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Feng'g and Shui'g

Feng Shui…and the Bagua Feng Shui your home, your office, and even your body! Feng Shui is multi-dimensional! Also, just like gravity, you don’t have to believe in Feng Shui for it to work! Everything is energy. Our intentions will assist energy to flow. Feng Shui is about getting energy flowing to areas that are stagnant or not portraying our highest goals of love and light. But once you do, you start with intention and the chi is emanated even greater. You harmonize with your environment and create wonderful flows of energy/chi in your life. As well as having the right Feng Shui, it is important that you have the right temperature in your rooms, so make sure you have top-quality home Heating & Air Conditioning. Feng Shui (pronounced: “F-ung Sh-w-aa) can be integrated into your life seamlessly and does not have to cost a pretty penny. A little bit of research and easy fixes commence. “Feng Shui is ancient Chinese philosophy based on the premise that your space reflects your life. If your home or office is efficient, decluttered and atheistically pleasing to your eye, you’ll find your life reflects takes on these attributes as well. You could even hire office plants from phs greenleaf to add some oxygen and nature into the room. On the other hand, if your space is out of control, your life will no doubt reflect chaos.” For the purposes of this article, I am using mostly tips I have received from the Black Hat type of Feng Shui. Although I can’t guarantee that all the tips came from there. I’m still learning! (There is also the Tradition Feng Shui that came before the modified Feng Shui called Black Sect or Black Hat Feng Shui.) Note that I am not a full Feng Shui Specialist and I am simply being drawn to pass along advice that has come my way. This will come as somewhat unfinished depending on your needs as an individual. So I strongly suggest contacting a Specialist in Feng Shui and/or reviewing websites I list below to find out more! There are two school’s of Feng Shui, Compass or Black Sect/Hat. In its simplest difference, each will designate which way your are placing the Bagua Map (either utilize a Feng Shui Compass or from the direction of the front of your home). I lightly practice Black Hat by utilizing your front door to designate where the Bagua Map will be placed. You may choose to resonate in a way that works best for you. Listen to your intuition. Feng Shui supports change. There is common sense that comes in here. If you have normal household fix-it items that need tending to, don’t delay! Call whomever you need to call and get it done. Outside of this is where you can really apply the principals of Feng Shui in your life. “The Chinese have a poetic yet literal way of looking at issues. If you want to call something or someone into your life, use a bell or a chime. If you want to stop money from running out the front door, put an empty basket inside the door to catch the flow of wealth before it leaves your house. If you want some project or relationship to blossom, place a healthy, lush plant in the appropriate area to represent growth and vitality.” ~ Carol Hyder, Feng Shui Expert In Feng Shui, there is what is called a Bagua. (Diagram above.) “The bagua is a mental tool or map that is used to determine the placement of nine life issues as they are represented in your space. When the bagua is appropriately placed over a space and enhanced, your life can manifest good fortune. This map can be placed over the main floor of a building or a home, an individual room, or even a desk top. The orientation is determined by the position of the entry door, the architecturally intended front door—-one which you may not use all the time. The front of your home will always be in Knowledge, Career, and Helpful People…” to read the short description in full of how the bagua needs to be applied to your home, office or life, please click on this link: How to Use the Feng Shui Bagua Map. I plan to focus the rest of this article on tips and tricks, but feel this article is EXTREMELY handy to you in utilizing Feng Shui properly and so easily! Consider this article a prerequisite, if you will. To start your Feng Shui experience, I was given a great starter tip. Throw away one thing from EVERY room in your home that you absolutely do NOT love. The energy will be renewed and refreshed. In this way, all changes you make to your home refreshes the home, makes it new and improved! With that, you, too, are refreshed and renewed! It livens up your energy and not only makes room for something new in your home, but something new in your life! Change commences is such wonderful ways! Also, make sure it is clean. For some great cleaning products check out this site. For those places in your home that you just cannot follow what is on the Feng Shui “To-do list”, there are fixes or rather “Cures” that you can use to create harmony in those spots. Like placing a Cure in areas where there are angles facing in to your home, such as a Plant. Hanging bells and chimes in other areas of the home that require assistance. These fixes do not necessarily have to be out in the open. Some fixes can be hidden, like having an appropriately strategically placed mirror in a closet to keep out certain energies or bring in something, or placing a business card behind a photo, etc. I remember story I read of a construction crew needing to incorporate a fix to ward off energy from a building that has an unhealthy angle aimed right at the structure they were building. They put a large mirror strategically inside the foundation, the walls of the building and build around this spot. From that point, there were no issues due to this other buildings angle placement. Woohoo! We can get a bit creative with what we do to make things work when we can’t move something. “Mirrors, fountains, chimes, crystals, and aquariums all redirect the flow of chi, while also attracting luck, abundance, and peace. ” ~ Daily OM Some Cures you may use:

Crystals – Lead crystals increase the balance of yang (the masculine energy of heat, life, summer, day, sun and fire) energy resulting in greater energy flow and life force. has this to say, “Clear natural Quartz is a very powerful for the dispelling of negative energy in your environment. This very special Crystal receives and activates as it amplifies and transmits energy and it a very good thought provoker as a friend to meditation inspiring communication with your inner self. The Natural Quartz Crystals are a must to have in any Home or Office if you spend a lot of time using a Computer or Watching the Television as you could be harming yourselves and your children. The radiation from these items could be sending negative energies out and as a result a person could have many headaches, aching eyes, insomnia, or irritable moods. This Natural Quartz Crystal is elongated with a point and could help to stop you receiving negative energy. When you have cleansed these beautiful points and position them between you and the Screens you could soon start to feel the benefit of the healing energies. If you want to get rid of the pain and have a good nights sleep in you would be wise to give these Natural Crystal Points a try.”

Red String – RED is a great Chi…ENERGY…enhancer. So when hanging Feng Shui items, such as Crystals , with a red string you are enhancing the energy of that area.

Bells or Chimes – Wind Chimes are a common Feng Shui cure to enhance your life.

Water Fountain or an aquarium – The fountains’ gently flowing waters provide a calming effect as they soothe nerves and restore body, mind, and spirit. Fountains offer the added benefit of covering up distracting ambient noises, helping raise alertness and focus.

Mirrors – Ba-Gua or octagon-shaped mirrors are used to protect a home, dispel negative energy and ward off difficult neighbors. The bagua mirror is the ultimate Feng Shui device to create good fortune and to protect against bad energy.

Plants – Plants breathe new life where it energy is stagnant.

Sculptures – Sculptures absorb negativity.

Colors – Color holds unique frequencies. You imbue the vibrtation of that color or colors you choose and it uplift the space at the same time. You may choose to utilize color aligned with the bagua map or simply what your intuition guides you to work with. "Adding warm colors such as pinks and reds to the living room can be curative even when noother changes are feasible.” – Daily OM

When I decided to move one beautiful photo I love of my husband and I in Arizona to the bedroom rather than in the entry way and replaced that area with a Mirror and two Chinese symbol’s (one meaning Prosperity and one meaning Happiness) because this area is the Career section of our home, I was amazed with the extra business that flowed in from this simple easy change! When I swept and moved around my baby’s room, that is in the Wealth section of the home, I continue to be amazed at the wonderful opportunities that come in for more wealth in our lives! Some changes can be a challenge. For instance, our son’s room is in the Family section of the Bagua. My son tends to be a pack-rat and cleaning his room is a weekly challenge. We try our best to keep up and keep that section of the home clean, clear and refreshed. The more work we put into it, the more we can see better results (if even only subtle) in the harmony of our family life. Not to mention the additional affects on our boys for having less clutter and chaos in their room and THEIR lives! This is tremendous for each of them have their own challenges, as do all children in keeping up with daily life and integrating with the family. Our stairway is in the center of the house in the front. This is the Career section of the Bagua. This requires a Cure because this denotes of energy moving up or down. It’s a lot of activity for any section of the home/bagua. We would like our Career to remain stable and on upward! Since we are not going to move the staircase, we will hang bells or chimes as one Cure.

Some tips I would like to pass on that I have found very helpful Feng Shui:

Anything broken, either needs fixing or to be thrown out. A broken knickknack, unless easily fixable should be thrown away. Trust that the energy has been released and the Universe will revive your life with something new and improved.

Partnership area and also your bedroom. In your bedroom, if you have a partner you will want to have things in pairs. Two photos on either side of the bed, two lamps, nightstand, etc. Two plants are wonderful as long as in good healthy condition. After three days you may replace with new ones. This room is for your partnership. Nothing outside of this should be in here. No family photos, no pictures of the kids. This takes away from the one private sector of the household that emanates the two of you and your sacred union together. Your time in the bedroom will also feel much more harmonious and alluring. For the partnership area in the overall layout of your home, be sure that there is a photo of the two of you or even a statue of a beautiful creature or artwork.

Angles in your home that are facing INWARD need a Feng Shui fix. Place a plant, crystal or fountain here for diverting the energy back outside rather than dragging that energy in through those unhealthy points in your home.

Water that leaves through plumbing is not the same as a water fountain or an aquarium, which re-circulates in that same area. Remember this if you are in need of a fountain in your bathroom as a Cure.

In the bedroom, try not to have any electrical equipment. That means alarm clocks and TVs too. If you must, have a battery operated alarm clock and cover your TV with a blanket or place that TV inside a shelf that has doors to close out that energy while sleeping. You will sleep MUCH better. This also includes Gym equipment. If you must, try to hide this by placing a door separator around it… Exposed ceiling beams are a problem if a person works or sleeps under them. Their downward pressure can contribute to health problems. Hide these with a blanket or Cure.

This time of year, Poinsetta’s are an awesome addition to enhance your business prospects. Or if you are in Real Estate place them outside the home in gold or red tinfoiled wrapper.

Never block windows, doorways or closets. Closets and drawers – If they are cluttered, then there is a part of your life that is cluttered. Check the bagua and see how it matches. Get organized and throw away anything you haven’t touched in at least six months! Ceilings and Floors should be level and flat or energy disturbance or chaos will occur.

My favorite! Use COLOR to add new vibrant and/or peaceful energy. Say you use Green, this is the wood element and If you have a carpet that is gray (the metal element) you may want to change it to a sage Green (the natural wood element). Overall colors that bring life to your senses will bring life to your home and your being. Use your intuition or consult with a Feng Shui expert for more!

Command position. “ONE of the most important Feng Shui guidelines is to place your bed and office desk in what is called the “Command Position.” In this position, you face the door from the far side of the room but are not directly in front of the door; usually the part of the room diagonally farthest from the entry offers the best Command Position..” ~

If you have no choice on where the furniture is positioned there is a cure you can use. Place a mirror in front of where you sit at your office desk. This way even if your back is facing the exit/entry way, you are will “aware and in position and not being bombarded with energy that you are unaware of. (If that makes sense.) Same cure for the bed, placing the mirror in a strategic position. And from and excellent article from “Don’t face away from the door if you run a business from your home. Business will symbolically come to you through the door, thus make sure not to turn your back on opportunity.”

Feng Shui can be overwhelming if you take it all on too much, too fast. There is soo much more to Feng Shui than what tips I have come across and included here in this article. And so much more that I wanted to include but just do not have the room!

However, it’s so simple at the same time. Start slow, go with one room at a time and use your intuition. What you can do is think on something in your life that you would like to improve upon. Find where it will fall in your bagua, then go to work on the Cures and treatments you will need to make for that particular room(s) in your home or office. Also, consult a Feng Shui expert for a more in-depth evaluation on your home or office! Denise Linn, who I admire and revere as an expert in energy and Soul Coaching®, is also famous for her Interior Alignment® system that utilizes Feng Shui. Here you can find a consultant certified and trained in her system: Find a consultant. A great place to start your search. Most of all HAVE FUN, enjoy the new vibrant energy that energizes your home just from waking up to all the possibilities. Fresh and clean and clear! And awesome resources found here too (free awesome articles and more goodies!!): A great article about picking your teacher of Feng Shui: Learn more about Feng Shui’g your body! Wonderful information:


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