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Twin Flame Energies


Twin flames. I hadn’t planned to discuss this today. However, we all know the divine had its own plans. This comes through strongly to finally share today. As we ascend and awaken we come to our divine masculine and divine feminine marriage. A divine union. We connect more deeply to our true twin flame connection.

It is debated that our twin flame is only on the Other Side working with us from there. I believe that is true. But I also believe that our twin flame can be here too. I believe both are true. Some may only have them in spirit and that is a truly powerful and divine connection. And others are destined to meet in this incarnation.

The more I work with these energies (especially now with the powerful Lions Gate and the entire month of August 2017) the more I receive visions of divine love…a divine union of feminine and masculine energies together. It truly feels like more and more twin flame connections are emerging on the planet at this time. These divine connections are creating higher vibrations that are assisting the planet as a whole to ascend. It’s powerful, magical and utterly amazing.

You can connect with your twin flame, if you so choose, in the astral realms. Whether you know them or not in this incarnation. Here divine messages, connections and deep soul work can occur.

We are all ascending through our relationships. Those meant for twin flame connections in this incarnation need to know it’s not all roses and puppies. There is work to be done with our twin flame as well. The more inner work you do prior to meeting your twin flame the better. Because when you meet, after a magical powerful time together, you will each show each other, like a mirror, what is beneath we the surface still needing to be cleared. Our twin flames help us see even more clearly and powerfully what we need to work on.

Because once you do the inner work the twin flame connection you two have or will soon have is meant to uplift the world. You will work together to create harmony and a resonance for peace on the planet. You will help the world ascend to a new reality of living life. Whether you are doing this connection in this reality both together or walking the great divide and doing that work together from both realms, it’s still a powerful path to share during these powerful sacred times.

Some are meant to have powerful soul mate connections that come very close to the twin flame connection. Being dedicated to your soul mate as you each do the inner work together is a magical powerful connection to behold and enjoy.

The work:

  1. A part of our work is being true and authentic with ourselves. The more honest you are within the better you can express your authenticity to the world. What you see in others is your mirror for work to be done inside. It’s time to process and do the inner work.

  2. The more you honor, love and respect yourself the more you attract others who will honor, love and respect you. Please read my article, I Choose Me, for more on this:

  3. As with all things, surrender. Know that there is always a divine plan for everything. Enjoy this moment and know we live forever. Whether you are meant to meet your twin flame in this life or not, you will reconnect again.


This Lions Gate energy coming on August 8, is giving us the opportunity, the choice to level up. To rise our Kundalini and experience twin flame love and/or Divine Union of masculine and feminine energy; to ascend. In Yoga, we are often doing a root lock called Mula Banda, where you lift the pelvic floor up (feels like a Kegel in women) shooting Kundalini Shakti energy up the sushumna channel (spine). Most accurate is to say that you are lifting the space that is between your genitals and anus (the space between also known as our prana cord). That is the space between. The center line. Most often in Kundalini Yoga it’s described to us as squeezing the sex organs, navel/Sacral chakra and allow that Kundalini Shakti energy to flow up the spine. The Sacral chakra is our sensuality, sexuality and creativity combined. Amazing and sensual, right. So I have to admit that I’ve been procrastinating this particular post for a few days. Though still Divinely timed since I just posted about twin flame energy yesterday.

My Guides knew I needed time to adjust to sharing this as my throat chakra allows it to flow out.

So now, without further ado, can we just for this moment talk about sex. Sex is sacred. It’s beautiful and magical for the orgasmic moment you feel the deepest connection to the Divine, as well as the moments leading up to the final climax. It’s Divine Union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine cannot be denied. Your chakras immediately become balanced with a touch of Kundalini rising. When you see sex for its entirety of its sacredness, it connects you so completely. It’s not just a physical thing. It’s spiritual at the deepest level. The more conscious you are of its spiritual natural the higher vibrational your experience will be. Be fully present. Often in those sacred moments with my husband I connect and receive visions without even intending to do so. It is nothing like sex you’d see on an adult site, although getting a little frisky like they’d do on or somewhere similar does have it’s place in relationships too…

Anyway, It is debated whether having orgasms assists us in rising the Kundalini for a divine awakening or if withholding that orgasm and instead allowing that energy to rise without final release as the way to go. I believe both are right. And I believe both are right within my own experience depending upon how I feel. What is your intention going into the sensual experience? If it’s dark and negative it won’t produce anything but darkness. But if it’s light and spiritual with the goal of a magical Spiritual experience then that is what comes. Law of attraction in action.

We can even manifest our wishes with our light-filled orgasm.

All of life is beautiful! Sacred! It truly is! The closer you get to God you naturally feel higher frequencies of vibrations that could feel orgasmic as well. Each chakra has the potential for orgasmic awakening as truly that is the blissful feeling we feel in every cell of our being the closer we ascend to the Universe. The more we do the work within us the clearer we will feel this Divine experience and get closer to our Twin Flame.

When choosing the act of sex, make it sacred. Know that attachments happen during this highly connecting and high energy experience. So be mindful of your partners. Know this…you can have a spiritually connecting experience with someone and also alone. You can even connect to your twin flame in the astral realm or even your current soul mate or twin flame that may be physically in this reality if you two agree. But be discerning of choosing a partner in the astral as well. Their intentions must be pure or you are not working on the same playing field together. When in doubt do this with only yourself (even if with a physical partner, but just simply having the intention of pure bliss and Divine connection while with a partner or alone).

It’s not just a means to an end for a release. It’s moments of bliss and sacred union. Sex is not disgusting or something to be shunned. We are safe in our sexuality. Sexuality and sensuality is connected to our Kundalini rising…it is Divine. This is also very healing! Past traumas from this life and last lives are healing through allowing this work to happen. The only truth is there is nothing outside of Divine Love. Did you realize we are all one! We are meant to connect and ARE connected. We are most especially meant to connect with our twin flame.

Arousal is fun. Allow the sensual sexual energy of the lower chakras to rise up the Kundalini to all other chakras. Play with the divine moment and work with the universe in your own divine uplifting ways. We are meant to experience joy and bliss in this life. We don’t have to shy away from it. Have pure intentions and enjoy all wonders life brings your way.

When alone you can choose to either:

  1. RISE ENERGY FOR DIVINE UNION: Intend to send that blissful feeling that rises within, your Kundalini energy, from your root and Sacral chakra up your spine to fill and open all chakras for release through the crown (a divine meditation). As you uplift yourself and your energies you are clearing channels and paving the way for a Divine Marriage of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. This is the energy that is so very strong in the ethers right now and especially for the next couple of weeks! (This option can be done with an actual orgasm or allowing that energy to rise without physical release. Choose what works in the moment for you. Which one resonates may change from day to day. Variety is the spice of life.)

  2. ASTRAL CONNECTIONS: Have that release intending to either connect with your astral partner or twin flame. (See PART TWO of this post coming tomorrow! Very important!) You may have someone in this physical life in mind that you have agreed previous to connect in the astral realm or you may intend to meet your twin flame wherever they are if you’ve never met in this incarnation yet.