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Crystal Temple Being of Light

Message from Crystal Temple Being of Light

A sacred journey within the red rocks of Sedona..On this day I climb to my favorite spot on Cathedral rock. It’s a private spot that gets you close to the top’ish. Sedona seems to be an extension of my soul. Here amongst these sacred red rocks I journey within.

Very soon I see a Crystal temple surrounded in white light nature. The crystal is made of light. This temple lights up as translucent pinks, lavender and white. It is a part of nature itself.

A feminine being of this crystal dimension invites me in. She is made of the same color and crystal light as the crystal temple.

She gives me time to adjust to their high vibration. I am truly overcome with love and emotion. The Higher realms are pure love.

She says to me telepathically slo law and calm, “We are here…..You are here….We are here.” A greeting of being here in the present moment and honoring each other as one.

We lean in for Forehead to forehead greeting and transmission. The crystal temple is infused with Lightcodes.

As we sit here the crystal temple’s light amplified intensity and becomes bright we and bright! It is awakening light within as well as awakening any dormant gifts and amplifying the power of existing gifts. Your psychic senses (that we all have) awaken and become even more clear and powerful

The Crystal Being places light in my heart, then my throat and then my third eye.

My mouth opens wide releasing light with sound and frequency through my voice—my sound current. More and more Lightcodes activate through the air all around us.

I was told of my fairy connections and awakening to deeper communications with these Realms.

As you read this you are connecting as well. What does the Crystal Being and crystal temple show you in this Now moment? Close your eyes, open your heart and receive…

A rush of energy as we awaken! All of Earth is awakening. The truth is being shown to everyone. Not just the truth that this 3D reality is a mirror illussion of what's inside of you and your soul's bluepint for life (what you need to work on, work through, learn from contrast and rise up). But also, the truth at the core of the Universe.

The Divine Feminine energy is rising up to balance our Divine Masculine energies. The energy is no longer being repressed. All are awakening to the Love of the Universe.

Your soul's mission is your bliss! You are realizing life is not just a mundane chaotic mix of experiences that make no sense. Life is not "unfair". Life is a mysterious divine creation of the web we weave within the 'field'. The matrix or field is our connection to All. We are all truly one and Love is the glue that makes up every cell of our being and all of our experiences. Love is all around us. Love is truth. Love is the most powerful force.

It is time to leave for now. There is much more to comeback and experience. Pure Magic.

I am all filled up with gratitude and love. I hug the beautiful Crystal Being of light, who calls me Alora. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Blessings, Maggie

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