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2022 Word of the Year


Every year we have the opportunity to begin anew; to refresh and rise! Some years I send the Universe a word for the year that I’d like to energetically connect deeply with. A few years ago it was “healing” on all levels. I dove more deeply with focused intention on healing holistically. I experienced so much healing as I thrived in new ways with the many Rituals, Munay-Ki rites I offer, attunements, singing bowls journeys, crystals, essential oils and so much more. I found that sacredness within and around me.

This year my new word is MUNAY. Munay is Love. This is a 6 year. 6 is Love in numerology. Venus rules this year. She is love and beauty and denotes how we express beauty in the world. We are coming into harmony and alignment with ascension this year! We are rising. Munay to me is the ultimate Love and Light. Love is everything. As we drop into our heart center we open our sacred heart. We are all truly One in Love and Light.

As I connect more deeply to Sacred Love with my Mystic Soul Priestessing course beginning January 11, 2022, maybe you too would like the Munay-Ki Rites, Goddess Activations and Sacred Priestessing teachings that will assist us tuning in to Love and our Sacred Ascension process. We will meet Live on Zoom and all classes are recorded! When you register, remember to use my 13% off code: GODDESS13

Please enjoy this month's free Sound Journey and Oracle Energy Reading videos! I have Healing and Channeled reading sessions available in-person and remote (zoom, phone or email)! Book today! I also offer Sedona Vortex Excursions on the magical red rocks! Please enjoy my Divine Cosmic Message 13 Spheres of Priestessing!

Don't forget to join us in Hawaii for our Kauai Spiritual Retreat January 16-22, 2022! Registration is still open! We are almost sold out!

From my Heart to yours, Namaste.



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