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Gaze directly at the Sun

Please note that this is an excerpt from my book, Divine Embrace, which also explains Kundalini & Ascension in further detail and how you can work through your symptoms and more.

Sunrises and Sunsets have a beautiful power over me as I bask in their glow. I am reminded

and overflowing with the Divine right then and there. Trees hold a luminosity I never knew

existed until recent years. Their energy and Prana is amazing and revitalizing to the mind,

body and Soul. Flowers remind us of the blossoming enlightenment that is our destiny through

the evolution of all of mankind. Not to mention they are extremely and uniquely stunning and

filled with enjoyment in their exquisite beauty.

Since the Sun sends Prana to the food we eat and the air we breathe, it is not a stretch to know we directly receive Prana from the Sun. We can receive pure Prana straight from the Sun by simply sitting out in the sun or by also using a technique called sungazing. Sungazing is an amazing ancient process that brings solar and healing energies to the body, mind and Soul. I’ve recently picked up this practice again and I feel amazing throughout the entire day. Not just for a few minutes or hours but the entire day!

The practice of Sungazing is where you will gaze at the sun with your eyes (no glasses or sunglasses), during safe hours, barefoot on the Earth. These safe hours are anytime within the 1-hour window after sunrise or anytime within the 1-hour window before sunset. As Hira Ratan Manek of, states: “It is scientifically proven beyond a reasonable doubt that during these times, one is free from UV and IR rays exposure, which is harmful to your eyes. To determine the timings of sunrise or sunset, you can check the local newspaper, which also lists the UV Index as 0 during these times.” On your first day you will start gazing for 10 seconds. On the second day you will add 10 seconds, on the third day you will add 10 more seconds, and so on. Hira Ratan Manek further states: “When you reach 30 minutes duration of continuously looking at sun, you will slowly be liberated from physical disease since by then all the colors of the sun will have reached the brain through the eye. Brain regulates the flow of color Prana appropriately to the respective organs.” An obvious question is what happens when it rains or is cloudy for several days straight. I asked this question to Hira Ratan Manek who kindly and speedily responded back to my email query with: “Don’t worry of missing days. They can be any number in row. Just continue from where you left. Need not restart at all. Practice when possible and just increase every time you do it as suggested. After sungazing close the eyes till the inner image goes away and than look elsewhere.”

Usually by the end of 9 months or 44 minutes your practice will be complete, your body solarized. From then you will walk barefoot on the Earth for 45 minutes for six days or if you desire to no longer hunger food you can walk barefoot for 45 minutes a day for a full year. It is the conclusion of Hira Ratan manek that, “if you are fortunate to activate the brain optimally you surely will reach enlightenment”. I have not fully completed this practice so I cannot give an official account of my own yet. However, Yogananda shares in his book Autobiography of a Yogi of his interviews with many saints and mystics regarding no longer desiring food that their “common reply was that the sun energy entered through a secret door and reached the medulla oblongata in the brain”. They did not share further what the secret was at that time. If you desire learning more you can check out Hira Ratan Manek’s website at to view the full description of how to safely practice sungazing. As for me, I continue to sungaze sporadically and love the effects. So I know it is something I plan to continue throughout my life.

Take notice of the high quantity of Prana near trees, plants and flowers, as they receive Prana from the Sun and produce more of it. The Sun feeds and brings everything to life with its Prana force. The sharing of the trees and our divine course in life with them becomes more genuine. The trees are feeding us more life force as we live with them. We need the trees oh so dearly. We can also send them loving energy right back in thanks. The sharing is divine.

Working with nature and becoming more in tune with nature, as the animals do automatically, we become more energized, joyful, and in tune with the natural rhythms of life. We are more in tune with Mother Earth and intuition is more natural and innate. Just as animals are more in tune with catastrophic events of the earth, and other subtle disturbances and rhythms, so too, would we be if we only take the time to breathe in the essence of Mother Nature every day. Every day take time to walk in Nature, go outside and breathe the air (and prana), feel the sun and moon on your face and feel the essence of being a part of Mother Earth (and Shakti). We are a part of Mother Earth and she is a part of us. We can easily tune in to the inner yearnings of Mother Earth and our Divine purpose follows suit. It’s an amazing connection.

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