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Goddess Activation

Goddess Isis & Lakshmi Activation

I am in the ethers amongst the stars. Goddess Isis appears and is yet I know is always with me. She is a part of us all if we open our heart to her. She appears before me and slowly…sensuously in her feminine way leans forward opening her mouth releasing bright white light. It flows out like divine white light smoke. Her breath, as ours, if infused with vibrant activating lightcoded energy.

We are speaking spiritual light language and high frequency toning. I am a channel for her voice and many other higher vibrations beings of light, just as many connected are channels. As you read this, you, too, are ready to receive an activation to connect more fully and speak from the Galactic Heart Center. Goddess Isis asks you to trust. Trust in her. But more important trust in yourself and your intuition. You are doing it already. We all have the ability to tune in, receive and share light language from our hearts.

Lakshmi appears for this activation as well. As she is flow, abundance and freedom in that magical way. She shows me powerful waves of energy…pinks and blues….gold as well. She is within this energy. We are connected by this web of energy. We create within and it flows throughout. As you allow yourself to feel the waves of energy you are in harmony and balance with the Universe. You are giving and receiving. You are above and below and within and without. You are ALL.

Goddess Isis and Goddess Lakshimi send lightcode activations to us all now. See the light emanating from their voices, their hands and their entire being flowing to you now. As I receive energy from both Isis and Lakshmi my head falls back as energy rushes in and clears lower vibrational energy from me. I open the channels as I allow it to be released. I allow the upgrade within. Surrender.

I see powerful sparkles of diamond white light throughout my entire body and especially my upper chakras…activating my DNA and Crystalline Lightbody.

The evolution continues in a most powerful way this year. We are all ascending. Embrace the upgrade this message is sending you now as you read. Envision yourself there with Isis, Lakshmi and the waves of light and love energy. We are here. You are here. We are here.

If you’d like to increase your upgrade, I am offering Goddess Activations in our 13 Sphere’s of Priestessing class as a part of my Mystic Soul Priestessing Program beginning January 11, 2022. Join us Live on Zoom or watch the recording! If you join by 1/11/22 you will receive 13% off by using code: GODDESS13. I can’t wait to begin our journey together.

May you be light. May you see the sacred in all living things and experiences. May you feel joy, bliss, love and light every single day.

Blessings, Maggie

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