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White Raven: Trust in Magic


White Raven: Trust in Magic I begin my journey with my 17 Merkaba Breathing. Soon I find myself walking on a dirt path sprinkled with autumn leaves. The time when the veil is thinnest I feel a sacred serenity overcome me here. This in-between place gives me pause. I am simply blissfully being. I breathe full and deep the crisp autumn air as colorful leaves continue to gently fall around me.

I enjoy the air so much I call more air to me. The wind flows around me like a vortex purifying my aura with its magic. I feel the air magic and call more into my being. I realize I can call in the energy of all the elements. I call in Earth, then transmutational Fire and finally the cleansing healing water energy. I feel the essence of it more than I experience it physically. Each element holding power for our Spirit. I look up and see the sparkling stars and beautiful midnight blue sky. A gust of wind brings all the leaves dancing in my vision. When they clear there is an enchanted tree. A portal to Middle Earth. I step inside the tree and a bright white vertical spinning vortex of light flows around me. Spinning faster and faster, it is my travel companion and divine protector. We travel through the layers of earth, rock, soil and all the crystalline layers and caverns to the very center of Earth connecting to the 5D crystal core of Earth. My Tribe Elder of other lives I have lived in Middle Earth comes once again, with his electric blue tipped staff. As always his third eye glows the same radiant electric blue. We connect in sacred greeting forehead-to-forehead. Soon we travel upward together within my vortex of light through all the layers of Earth and out of Earth’s atmosphere higher and higher. Beyond Earth’s moon we travel the Galaxy. We make our way to the 7 Sisters, the 7 stars of the Pleiades. Under the bright glow of Alcyone my Tribe Elder looks at me. I transform into a white being with bright blue eyes, white hair and a staff with a blue stone similar to his own. I wear a white feathered robe. He affectionally calls me his White Raven. I realize this is another life I lived with my Tribe Elder. He is now more my guide forever connected. Ravens are often depicted as extremely clever and resourceful animals; always messengers. One legend talks of how ravens were once white and helped humans (and the earth) get fire before they were turned black by the flames. The magic of the White Raven is to trust in magic! And trust in YOUR magic! Know that even when in solitude the Universe speaks to us. Sending us messages in divine synchronicity and more! Listen the hidden messages and they become louder. It becomes so obvious that we are more than just our muggle 3D selves and always have been. We are light beings. Trust in your light! Ask for messages when you are in doubt and they WILL come to you. If you believe you will receive. Here in my White Raven self an energy comes. We enter a beautiful temple within Alcyone. Bright white light fills every corner. Then a blue sphere of light surrounds us in this Alcyone temple. It brings us an upgrade of energy. Infusing every cell of our bodies and every part of our soul. It leaves no dark places. All is light. Embrace the two halves of your whole being in this reality and know that as they magically merge…fully surrenderedd to…you become what are truly are…ALL Light. May you feel the lightbeing you truly are and embrace the magic all around you! It is revealing itself more and more every day!

Image credit: Tammy Wampler


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