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Lyran Lionsgate Activation


Lyran Lionsgate Activation August 2020 I travel to Middle earth where my guides are waiting by a beautiful fire. I am asked to step into the transmutational fire. I release much energy needing and ready to be released now. I transform into a white light being. As the fire dissipates my guides circle around me. They places their hands on my heart center in front of me, beside me and behind me. The elder guide in front of me presses their forehead against mine for Forehead-to-forehead transmission. I feel activated.

Then Golden guides surround me. I just see golden egg-like shapes of energy. We travel out of the atmosphere beyond the moons and planets to star Sirius for healing waters. We are nearing the peak of Lionsgate energy on 8-8. Star Sirius is a major part of the Star alignment of the lions gateway energy. I pass through the magical waters of blue and magenta pink energy for healing physically and emotionally.

Rising up I travel again deeper into the galaxy. Passing through the blue lions gateway portal! Landing on golden Lyra. The Golden beings once again surround me. Magical energy energy is felt deeply. One approaches me in white—a Lyran Emissary of Light. They Activate my deepest connection to source and all I am desiring and meant to offer in service. My souls mission. Again my heart center is surrounded by all the golden beings of light and deep energy connections occur. The White Emissary of Light being transmits Lightcodes and frequencies to me now. I become more connected and brighter and lighter being. I become what I have always been: a Being of Divine white light. Now is the time to embrace your true authentic self and reveal your lightbeing self! You ARE Light. Believe and you WILL receive. Blessings from the higher council of light.

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