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777 Galactic Heart Center Portal Activation | July Newsletter


Happy Summer!! In July we have the FULL MOON in Capricorn TODAY giving us energies or achieving our goals and making manifest our desires. On July 7th we have a powerful 777 portal that will activate us into new frequencies and assist in in magnifying our true soul self! The connection to the Galactic Heart center is made easier to connect with. During this similar powerful PORTAL ACTIVATION on 7/7/2007 I was connected to this intense beautiful BLISS! The mere touch of my skin caused this intense orgasmic bliss. I didn’t even know it was coming (at the time). I looked this up a day later that confirmed this connection. It was confirmation for me to have not known this ahead of time. Beautiful!

As I’ve recently shared on my Maggie’s Bliss FB page, the Collective Oracle reading, aproaching the Summer Solstice in June I could feel the energies beginning to finally lift…from the Pleiadian Lineup in May actually. And from Summer Solstice forward (including the intense Schumann Resonance occurring at that time!) a veil has been lifted. The energies have been pretty intense the past several months. I don’t know if you noticed but it was a subtle melancholy that tried to take ahold of many of us. The seductive darkness really wanted to take us down. Or rather, it was rising through us transmuters to go the Divine Light. When we take the time to step out of ourselves and really look from a neutral place, we will see it for what it is. We will find that energy that is always there helping us and do the inner work to rise above.

It’s at these time that we tap into our toolbox of magical gifts!! All that we have accumulated till now! We use these tools and uplift our own energy! In the end no one will save us but US!

The message they strongly share with me is: ‘Hold true to you!’ Be your authentic self always. If you find that the spark of inspiration is not quite there for you seek it out in the ways you know bring that magic back into your life. Is it breathwork, meditation, walking out in nature or the powerful magic of music and sound frequencies! Is it gathering in a group of like-minded people to enjoy that upliftment and support. Is it traveling to new powerful locations that activate new energies within you. Is this cozying up with loved ones that fuels & renews your energy for inspiration into the next days/weeks/months, etc. Find that beautiful newness and enthusiasm for life! Share what is YOU always. That is what the world needs!

This month we connect with Mary Magdelene Divine Feminine energies on July 22! This is a poweful day. And just after this the 888 Lions Gate begings on July 26th hitting it's peak on August 8th. This is ushering in healing energies to tape into! As I connected to Lions Gate this year I see vibrant green orb energy of healing. These energies are ushering in manifestation in healing physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally…whichever you need and all of the above. Lions Gate brings manifestation at his highest level!!

To tune into all these energies please see below your channeled Divine Cosmic Message Activation!

Remember, when you sign up for one of my Vortex tours, we will be modifying the hours we meet for July-September due to the heat. We will meet at sunrise or 7am and/or Sunset.

In Munay,




777 Galactic Heart Center Portal Activation

The Summer solstice sunlight though the 777 Portal in July brings in the 777 Galactic Heart Center Portal Activation. The light is ushering in. From the sky I see it blanketing us. Light and light codes flow in as well as the scent of flowers, the sound of healing uplifting music frequency and vibrations! It’s at the ready and it’s coming for us all. Magical. Surrender and open your heart and soul. Arms wide and receive.

Take a moment now and see yourself in your most favorite nature setting with the sun shining brightly on you. As you gaze at the sun, Purple light beings appear to offer you their high frequency activation. Breathe. They ask you to hold out your hands. As they take your hands they lead you further into the light. Raising you up. The light is so bright yet soft and soothing. Sacred geometry (the flower of life and more) flows all around you. Lightcodes take form as light around you and within you. High vibration connections and Heart connections occur. The lightcodes focus on your Crown and Third Eye chakras now activating, opening more. Breathe in all the energy. Eradicating old stagnant energy. These activations upgrade your DNA and Crystalline light body. As you gaze at your hands and arms you will see little diamonds glistening in the sun as you raise your vibration. Stay as long as is needed.

Soon a deep purple energy and Magenta energy together flow in now from the sun to you with magical intensity. Energy rushes to you in your NOW moment. Calm energies…Soak it up…Enjoy this summer energy…Breathe in peace, bliss and inspiration…breathe out peace, bliss and inspiration.💜

When you are ready come back to the present moment taking with you these healing upgrades. Forever changed and uplifted. Transformations are head in the days and weeks to come.

p.s. You may receive this activation by reading this and also by listening to my recording: 777 Galactic Heart Center Portal Activation!

In gratitude, Maggie


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