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Test the Universe

The Universe will give you signs that you are on the right track. I.E. Deja Vu, Coincidences, etc. You can also put the energy out there to the Universe. Use your energy to have the Universe show you proof that It truly is working for you. As I’ve said and I will repeat here: If you can think it, it will happen. This is true. So it’s easy to say, think positive! Be positive and that positive wave will come back to you! The Universe seems to react in waves. You do something negative, it comes back eventually to even the score, so to speak. What you do will come back to you. You do something positive; this will come back to you. Now Test the Universe!

You can test it and it will answer! As I have read in other books and really loved their example, try it with a Flower. I chose purple because I love the color purple. So I asked the Universe to bring me a Purple Flower (with my mind, but feel free to do it out loud if that helps you, it also adds to the energy). Now this could show up in MANY forms. Not just an actual flower, but maybe you see a picture of one, or maybe you hear a reference to it in a story, as was the case with me. I asked and then a few days later I came back into work, checked my hotmail account. I’m on a psychic/paranormal e-group and a member posted that she just recently added a story to her ghost story page on her website, she told us all to check it out and that it had to do with a flower. So of course I had to go look and see if it was my purple flower. As I read the story it did in fact mention a purple flower, purple being the favorite color of the person who sent the flowers to the narrator of the story. So there was my request from the Universe, my purple flower.

Of course I wasn’t happy with only a REFERENCE to a purple flower. So I put that thought out there again (this time with more detail) and asked for a REAL Purple flower. I must have put this thought out there too many times! I was upset the week after this and my sister came home with an arrangement of many different kinds of purple flowers for me! During this week, my niece also brought in hand-picked purple flowers.

Now it’s your turn! See what turns up.

If you put the energy out there for something and do not fear against the thought (thereby putting thought into it NOT happening), this *will* happen. You have to think it, and then KNOW it and it WILL happen. Again, it’s always debatable if what happens from your thought is only happening because it was meant to happen. Although I do believe everything happens for a reason. It’s possible that you were meant to find the Universe and know this knowledge of energy and thereby making things happen for you for the better. Try not to over-think it!


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