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Synchronicity & Coincidences

Have you ever heard or saw something over and over again? Please note that my book, Divine Embrace, explains in more detail Synchronicites as it’s such a huge sign/symptom of our Awakening and the Ascension process! Even in deciding to do a page on this subject, I kept having “coincidences” happen that told me this is something I had to write. This can help others in their choices on their path. I was meditating one night and received this thought on doing a page dedicated to Synchronicities and Coincidences. I hope that this page will help others to listen and follow the Synchronicities and Coincidences that happen in their life to stay on the right path. In my belief system, I know there are no such things as coincidences. They are there for a reason, so they do exist *and* have a purpose. Have you ever seen something so often that it turned out to mean something personally to you? But you didn’t realize it at first and ignored it. Then realized that you saw these things for a reason. OR have you decided to do something and then saw it everywhere. Like if you wanted to go on a trip to Canada, but were deciding on maybe not even going at all. Then everywhere you look you start seeing Canada everywhere. This sounds like the coincidences are telling you to go. It can get more in depth than this, but this is a simple example. (Anyone reading this who’s going to Canada, lol, now THAT would be a coincidence! E-mail me! I’d love to hear your story!) Now, I’ve seen those pages that talk about number coincidences. You know like seeing 11:11 and any other numbers. This is something harder to decipher. I know the number I see often is 13. Everywhere and anywhere. All day long, many times a day. That’s something that is personal to me in my life, as well as a numerology synchronicity. 11:11’s I have heard are the Angel’s letting you know they are watching. I’ve heard that this also happens more and more to those that are “waking up” or becoming more aware spiritually. There is a movie called “Serendipity” that is fantastic to watch! It’s a great movie and one of my favorites. It’s also ALL about synchronicities and “coincidences”. The star is supposed to get married to someone but keeps thinking about and seeing his prior love’s name every where. You guessed it! Synchronicities and the Law of Attraction are tricky things to diagnose. Sometimes we receive messages in the form of synchronicities when we’ve put out to the Universe what we want to receive or manifest. My very first set of synchronicities that I actually started to notice were of the name “Michael” and the number “13”. It wasn’t just three times, it happened over and over again for weeks and to this day I still get them. It’s been over a decade since those started. I’m sure that these (most of the time) happen because of a friend of mine named “Michael” who died on the 13th of November in 1990. He was the beginning to my awakening from living an unconscious life (for the most part). Seeing those synchronicities helped me in ways I can’t even begin to comprehend. I know that just by having them occur it helped me question God more closely. The Universe and what it does “to” us and “for” us. So suffice it to say Synchronicities are fantastic subtle openers for our awakening and ascension process. So pivotal to help us question our Truest Selves and our existence as well as listening more closely to the mystery. How much of a pull do WE have and does the Universe have? It’s a question to ask. I feel much is our creation and since we have angelic helpers and spirit guides that assist us I believe they also have a hand in our creation at times to at least gently GUIDE us on our path. They know better than us what we set out to do in this life for our blueprint in life. God/Universe knows what we are meant to do better than we can, since we are blocked from this memory ourselves. The memory block is something we can work on. It’s our choice as we want to primarily seek out our connection to the Universe again and I feel one of the MANY reasons for these signs is to do just that. Synchronicities and signs cause us to question and to BE IN THE MYSTERY of the Universe. It tells us there is unlimited potential, power and answers to our question that can be created in an instant. The vastness of the Universe just cannot be comprehended by our minds as they are in this 3D dimension. The more we meditate and conscious choose to be awake and follow our intuition and guidance the closer we become to our true Divine Connection. Sign and synchronicities are also a GINORMOUS sign for awakening within. They come up if you are about to or have already had a Kundalini spike that will lead you on a path to new heights. These signs DO come up when we wish them to via the Law of Attraction. What we focus upon expands. Where your attention goes energy flows. And then there are times these signs are coming even without us realizing we are attracting them by our thoughts or even when we are not attracting them. When this happens I ask that if these truly mean something and I am meant to take some sort of action to please send it in three’s.

I also know that ALL of the answers are held within us. Answers to everything we could possibly question can be answered by us within us. We just have to focus, research if we are called, listen to our intuition and feel the answers when they come up. Another thing I know is that sometimes when I try to gain an answer to something that I just don’t know or have doubts about and am totally blocked, a part of me DOES know the answer. Sometimes it helps to get an outside person to interpret and maybe come up with opinions and ideas and other times it totally clouds my vision and makes my decision more confusing to make. I then have to wipe the slate clean, remind myself that I always knew the answer (and I mean always) and go forth. If there is ever any confusion I know it is a sign to me that I must not do what I am pondering, but wait. Wait to see if it feels right later. Wait to see if nothing happens and suddenly I would know that I was never meant to do what I was pondering. Or the huge pull from within my gut basically drags me to do what I was putting off, calling it confusion but really it was procrastination.

There’s no right answer. Each of us are so totally unique so I could only give my opinion. But the answer, true is, within you. Perhaps we receive signs & synchronicities because we are being called to question whatever it is because we are diving further into your spiritual roots and this is leading us there. Perhaps there is still more to learn from this person, situation or relationship. Or perhaps we need to be reminded that Fear is not a basis for any decision. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.

We may be reminded again that there is no need to rush. Life is happening only for the pure joy of it. We are here for our pure joyful experience. There is no other reason. Only our mind playing tricks on us. So perhaps the reminder is do what feels most joyful, living life in the flow of it and loving when you can. And I am a FIRM believe that everything happens for a reason. EVERYTHING. Everything that has happened, or will happen or is happening is happening as it should and there is nothing else that would have happened as that was what was meant to be. And a part of this paradox is we are creating it! What you do is go with your gut, your intuition, instincts. If you feel you should follow, don’t ignore it. As you follow your intuitions, surprises abound. And a lot of surprises you didn’t even expect to occur. Sometimes some that might seem not-so-great at first, however, days, months or years down the line you will says “wow, I’m so glad that happened because of where I am today!” You’ll be in a much better place if you follow your truest intuitions and higher self. Do not ignore your intuitions because you think something didn’t work and fall into that frame of mind again where everything is hogwash. You may not even know it yet that you really have followed the right path. Seemingly negative things will happen on the right path. These things happen to help you learn and grow spiritually. Do not get discouraged. Things will work out in the end. Stay with your instincts, go with those synchronicities and coincidences! I believe coincidences happen for a reason. They have a purpose that we need to sit up and listen to. And then take action. Once you become aware of sychronicities in your life, pay attention and follow where they lead you. The more open you are, the more aware you become and the more easily you will see the signs that the Universe has always provided us and more! If I am here for your path, then you may also be here for mine as well. Basically, as in with ALL encounters no matter how small, they are planned to keep us on track. (I believe!) And possibly your guide may add a few more encounters, if the ones you have planned didn’t or do not work out as best as you had planned. So you planned to read this website page and come out of it with a new grasp on what’s been going on in your life and to possibly stay on or change your life’s path! Before you came into this life you decided you may need a small intervention or reminder to stay on the path you want to be on. If this Site helps you in any way, I am happy to oblige! We all planned things with each other before hand, to help each other with our paths, whether it’s a brief encounter or a long lasting friendship or more! I am happy to help you and I’m sure you would be happy to help me! I hope the information I have included on this website has helped and will continue to help you in the future!


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