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Angel Star Light Activation


Angel Star Light Activation June 2020 I stand at the edge of a cliff on a sunny day overlooking the ocean. I am lighter and lighter as I listen to the waves crashing below me. I am wearing a white shift of some sort. Soon I step off this cliff as my wings expand and I fly. The wind is a blessing clearing away all of the lower vibrational energy and refreshing my energy as as well as my awareness. I push through a thin Divine veil to another realm. I land on the edge of another cliff. Before me is a beautiful masculine angel. The awareness come that he has always been within me and always will. Healing guiding and activating. He says Roger is his name but that is just something to call him. The name is not as important as the soul signature. We each vibration at a unique frequency that is recognizable in Spirit. He and I hold hands and we float up with our wings expanded. A golden white light bursts from our hands as we slowly spin and rise upward. I settle into the energy loving it. He tells me to expand my energy just as I feel my energy expand and widen my reach. As we release, we rise. Release more and rise higher. Release and rise. It is surrendering to all attachments and living with flow and grace. The synchronicities confirm it. As we rise up higher I see a bright white Star light. The Star light beams into my third eye offering me a Star Light Activation. I feel its energy and warmth in my third eye. The gentle pressure of my third eye is very strong this time. The beams of the Star Light activation flows into me over and over. Such amazingly good energy. Good energy is already on its way to you ALL!! Meditation is magically powerful for expanding our energy. Strong guidance comes to remind us to connect daily! My channeled journeys assist as a channel for this powerful energy and helps others to rise, connection and open to new dimensions. I am complete. I know I will connect to him and this energy soon again. May you connect to this energy in your Now moment and keep rising.


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