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Middle Earth & Blue Light

Message from Middle Earth & Blue Light

As the 10-10 portal is open I connect with my Soul Tribe once again in Middle Earth. My Middle Earth Tribe Elder has much to say in his energetic way at this time. As I go into higher frequencies with breathwork I am immediately brought to Middle where my Tribe Elder is waiting for me. The travel was instantaneous. Moving further out of time into those higher dimensions where activations happen in mere moments. My Tribe Elder greets me with the powerful blue light of his third eye and also blue lighting up his hands. Almost as if I’ve done this before, I immediately greet him palms up and we touch third eye to third eye and palms to palms. The connection to Source is felt so deep the emotions just flow. It’s a beautiful connection. As you read, you may intend to connect and receive this magical activation.

Once there my Tribe Elder begins working with a vibrant deep purple bright indigo light. He brings his hand to my third eye, activating and opening and says, “Maggie, you are ready and more activations are coming to open you up even more. Yes, you already know what the blue light is. It is the very core of Source. We connect to it through those channels we are closest to like the Angels, Avians, Pleiadians, Middle earth and more. No matter the being who brings it through, it’s root source comes from the Divine. Yes, we are working diligently to help Gaia in her ascension. But you are the anchor on Earth’s surface for us. You and many other beings chosen to do this job. And we are the anchor within. As above so below. We are connected strongly. You and other awakened ones will assist others even more so than now in this major transformation.”

The Blue Light is the Blue Pearl of Consciousness that my Tribe Elder was speaking about. I’ve seen this light as a sphere of powerful vibrant emanating blue light. It is the Source of ALL. It is Gaia and more. More recently I was activated at a higher level to this energy. It flows automatically through my hands and through me from Crown to feet in one fell swoop; from above to below. It is healing, awakening and activating. It comes to those energetically ready. I connected the dots of the many sources of vibrant blue light coming in now. From the Angels and other beautiful starbeings like Pleiadians, Avians, Sirians, Middle Earth beings and more. The connection occurred during one of my Kundalini awakening symptoms two decades ago where the Kundalini rose up my spine with this energetic zing and electric blue light. Our Kundalini is our Divine Essence. It’s our direct connection to God/Goddess/Divine Source creator that created us. The LoveLight as One!

While in Middle Earth I was shown vibrant blue energy lines being sent down from above and anchoring into Gaia’s Crystalline Core. These are powerful assisters to the work the Middle Earth tribes are doing. These blue energy lines are from the beautiful Gridwork of the lightworkers and those tuning into this frequency and vibration. These lines are not just coming from powerful Vortex sites, like Sedona or Mt. Shasta, they are coming from those ascending into the higher frequencies in such a way that they are doing Gridwork wherever they are. And we are always where we are meant to be when we are meant to be there. No matter where you are, send love to Gaia. If you ever feel the call to go to certain places, by all means go! Trust that the Divine will support you. You are recieving the call for a reason.

Call on the solar codes from Solaris every day. Allow it to heal you and fill you up with pure lightcodes! Every day ask that the new lightcodes coming in be sent through you and anchored deep into the New Earths Crystalline Grid. Not all are called to this work, but if you are reading this you may be on the path yourself.

Our intention is powerful! You may intend to connect to this high frequency Blue Light. You may ask your Higher Self and guides to assist you in connecting to higher frequencies and vibrations in order to continue your souls evolution and mission on this planet. From this Blue Light you may even connect it to a certain Starbeing race or the Angels. As these beautiful beings naturally work with Source energy.

Remember to stay in the mystery of the Universe and allow the truth of the Divine Source creator to reveal itself to you. Divine neutrality is powerful! Stay there in times of challenge. Get to Zero point as often as you can. Meditation, breathwork, nature walks, blessed water, sound healing tools are all powerful methods to realign your frequency to the highest Soul self! Be open to all walks of life and all paths. May you feel the LoveLight Freedom codes in your every day life!

Blessings, Maggie

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