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Sacred Circle Protocol

Sacred Circle Protocol & Smudging

It’s important to have a sacred container for any spirit work, rituals and even meditations.

When you begin to meditate and even more-so when you are offering a ritual or attempting to cleansing a home, it’s very important that you have created a sacred container with strong intentions that only those of love and light are allowed to flow near and with the following steps. As you cleanse a home you open up to the energies yourself. If you have a created a tight container there will be no leaks and you can feel safe to do your ritual, meditation or clearing. Be sure you utilize a sacred protocol for beginning. Calling the four directions and elements, angels, God, Goddess, etc. placing Smokey Quartz, Black tourmaline and selenite In the four corners of the room will help, remove negativity, infuse healing and protection as well as light. White sage the heck out of it and get it good and Smokey and especially in four corners. Palo Santo is great for cleansing and calling in sweet spirits too. But when you smudge do the entire home too. (White Sage & Palo Santa are antibacterial and antimicrobial as well! So you are cleansing at the physical level as well as energetically!) Ask archangel Michael to assist if any spirits are lingering. Ask him to open the rainbow bridge somewhere outside he home. And to guide the spirits home. Talk to spirits in your mind or out loud and tell them it’s time to go with archangel Michael to the light.

1. The first step is to smudge: When you are offering ritual, meditation or cleansing a home or office negativities (emotions lingering from past arguments and/or upset, etc.), smudging is the most common and most highly recommended process. You may use White Sage, Sage, Mugwort, Palo Santo and more! There are many reasons to smudge and I can’t think of one not to smudge. There is no adverse affects. Simply said Sage rids your house of negativity. So get yourself some Sage. White Sage is said to be the best, but any Sage is effective. You can Sage yourself, your home, your car, any object for that matter and so much more. Some say they Sage their home as regularly as they do their weekly or bi-weekly cleaning of their home. And others say monthly is a good practice. Do what feels right for you. When Saging your home be sure to focus strongly on Door Frames: Front and Back door! Go through EACH room, and focus strongly in every corner and windows. If you can (if you own the place), try to also smudge outside the home, on the grounds and by windows and doors. Also, for a simple house clearing you can simply use the following chant. When you start, say the following excerpt 3 times at each door, window and in each room: ” I call on the spirits of the North, South, East and West. Please come forth. Banish any and all negativity surrounding (((Me, my son, my job, my house, etc.—this is in parenthesis because this is where you will use your own words of what you would like cleansed of all negativity))). I know not who, I know not their name, please send it back from Whence it came. Thank you! ” Three TIMES. Clearing your home on a regular basis (at least weekly…I do mine daily) is good protocol, just as cleaning your house physically is. Awesome to note, is that Sage clears bacteria in the air and white sage helps cleanse the eyes and more. You want your home clean of icky stagnant energy, so as to not attract anything of that same vibration. Sage will get rid of all negativity in your house. Go room to room. It’s the smoke from the sage that gets rid of the negativity. So if you feel the need to do it in more than just one spot in the room, like every corner, etc., then by all means do so! Strong negative emotions from fights, etc., will require more smudging and if new negative ghosts arrive, this will aid in getting rid of those negativities. 2. Calling in the Horizontal & Vertical Axis Directions, Elements, ArchAngels and Gatekeepers: This is my way for proper protocol and how I was taught along with additional elements I have been drawn to include and you can decide what rings true for yourself of course. You may face the direction as you call it in or walk over to call it in. Or simply sit and call it in. You may be burning white sage or Palo Santo before or during the calling in. It’s helpful to clear the space. Laurie Cabot (well known witch in Salem, MA) has a few differences in elements than I do. She has east as fire and south as air, I believe. In the Shaman tradition its a bit different as well in calling in the four winds with directions. Again, follow your truth.

Here is mine: If alone, envision a bubble of white light surround you and your entire aura. If in a circle do this with the entire circle creating a dome above and below completing a perfect sphere of protection. This bubble of light is high in vibration. Note to self or out loud: Anything positive or negative that would do us/me harm is not allowed to flow near. We go clockwise to call/cast/open the directions and elements. Withershins aka counterclockwise (last to first) to close upon completion.

  • Beginning in the East, element of Air, ArchAngel Raphael of the green ray, who comes in with the caduceus symbol.

  • South, element of fire, ArchAngel Michael of the electric blue ray with his golden sword.

  • West, element of Water, ArchAngel Gabriel of the diamond white ray holding his diamond white chalice.

  • North, Element of Earth, ArchAngel Uriel of the red ray with a five pointed star and a circle around it. (This could be enough but after calling in this horizontal axis I like to also call in the vertical axis.)

  • ArchAngel Sandolphan of the 5D Earth’s crystalline grid below us of the silver fire coming in with a rose as his symbol.

  • ArchAngel Chamuel of the heart center gateway of the sparkling pink ray.

  • ArchAngel Metatron from above of the galactic central sun, Buddha Consciousness/Christ grid coming in with golden fire and a golden infinity symbol.

7 angels all around us, above us, below us, within us. As within so without. As above so below. You may also use a selenite wand to draw the circle around you and your group 3x beginning in the east going clockwise. Selenite is pure light so is a perfect wand for this task. It’s an ever evolving experience with what resonates as you practice. As I mentioned, when doing a simple daily smudging I just go room to room concentrating on four corners saying 3x for each room or chanting over and over again till done: “I call in the great guardians angels and archangels if the north, south, east and west. Please come forth and banish any and all negativity from this home (office, persons name, etc.). I know not who, I know not their name. Please send it back from whence it came.” 3. State your invocation and/or intention for the ritual or meditation. It doesn’t have to be long and poetic, but sometimes it’s a nice addition to your sacred circle. Do and say what feels right for you. 4. Spirit Work, journeying, meditation or ritual: This will look differently for all depending upon your own unique traditions and beliefs. Always follow your truth. Use the sacred tools that call to you. These tools will layer the magical correspondences for your ritual. They will bring further high vibrations and energy. To take it one step further you can layer more magic on by following the moonphases (waning for releasing rituals, waxing for manifesting, etc) and also utilizing powerful astrological events (like Lion’s Gate on August 8th, etc.). My favorite sacred tools are calling in all four elements with tools like:

  • Water: Essential oils (annoint on your third eye for what you know, wrists for what you do and ankles for where you go, to tap into all meridians in your body as well as where you send and receive energy the most)

  • Earth: Herbs & Crystals and Stones

  • Fire: Candles

  • Air: Feathers, Bells, Singing bowls (Note: Smudging calls in Earth, Air and Fire and if using a conch shell for water you’ve got all four elements!)

Also, call the energy of Spirit with a representation for Spirit that you resonate with. A statue or picture of an Angel, God, Goddess, etc. I speak at length about these tools in my 4 Elements of the Soul Program if you’d like to learn more and dive deeper down the rabbit hole. 5. Release and Thank the Guides & Smudge before and after sacred circle! Don’t forget to release the guides you call in after ceremony! Thank them for their service and ask that anything extra that is needed to occur in the background for the highest and best good of all always. As you complete your intentions and meditation it’s good to have a final: Amen, A’Ho and So it is. Smudge again in the room and all participants to clear away all released energy. 6. Send down all that has been raised into the Earth. Turn one or both hands down to the Earth and ask the Earth to take this energy and transform, transmute it and send it around the planet and beings on the planet to all who are in need for the highest and best good always. Holding on to this energy will fill you up too much and can often cause weight gain. During the ritual we are purified, cleansed and all filled up. We do not need extra, but we can make use of this amazing energy. Energy is not good or bad, it just is. We direct and are the channel of this energy and decide it’s form. The Earth can transmute all extra to help the world. EXTRA TIPS: Choose if what sacred tools you’d like to use for this meditation or ritual you are above to partake. You may choose: Herbs, Oils, Crystals & Stones, Candles. As I mentioned to learn more about these sacred tools you will love my 4 Elements of the Soul Program. At a glance: Smudge/light your herbs, open/cast circle, call in 4 quarters and vertical axis, have meditation/intention, release circle, send energy down into the Earth, Smudge again. Blessings, Amen, A’ho and So It Is! During your ritual or meditation here are five tips for energy management: 1) Set the intention for the sacred space, create the container. Meditate in the days, weeks, months preceding the ritual or creation of the sacred circle. 2) Cast a protective circle of white light during ritual (selenite is good for this). 3) Clear your energy space when meditating, prior to circle. (Smudge) 4) Invocation – invite only your guides, angels, spirits who are there for your higher good and the good of those in your circle. (Don’t forget to release the guides you call in after ceremony!) 5) Tools to support your intention, ground you, and intensify your work (don’t forget to CLEAR THEM and set the intention for them, too!):

  • ESSENTIAL OILS. Annoint with a ritual oil. (Oils and resins have been used for the purpose of clearing sacred space for centuries. The scent raises the vibration, sets the intention).

  • GEMSTONES. Gemstones for grounding your energy, for your intention. (Panther jasper is your ally for holding space.) Annoint them with your essential oil.

  • CANDLES. Correspond color and scent with your intention. Annoint the candle with your oil. Add herbs, flowers, gems to support your intention if you wish.

  • Any other tools you wish to use.

Love and Sparkles of Light, Maggie

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