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Have you ever had one of those days where you swear you did everything the same as your routine you’ve created for many prior days, only for something to shift and make you say “I could have sworn…” Today, prior to starting off on my regular walk in the middle of my workday, I had a mini-crisis. I couldn’t find my cell phone.

I looked high and low in my cubicle at work, in my purse and bag.

Checked, double-checked and re-checked. My routine has been that my cell phone stays in my purse until I walk up the three flights of stairs to my cubicle at work. From there I proceed in taking my cell phone out of my purse (since it causes it to bulge) and take my purse downstairs to the cafeteria, buy whatever I may want to buy, grab my two waters and head back upstairs and start working. It’s been my routine for at least 4 months now (since I got the cell phone).

Today, something shifted. When I got in to work I usually beat a bunch of my co-workers that go down together to the cafeteria, so I don’t go down with them. However, today small group gathered early, so put my stuff down quickly and followed them down with my trusty purse in hand. Did my normal routine of getting a piece of candy (usually a tootsie roll or something: my one cheat during work hours – notice I said during work hours! haha) and my two waters and walked back upstairs with my co-workers.

At around 11a.m., the time I tend to do my first walk of the day, I got my badge and reached in my trusty drawer for my trusty cell phone and it wasn’t there. Huh? As you know, I searched and searched. I told my co-worker, who saw me frantically on my knees searching drawers and bags, that I could have sworn I took it out of my purse prior to walking downstairs with them to the cafeteria. It was hardly to be questioned, as this was my routine. I decided to go on my walk without my cell phone and asked the Universe to present it back to me by the time I got back from my walk. I walked down the stairs and just before I opened the door to step outside to another beautiful day, I remembered the first shift in my day.

This morning I had my cell phone in my purse, as usual. But for some reason got a feeling that I should take it out of my purse and put it in my cup holder because someone might call and I would hear it better (since I like my music a bit loud sometimes). This was odd because I never receive calls that early in the morning. Maybe a rare call from my sister and that’s about it. So I do as I have felt and put it in my cup holder.

I remembered that my phone was safe and sound and in my car. However, I was not about to run back upstairs and get my car keys to make sure and to also have the phone with me on my walk. So I decided I would do that on my way back in to the office.

From there I had to wonder what the significance of this particular incident meant and I remembered my thoughts from my walk just the day before. I was walking on the beautiful secluded paths outside of my office building with my trusty cell phone in hand and thinking about something I had said to someone about carrying my cell phone on my walks. I had said that I carry it with me “just in case”. A-ha! Right there! Just in case? What’s that MEAN!? Just in case! I realized that this very thought was going against everything I believe.

I feel that we put thoughts and energies out to the Universe and receive back what we think, feel, desire and feel we deserve to receive. It’s been a challenge to UNthink a lot of conditioned beliefs and (surprisingly) thoughts that have been so subtly planted in our brains that these thoughts have become common things we just “say” in passing, that actually deter us from receiving our positive abundance.

I have been going through the process of UNconditioning these types of negative thoughts and connotations for some time now. I watch what I say and think and send more positive energy to counteract anything I realize was one of these conditioned thoughts.

This saying is something I have realized I have been saying “in passing” for some time now and is completely socially accepted as okay to say. The implications of just saying this phrase, “Just in case” doesn’t imply good events, although it leaves open a number of possibilities none are positive. It only holds negative connotations. Just in case what exactly? I refuse to even suggest any examples. We do NOT want our minds going there!

This epiphany went through my head the day before and I just passed them off, continued on my way with my walk. Now today the Universe has intervened to tell me I was on the right track with my train of thought. This course of events I now know happened for a reason. So that I would realize that this “Just in case” is another thought process to UNcondition now. I don’t need my cell phone on my walks for “just in case”; maybe if I want to make a call, or check my messages, but not for any other reason.

Have you ever noticed repeating something to your child or someone you know that was said to you when you were a child. These phrases only making sense to you because they were said to you, but when you think about them, they leave you and your child with negative connotation. You do not want to pass on to your children or anyone for that matter, what was passed on to you, no matter how socially acceptable it is.

I am continuously becoming more and more aware of these seemingly minor, but huge subliminal messages we send ourselves and releasing them. I realized this particular phrase and need to start practicing taking action with my beliefs with more vigor. This phrase only goes to show that I still have work to do but that’s why we’re all here!

So I am going forth with practicing what I preach – taking action – talking the talk, walking the walk. Are there anymore cliché’s I can come up with for this one? I must not only be conscious of what’s coming in to my consciousness, but also what is coming out. So I may have stopped watching the news (etc.), but I still have to recognize that there are conditioned thoughts and phrases that require my conscious UNconditioning and actions in order to release them once and for all.

These conditioned thoughts need not hinder us anymore. Realize them and counteract them with a positive thought and/or action. Eventually they work themselves out of your brain forever! Keep the positive wave going.

I went for a second walk today…and I didn’t take my cell phone.


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