch. I have a key with me. Using my key, I open the soul retrieval portal and release pieces of my soul fragments that have been lost. As I retrieve these pieces and integrate them into my being I unleash my true power. At this time I encourage each of you to see your souls bits and pieces that have fragmented away. What do you feel? What memories come up around what are you retrieving? What gifts have you buried from this experience that you can now shine the light on and utilize for your own growth and gifts of service to the world? Allow for this softening to occur. Journal if you can for deep introspection. Then integrate the soul pieces for a more whole and complete you. As I emerge from Middle Earth, I am in a field of angels. The sun is beaming down on my now. Surrounded by the angels powerful healing energy. I see my lightbeing self in the bright light of the sun. I see through all cells and all light. I see my lightbody self as cells, light meridians and energy constantly moving and flowing. I am white light and light lavender within. Amazing! A new version of me revealed! May you integrate the magic within you and continue revealing your true lightbeing self.


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