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Awareness Beneath the Awareness

Message from Angels of Ascension

I see a bright light.. I see a bright light. So bright. It shines outward like a star in an “x” formation. An Angel comes through this light. Beautiful white…she is playing a musical horn of some sort, creating magical sound. And soon more angels come out. Like a soul group and/or soul group of angels. Angels were born. I am in an Angelic realm. I am given an angelic realm glimpse. I am connecting to Self here. Angels play a big role in our ascension.

ArchAngel Michael is here. He gives me a hug and I lean back into him. He supports me and said, ‘See I told you, you’re an angel.’ He keeps trying to tell me that. I don’t completely feel worthy of that. How could I possibly be…I’m so human in this 3D realm, with all of its challenges and imperfections. I have been given the ability to channel that energy for other people and channel that energy through me, but I didn’t feel worthy of me saying I AM that. Even though I know in order to channel it, there must be an angelic frequency within. I logically see it but have to believe it more and embody that knowing more.

Listen to the awareness beneath the awareness. That is truth. This is your light. Your love. There is an energy exchange that occurs often beneath our conscious awareness. As we tune in and become more connected to our true inner light we can feel the authentic energetic exchange in every moment. We can choose to work and BE at that level; revealing our light and become more of the lightbeing we truly already are.

I believe we are all Angels in training. Ascending. I believe there are Angels who stay as Angels as their chosen path. And there are those souls that come to the angelic frequency by ascending to that realm. Again those souls that came in as Angels into this 3D reality, come in to uplift their frequency and vibration to assist in the ascension of Gaia and other souls. There are many human angels.

We are asked now: Can you see beneath the surface? Beneath the façade of unworthy excuses. Can you find authentic self-worth, self-acceptance…self-love? Look in the mirror and take a moment to gaze at your beautiful self. Truly and deeply loving the Self within. See the light within you….always there and always untouched by the outer world. Place your hands to your heart and feel your loving self. See yourself being held by angels. Because you are. And you are love.

May you know and see the love and light that you are truly are.

Blessings, Maggie

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