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Creating Peace

Creating Peace

Goddess Pele steps forward for our message in this Now moment. She shows me her creation. I am shown a volcano erupting where land is created. Soon green grass and tress are everywhere. It is beautiful, magical and peaceful. She says she is destruction and creation. WE are creation! We are creating every moment of our lives. Goddess Pele asks for us to send more peace, love and joy to the world. We are powerful beings of light. Our energies co-create our existence here on Gaia. You are here to show love, peace and joy. The stardust you are made of is Love dust. You ARE love! A magnificent green energy filled with stars (same as I have been connecting with) flows in as I span out to see the entire planet of Earth. I fill all of Gaia with this energy till it is competely engulfed. This healing energy has been coming in strong for all of us now. We can work more closely with this energy simply with our intention. All of Gaia is being more powerfully healed and upgraded from lower frequencies and vibrations. And as we all do this the magic is synergistically magnified for all of Gaia and the souls here. Everyday we walk the on the Earth. Just as crystals receive new lightcodes from the sun, we, too, receive from the Sun. We are pillars of light. We are crystal conduits for Earth from Source. Allow the light to flow into you and send it to Gaia. We hold the sacred space of unity and oneness for the collective. We are becoming less and less distorted by illusions of separation. We awaken more codes of light and love as we are love and we expand, enabling Gaia to expand as well. We work together. Tune in to how you are feeling. What are you creating right now? Surrender with faith, love and hope. Hold the intention of raising the frequency to that of only light and love. Ask for your angels and guides to assist you in increasing the ability to receive more light within and amplifying the intensity of your frequency. May you enjoy the creator being you truly are.🌸🔥🌋



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